Travelling surely sounds a real fun and even it is but only if you plan and execute it well. It requires some preparations and lot of things to keep in your mind. Whether you are travelling for the first time or hundredth time, any silly mistake or ignored step can make your trip go very wrong. So it is better precautious than to be sorry. Here are the most common but often ignored travel tips which you must remember while or before travelling.

  1. It might sound odd but you need to plan things as less as it could be. Planning always goes south, so it is better to have alternate choices and different ways to do things. Just try to be prepared and fully equipped with resources.
  2. Always try the local food at the place because it is authentic, different and actually gives you feeling of travelling. There is no point to travel if you do not try the local cuisine and their specialities. Ditch big and expense restaurants, go for street food and local cuisine food joints.
  3. Always learn some words of the language which is spoken in the country you are going. It helps a lot and you can be more connecting to people if you know how to say sorry, please, thank you, hello or such kind of words.
  4. Come with multiple debit and credit cards just to be secure with payments or in emergency like not finding an ATM or not working of ATM nearby. Have back-up as much as possible.
  5. Don’t just drop the place, if it is not on the internet. If you are looking for places and you won’t find much about that on internet, it doesn’t mean that place is not good. It is just un-explored which makes it even more.
  6. Try to make your trips cost-efficient even if you have budget. Don’t compromise on your comfort but try to cut-off the budget where it is possible. Better buy you flight tickets on cheaper price, choose some reliable ticket booking platform like 365 Tickets and choose accommodation according to your preference for it.
  7. Be fully equipped which means having everything you need or possibly need in order and checked before you leave. You must have a highly-accessible organized backpack with all travel documents, photo copies of it, some extra cash, universal travel adapter, camera, batteries, eye-mask, earphones or travel speakers, torch and everything you might need.
  8. Buy souvenirs wherever you travel, there is nothing lame about that. It is great to have such collection which will make you remember of those places.
  9. Take more photos of yourself, not just selfie but actually good pictures of you and the place in the background. So don’t be shy to ask people to click your photograph. Those will be the best to remember.
  10. Travel in the off-season because it will be cost-efficient as well as less crowd then to enjoy your trip more.