Chennai, a city of rich heritage from ancient, medieval, and modern times are one of those cities, which host people from all parts of countries and hence is an excellent composite of contemporary cosmopolitan culture and the deep-rooted cherished traditions of Tamil Nadu. It boasts a variety of architecture from fort St. George to the Dravidian style temples. There is something in this city for everyone. While you experience the vibes of Chennai, here are some stays you can choose from, for impeccable service of all the Chennai hotels.

The surreal architecture of The Leela Palace takes you to an altogether different mythical world of fairytale books. This hotel in Chennai has made those landscapes in one’s imagination into a real palace. The Leela Palace is a castle embellished with peacock feather walls and ornamented with an inner courtyard. The services are equally mind-blowing at The Leela.

  • The Raintree Hotel:

The Raintree Hotel has promising services to make you keep coming back. They have hi-tech smart rooms designed for their clients and a custom tailor-made set of services exclusively for you. The choice of the Raintree hotel will be one of the best decisions of your life.

  • Novotel Chennai:

One of the best hotels in Chennai, Novotel Chennai, has excellent services at unsurpassable rates. It displays state of the art banquet and co-working services. The rooms are designed in European style and are pet-friendly, so you do not have to compromise your stay in Chennai, staying away from the cute, cuddly barking boi.

  • Taj Club House:

The Taj Club House is one of the best 5-star hotels in Chennai to suit the requirements of the contemporary traveler and the desires for a smart room designed with cutting edge technologies with no compromise in the comfort, style, fashion, and trends, be it the rooms, lounging facilities or dining amenities.

  • Ramada Plaza:

Perfectly located, with the important places such as IIT Madras, Pondy Bazar, airport, US embassy, not so far, Ramada Plaza boasts the 5-star amenities it has to offer. Experience the tranquillity of Chennai with your stay at Ramada.

Enjoy the breezy evening walks and the sunset at the Marina beach in Chennai, or even dawns of the Bay of Bengal if you are a morning person, and thank us later for your hotel bookings.