Are you in the restaurant business?

Do you want to upgrade your service and want to make sure that everything is perfect?

Well, you could not have had a better start.

Service is one of the most essential parts of running a restaurant. No matter how good the food tastes and how well it is presented, if a customer finds fault with service, there are only bleak chances that he will return to that place for a second meal. And that is fair. If you are paying for good service and are expected to leave a tip, it must be good. All the servers must be polite and attentive. But this is often not the aspect based on which first impressions are created.

First impressions are based on the way the staff is dressed and how tidy their uniforms are. This is why uniforms often have to serve a dual purpose of functionality and presentation. For example, color-coordinated uniforms are a must, and different styles can be experimented with to find the perfect match for your needs.

Main features of server aprons

The standard server aprons can be easily found with trusted online sellers for all your restaurant needs. Typically they have two main characteristics-

  • The term ‘waist aprons’ is sometimes used synonymously with server aprons as they do not provide upper body coverage. The main reason for this is to enable free movement and comfort, which is a must for servers, which continuously have to move around the restaurant’s premises.
  • Server aprons also always include pockets so that the staff can easily carry pens, notepads, checks, etc. Depending on your requirements, you can get deeper pockets that allow the waitstaff to carry things like straws.

Different types

As far as the different types of server aprons go, there is a wide variety of these across the world. However, here are some of the major types of server aprons out there-

1. Bistro aprons-

Just like the parent category, bistro aprons do not provide upper body coverage. But, they provide full-length coverage for pants and are long aprons. They can provide deeper pockets for the waitstaff to easily carry things like pens, pads, guest checks, etc. They are also specially designed for the front house staff as they provide coverage to the pants for messy jobs like wiping down and cleaning tables.

2. Bib aprons-

These are the typical aprons that you must have come across people wearing while they cook. They provide book body coverage, have a loose loop to be put around the neck, and tie around the waist. In case the servers in your restaurant require full-body coverage, you can go for this option. Most trusted and top online sellers also make bib aprons with pockets for the staff’s serving needs.

Do note that bib aprons are most commonly used by chefs, and rarely can they be used as server aprons. Because of their full coverage, they feel a little restrictive on the body, and the movement of the person is affected.

1. Tuxedo aprons-

These are an upscale and high-class version on the bib aprons. Mostly worn by servers in a high-end restaurant, these can also be great for parties and catered events. They are usually medium length and have a form factor of a tuxedo jacket. The look that they provide can be further enhanced by pairing them with a white shirt and a bow tie.

2. Crossback aprons-

When it comes to providing full-body coverage and not restricting movement, these aprons give you the best of both worlds. They do not come with any ties and are basically like a slip-on. Their design is similar to Japanese and pinafore aprons. They are suitable for people of all body types and provide coverage even more than bib aprons.

A reflection of your style

When choosing server aprons for your restaurant, make sure to pick one that goes with the theme of your restaurant. Aprons are a great way to send a message and cultivate the brand that you want. You can create a chic, upscale look, or a casual diner ambiance, the choice is yours. The best way to go about this would be to get the server aprons customized from trusted online sellers. This way, you get the look that you want in the topmost quality that your restaurant deserves.