I would consider myself a moderately serious backpacker and I have purchased Coleman tents for two main reasons: weather resistance and one that would keep out a bit of the cold. I have found Coleman tents to be awesome. I have purchased one for our family and other models for our camping association. Here are some observations if you looking into Coleman tents.

  1. I used the Coleman tent 6 times this year already. One night it rained very hard. The tent was amazing as not one drop on either of us thought the entire storm. I honestly thought that we were going to get wet. This tent does what it says.
  2. The rainfly does cover the windows if you align it / center it correctly. It has excellent ventilation. The ceiling is mesh to let warm air and moisture escape. The rainfly keeps moisture out.
  3. I am a seasoned camper and was looking for a tent that was tall enough to stand up in. I got a great price on this one and took a chance on it, after seeing it set up in a retail store.
  4. I can see a third person, or two small children, easily fitting in the dome tent with two adults, even without touching the walls. Five would, I think, be pushing it, especially if there is rain.
  5. With some tents, a real fabric floor is superior and, in any case, a regular tarp should be used to keep dirt off the bottom of the tent floor. The door has both fabric and netting single zipper panels. The rear window has a double zipper fabric cover (nice for adjusting the amount of ventilation) and a non-opening netting cover. Both fabric door and window covers close completely. The 20 x 20 inch ceiling vent does not close, but that has not been a problem for me.
  6. These tents are awesome and should meet the needs of all campers that use them. The smaller models set up easily with one person. There is plenty of head room and you will not bump your head on the dome light that attaches to the ceiling. The tent accumulates minimal humidity and has more than enough ventilation.

I love these tents and enjoy using it every chance we get. Coleman does an awesome job with their tents by manufacturing something that is useful and straight forward. Thoroughly recommend these tents for the money. All in all, the tents are easy to use and do the job. I am very satisfied. For the money, I feel I’ve received the best in tents! I would recommend them to a friend. enterprise cloud . Enjoy!