It is not always true that Car Hire is expensive. If you travel during the holidays, of course you will pay more – this is often referred to as the high season rates. However, with a little research on the internet, you will always be able to find some great rates. The earlier you book your rental car the cheaper the prices will be, and the closer you get to the actual dates of travel the more expensive the car will be. With a possible shortage of vehicles, the car rental companies will raise the prices as the time for travel draws closer.

The length of the rental will also determine the daily rate; car hire rates get cheaper as the booking gets longer. Sometimes you should check that if you add a day or two to the rental period, it may drop the daily rate considerably. This makes it cheaper than your original booking and you then simply bring the vehicle back early. Do not expect a refund on the early return.

You could spend all day surfing the car hire sites, or you could be smart and go to a comparative website that displays all the available vehicles from economy to luxury, cheap to expensive. The results will be displayed in price order and give you the total price, inclusive of the additional fees that you will be expected to pay i.e. airport surcharges, GST and relocation fees etc. The Terms and Conditions of hire will also be available for you to read, and it is advised you do so. Understanding the rules will ultimately give you piece of mind when hiring a car. Know who can drive, where you can drive and what to do in the unfortunate event of an accident.

The insurance options for car hire always seem to cause a fair amount of distress to the travelling public. It is fairly easy, but if you don’t understand the options available online call the company and have someone explain the options to you. It is always best to take added insurance on rental cars as the last thing you need at the end of a fabulous holiday is to be stuck with a hefty repair bill as a result of someone else’s actions. Rental cars normally come with 24hour roadside assistance. So as long as you book with a reputable company you need not worry about breakdowns.


1. Book early.
2. Even if you only have a couple of people travelling with you, check the next size up or down as maybe there are great deals there.
3. Check to see if by adding a day or two will reduce your daily rate.
4. Try to travel outside the popular seasons.
5. Check the website for special deals that may be on offer. You may have to change your dates but you may save a lot of money
6. Take excess reduction to reduce your liability in the event of an accident.
7. Bring the vehicle back with the same amount of fuel in it as on collection, otherwise you will be charged for refuelling at an inflated price.
8. Book online and get an instant confirmation, so you can be sure you will get a car on arrival.
9. Choose to do your booking online with a site that does not have cancellation fees.
10. Enjoy your driving experience.