If we measure it by its years of independence, Israel is just 72 years old. It has just celebrated 70 years of independence in 2018. But the land on which Israel stands is steeped in historical and biblical meanings. Jerusalem is the official capital of three of the biggest religions in the world — Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Its walls speak of stories we’ve only heard about from our priests and pastors. It’s beguiling, and it will captivate even the non-faithful.

You can take an LDS vacation to Israel any time of year, though the religious go there during Holy Week. But if you don’t want it packed with people and tourists, you should schedule your visit when Christians all over the world aren’t packing their bags and heading to their version of Mecca. Israel is a country that’s rich in history, traditions, and culture. But it is also bustling with modernity and technology. Its beaches are some of the best in the world, and its fashion scene is booming, too.

The Holy Land

It does not matter if you don’t believe in the religions that Jerusalem has birthed. There is something mystical about walking on the same streets where Jesus Christ fell because of the burden of carrying a heavy cross. You can retrace His footsteps along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. You can visit the Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, al-Asqa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and Western Wall. There’s spiritual energy in the whole of Jerusalem that you wouldn’t feel anywhere else.

History and Culture

You may not believe in the teachings of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Surely, you have heard about Adolf Hitler, the Jews, and the Holocaust. You cannot go to Israel and not visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. It is an essential stop for any visitor. It is essential for all of humanity to bask in the history of the Holocaust and learn from its evils.

Natural Wonders

Tel Aviv has stunning beaches and urbanity. You’d think that you’re in Spain or Mexico. It sits on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, which means that you get to access the unspoiled beaches of that part of the country. But Israel is more than just the Mediterranean Sea. Its terrain is so diverse that when you head south, you’ll be astounded by the Negev Desert. On the east, you can experience the Dead Sea. Up north, the Galilee region will beckon you with its green hills and valley that is home to Israel’s famous wines.


Israel is so diverse as a country that even its culinary scene is a mix of Mediterranean, European, Turkish, and Palestinian. You’ll find something in Israel’s dishes that will both surprise and intimidate you. The climate and agricultural identity of Israel allows it to grow organic produce. Its rich Mediterranean cuisine is not a diet fad. Israelis eat healthy and organic food.

You can travel to Israel alone or with friends or family. The country has something to offer everyone, even young kids. You’d never want anything else.