Traveling solo as a female just keeps getting hotter. It is the study of George Washington University School of Business, nearly every two-thirds of today’s travelers are women. And travel companies are watching a big uptick in interest from solo female travelers. The Travel Industry Association made a Handy report that an estimated 32 million American women travel alone every year. Maybe you are a first-time solo traveler looking for that some extra push to take their first trip or a seasoned solo traveler. Hostelworld, the biggest online hostel-booking platform, just might come in handy someday. It has seen a growth in female solo traveler bookings of 45% between 2015 and 2017. Solo travel became one of most liberating experiences on earth, you have got no responsibilities to any person but yourself, you can do what you really want and leave when you want, and the buzz you get from the feelings of freedom is immense.

The Ultimate Guide for a Solo Female Traveler

Research and Book advance: Find the best and comfortable travel destination where you want to travel. You must research before you go to local customs, weather, dress codes, etiquette, etc. Make sure you know the basics of what to expect before you step off the plane or any other convenience. You will make better choices and get the most out of your trip. Remember to keep the address to your hotel handy and carry your passport with some extra money in a well-concealed spot. Lastly, very important don’t forget your travel insurance! 

Packing: Try to make light packing, buy a female-friendly backpack, you won’t need masses of beauty products, strappy shoes or smart outfits. A long skirt is essential, it’s modest, can be smart, keeps you cool and is handy for loo-breaks.  Dress appropriately, this shows respect for local people. Must read up before you go to find out what is acceptable in the country you are visiting. A hat or bandana is useful for covering up a bad hair day.

Face Your Fears: Travel is all about breaking out of your regular comfort zone and growing beyond your own self-set boundaries. Our Earth is a challenging, magical, and fascinating place. Do not be intimidated by it!

Don’t let your all fears of thoughts of being lonely, safety, or concerns of getting stranded stop you from finding yourself and the world. Go even if you aren’t sure about travel can expand your perspective and enhance your sense of self.

Personal Safety: Self-defense for women is very important before you go. Carry a personal attack alarm. Ask at your local leisure center or a police station. Plan what you are you doing in advance, so you can look and feel confident. Don’t arrive in a new place after dark. On public transport, try to sit where there are other women. Only take registered taxis and carry the phone number of a taxi firm with you.

Some Final Important Factor Must consider:

  • Select the right destination
  • Survive the flight
  • Stay Healthy
  • Meeting people
  • Your experiences should come in Handy