Ladakh is an amazing mountainous region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. This unique destination with blue lakes, crystal clear water, ancient monasteries, picturesque landscape, and mountainous roads attracts a lot of visitors from across the World.

The increase in the rate of the Ladakh tourism has greatly impacted the environment and ecology of this magnificent place. As a result, the government and many activists are taking measures to conserve the beauty of Ladakh. It is crucial that every person, whether a tourist or citizen of Ladakh, does their part in preserving the beauty of this place. Here are some of the ways that you can keep in mind in order to have a responsible trip to Ladakh.

Don’t Litter

The first and foremost thing that you can do is avoid the usage of single-use bottled water. Fresh water is easily available in Ladakh. So instead of buying plastic water bottles every single time, carry a water bottle with you and fill it whenever you need to.

Additionally, don’t throw garbage like wrappers, bottles, etc. here and there. Keep it in your bag and once you see a bin, throw your trash in it.

Prefer Camps And Homestays

Nowadays, more people are availing luxurious accommodations for their stay in the Ladakh region. Being a responsible traveler, you should prefer camps or homestays as they are eco-friendly. Homestays will help you connect with the locals and experience their culture closely. Staying in a homestay will help the locals financially and in return, you’ll be served the delicious local cuisines.

Avail Shared Transport

Buses are the common mode of transport available in the Ladakh region. Many people hire a private taxi to go around Leh-Ladakh which as a result increases the number of vehicles in these areas. It is advised that you should opt for shared taxis/cars every chance you get to minimize pollution and reduce traffic.

Conserve Natural Resources

While traveling to the Ladakh region, you may come across different water resources like waterfalls, rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams. It is advisable to enjoy scenic beauty without polluting natural resources. Avoid disposing of chemical products such as soaps, oils, etc. in these resources. Keep them clean.

Don’t pollute the air

Very often than not, people opt for bonfires while traveling to cold regions to stay warm and cook food. In that situation, you should avoid burning stuff such as fabric, plastic, rubber, etc. as they pollute the air. Also, you should not carry CFC based products such as perfumes, hair spray or deodorants as it affects the air.

These are some of the major tips one should follow while traveling to Ladakh. Grab your Ladakh tour package and get ready for a memorable experience.