Explore the offbeat experience in Kashmir by visiting the Gurez Valley which has glorious snow-capped mountains, wooden made huts, and diversified farm field. It is one of the beautiful honeymoon destinations which are organized by the India honeymoon & romantic packages with wide schemes and offers. Gurez Valley is considered being a silk route with magnificent views and surroundings. The adventures enthusiastic who are looking for lovely honeymoons can indulge themselves in the arm of this beautiful landscape of Gurez Valley. It also has wide aspects of flora and fauna added by wildlife night safari.  Being a very isolated place, this place is hardly known by anyone and thus considered as the hidden gem of India with its diversified culture and tradition. Despite being an unrest place in Kashmir, yet the tour agents organizes honeymoon packages for the honeymooners to make it a memorable one for them.

Why Gurez Valley is the Most Desirable Place to Visit?

The principal question that strikes a chord if why visit Gurez valley by any means. There are various different places in Kashmir itself that are similarly delightful and effortlessly receptive so why not head there. In the event that you are somebody who likes to visit hill stations in India; needs to eat at extravagant eateries; visit swarmed showcases and invest energy shopping, at that point truly, you should travel toward another path on the grounds that Gurez isn’t the place for you. In the event that you anyway plan to visit a unique goal and see a place that relatively few individuals can profess to have been to then Gurez is the goal you should visit. It is the thing that you may even call as the virgin characteristic magnificence that has not yet been ruined by the traveler rage and group.

Another incredible motivation to visit Gurez could be to observe the existence that our officers around here spend. The place is perilously near the outskirt and the danger of a gunfight is ever present. There are officers all around will’s identity shocked to see a traveler in the territory and would love to share their accounts. On the off chance that you need to feel the excite of making a trip ideal by LOC and see Pakistan involved slopes at that point go to Gurez. When you achieve the stopping point here, mountains under the control of Pakistan Army will be directly before you.

To What Extent is Gurez is Safe to Visit?

For voyagers and ordinary citizens who come to visit this place, it is very safe to visit here as long as you remain out and about, don’t begin climbing slopes or begin to go trekking or go rough terrain. On the off chance that you did that and wound up in a place where you should be then you may even wind up getting shot at by Indian Army itself. For whatever length of time that you keep going on the primary street, reach Dawar and adhere to the principle towns of Gurez Valley then it is completely safe to visit here.

How to Reach Gurez Valley?

You can reach Gurez by means of every transport connecting to this place. But it is recommended to avail the road route which is highly convenient from Srinagar. This place also offers the unique benefit of travelling in the helicopter which consumes less time and energy for the travellers if they prefer to save more time on their trip. The helicopter to Gurez Valley is available from Srinagar which covered in very less time. On the other hand, you can also avail your own vehicle through the streets of Jammu and Kashmir. On the way to Gurez Valley, you will come across the Mughal Street which is said to be more picturesque of the two and there is not really any traffic on its way. The Street condition is also a blend of good and normal.

However, if you are not availing your own vehicle by any means Srinagar is very much associated with rest of the nation via Air, Train and Bus benefit. Regardless of which part of the nation you live in, you can without much of a stretch achieve the city by either flying or boarding up a train. When you arrive in Srinagar, at that point you can either lease a taxi or a bike for the excursion.

Travel Permit Required to Visit Gurez Valley

Being an unrest city in Srinagar, the travel permit is highly required to visit this place up to the small town known as Dawar. You will anyway enroll yourself at around 7 or 8 distinctive check posts on your way up to Dawar; and that point of time they will ask you to show your valid Aadhar Card to them. So remember to carry everything safely with you or else you would be turned and sent back to Srinagar.

If by any means you need to explore the valley further from the final destination, you would need to get a travel permit from the J&K police which is stationed in Dawar. The simple way to ask the local people and they will guide you to the correct way.