Whale watching season in Sydney officially starts on May 15th, 2018 and lasts through November, which is why we’ve created this brief article to highlight the most fascinating facts regarding this incredible sightseeing opportunity.

Things That You Might Not Have Known About Contemporary Whale Watching

During the upcoming months, Australia’s eastern coastline will come to life with gigantic pods of humpback whales and other magnificent marine creatures, which means that inclusive whale watching cruises will be in high demand. But before you book your own personalised boating tour, take a moment to read through some of these enthralling morsels of information:

  • Whales have been around for more than 50 million years, and can be found in every single ocean on Earth.
  • According to scientific studies, there are currently 86 documented whale species in existence, although many experts believe that there might be several additional varieties that have yet to be discovered.
  • Contrary to popular belief, whales do not have gills – they breathe air just like us, although it’s worth noting that they can hold their breath for up to 90 minutes during deep dives.
  • Due to the fact that whales are highly intelligent and distinctively gregarious, they are often referred to as the Gentle Giants of the Sea. Their exact level of intellect is unknown, but they demonstrate sophisticated tendencies such as maintaining close friendships with other whales; singing mating songs; and “adopting” other marine animals into their pods.
  • In 2011, a team of researchers discovered a pod of sperm whales that adopted a deformed bottlenose dolphin. The dolphin was likely rejected by his parents due to a unique S-shaped mutilation in his tail, but the whales were visibly welcoming and accepted him as a member of the group.
  • The global whale watching industry is worth almost $1 billion and upwards of 14 million people engage in this adventurous pastime each year.

As you might imagine by now, these marvellous marine giants are some of the most enigmatic, mysterious animals on Earth, and Australia is quite fortunate in this regard since over 50% of the world’s cetaceans are found in Aussie waters.

What to Expect During Your Whale Watching Tour

During a Sydney whale watching tour, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with Humpback whales and Southern Right Whales, but if you’re lucky you’ll also be able to catch sight of some Blue Whales, Orcas, Bryde’s Whales, and other awe-inspiring creatures. As a matter of fact, there are roughly 45-60 species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises that consistently migrate through Australian waters, which makes whale watching in Sydney one of the most diverse, enlightening touristic activities in the world. Your cruise will last anywhere from 60 minutes to four hours, depending on your particular booking, and you’ll be able to learn from some of the most renowned skippers and tour guides in the entire country.

Best of all, it’s important to note that these cruises are actually very budget-friendly, which means you can easily create an economical sightseeing plan simply by partnering with a locally respected whale watching organisation, so be sure to book your cruise as soon as possible.