It is tough for an average Jane or Joe to decide whether or not they should embark on a trip by taking the Trans-Siberian railway. Things can become a bit more complicated if the person in question has an office job. For most, annual leave should consist of a trip to a certain destination and not spending a complete week inside a train.

With that stated, according to people who have already taken the trip, the physical discomforts didn’t bother them much. According to them, the trip was worth their efforts, their patience, their time and obviously, their money.

For the best results, it is best that interested individuals book their trip via The Trans Siberian Railway Tours Company and avoid seeking help from third party websites. This concludes the introductory paragraph.

Now, let us explore a few reasons why you should take this trip at least once in your life, shall we!?

You will completely lose track of time

If you want to lose track of time and keep yourself away from the modern distractions then taking a Trans Siberian Railway Trip is the best decision you will ever make!

This trip will take you through 9 separate time zones! This means that you will witness that the sunset is taking more time to conclude, especially when you are on the train taking you from Irkutsk to Moscow!

You will be taking your meals when you are hungry, going to sleep when your eyes are tired. In short, you will completely ignore your watch since it won’t make any sense. You will be leading a week-long life minus the rules!

You will be the witness of mesmerizing natural beauty

You should keep in mind that the Trans Siberian railway snakes through terrains that are different from one another.

You will be witnessing:

  • The hills of China
  • The Mongolian Plains covered in snow
  • The wooden homes of Siberian people living in harmony amidst the coniferous trees – thus making this trip a treat for both your eyes and the lens of your camera!

It is an adventurous way to travel

You are living in an era which consists of affordable means of transport, accommodation and let’s not forget about so-called ‘irresistible’ deals on flight fares! Now, since transportation has become so fast, why would you even bother to travel the way like someone from the old world? This is a pretty good question and the answer is simple as well.

You should take this trip for the sheer sense of adventure! That’s it!

Taking a Trans Siberian railway trip would allow you to be a part of an epic journey that may or may not resemble the narrative of the renowned ‘Around the world in 80 days!’

You will be spellbound when your eyes will feast on the sight of St Basil’s Cathedral and that too for the very first time! Don’t forget to click pictures of the renowned Red Square of Moscow! In the end, you will thank yourself for taking this week-long train trip!

In the end, one of the most compelling reasons for taking a Trans-Siberian railway trip is to give yourself the time to self-reflect. Even if you are busy getting to know the people on the train, the staff and taking photos, you still would have plenty of time to revisit your life’s best memories and make new ones! Away from the modern distractions, a Trans-Siberian railways trip is both challenging and rewarding at the same time!