Kommetjie, a small town on the Cape Peninsula in South Africa is a haven for surfers. With is powerful waves and stunning scenery it is a popular seaside town that tourists visit all year round. But what is the history of this wonderful place and how on earth did it get its name?

Founding Kommetjie

Kommetjie was founded in 1902 and the first property was erected in 1903. In 2003 the town, with its unique blend of sand, sea and mountains celebrated it’s centenary. Kommetjie itself is an Afrikaans word meaning little basin.

The word is quite apt and there are indications that the area was once used in ancient times to trap fish. Clearly the abundance of fish, that still exists today was the reason the area was used by man.

Background of Kommetjie

For a long time, Kommetjie was a much loved holiday, camping and picnic spot. Frequented by locals from some the Southern Suburbs the beaches became the place to play and the shade of the impressive Milkwood trees was the place to relax and take shelter from the sun. Many of the first properties were mere holiday homes, even today a number of the properties are used for holiday rentals as surfers and other tourists alike visit this still tranquil place. Historically it is fair to say not much has changed and tourism, especially holiday rentals is perhaps the leading industry for the town. The local as the town began to grow the local primary school, Slangkop Public School now Kommetjie Primary School opened it’s doors.

The Expansion of Kommetjie

Kommetjie expand considerably in the 1960’s and with electricity coming things began to take shape closer to what we see now. Streets were named after the early “settlers” of the town, with De Villiers, Van der Horst and Kirsten still named the same today as well as many others.

With the introduction of an electricity supply water was also needed to ensure Kommetjie could be a sustainable place to live. Fresh water, as in many areas of Cape Town is always a challenge and Kommetjie was supplied by the newly built dams at Wemmershoek Dam and Ou Kaapse Weg. In 60 years Kommetjie grew into a wonderful little town that wanted to retain its quiet, holiday town image. There are no real industrial areas in Kommetjie and the town is very much a home from home.

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Kommetjie Today

Today Kommetjie is marketed as a place to stay for both local and overseas visitors. With a population of only about 3000 people the residents of Kommetjie are friendly and fiercely protective over everything about their tranquil town. There is a certain pace of life that residents encourage visitors to respect and the protection of the natural beauty of flora, fauna and the ocean are always top priority.

Anyone is always warmly welcomed in Kommetjie and while the town has a history its peace, tranquillity and awesome surfing will be forever the reason people come to stay.