African safaris are well-known for its remarkable wild natural beauty – from the breathtaking landscapes of Maasai Mara in Kenya up to the astonishing wildlife in Serengeti Tanzania, indeed, the most exciting and memorable escapade of a lifetime. But to have a memorable safari experiences Africa you’ll need the best safari provider or guide to give you the most exciting trip of your life.

That’s why first-timers like you need to know what to search for when choosing the best safari provider among the rest. Remember, providers are not created equally. There are safari providers who can make your safari experience memorable and exciting, and some can ruin your dream trip. So be careful!

Make sure to refer to the below checklist to narrow down the list of your choices and make a wise decision at the end.

1. Know Previous Client’s Feedbacks

Thanks to the internet, you can now see the reviews of your chosen safari provider with the help of several websites that focus on putting reviews from different travel services. You can see those reviews from several sites such as:

  • Google Reviews
  • Safari Booking
  • Travel Forums
  • TripAdvisor
  • Trust Pilot

These websites can help you know the provider’s services and feedback regarding those services. The good thing about these reviews is all of it came from actual customers who experienced the services they provided. It is more recommended to read reviews from these websites compared to the provider’s website, which can be edited or tampered to look more convincing for potential customers.

2. Years of Business

A safari provider who has at least three years of experience can offer the most beneficial of lessons and insights that are useful for your safari trips. But it doesn’t mean that new providers are not good enough or should be avoided, as long as they can offer competitive, enthusiastic, and innovative services, then for sure it’s a good catch.

3. Licenses, Accreditations, Certificates, and Tour Experience

Before hiring any safari provider, make sure to check if they have permission to operate, certificates to do the tours, and proper knowledge when it comes to safari experiences Africa. See if they are qualified enough to be your provider, or if their qualities meet your expectations. Remember, your trip is not all about adventure, wild animals, and stunning landscapes, but an educational tour as well.

4. Approachable and Easy to Contact

A reliable safari provider can be contacted anytime and anywhere (if possible). Meaning, you can get a timely response from them after every inquiry or message. That way, you can ensure that they are responsive enough when issues arise on the actual trip.

5. Activities They Offer

It is good if the provider has a lot of activities to offer for their potential clients. Since it is a safari, most travelers expect that they can experience extreme and wild activities on the trip. Or perhaps you prefer to get along with nature or see the signs and sounds from your safari lodge.

Ask them what activities you’re looking for, check if they also offer that kind of activity. If not, see if they can provide an alternative to that. Also, don’t forget to ask for a computation or price breakdown for your safari package so that you can be prepared financially.