Attractions are everywhere. Whenever a tourist goes into Salzburg, they look for a couple of classic things: museums, indoor theatres, and other attractions that you can visit for a fee. However, when you compare free vs. fee, free will always be the one that will make a tourist’s eyes shine. That simply because money is more and more scarce, and you’ll want to save as much money as possible.

First things first, let’s talk about how you can get there. The safest and most convenient option would be some Salzburg airport taxi services, which will get you from point A to point B in a relatively fast manner. As opposed to the classic taxi, most of these airport taxis work by booking. Thus, they will be waiting for you outside the terminal when you land, and take you to your attractions of choice for a fair price. Regardless of how many people you’re travelling with, there will always be a vehicle your size. You won’t have to cramp yourselves in a small public taxi anumore.

Once you have that figured out, here are some places that can be visited for free in Salzburg.

  1. The Whole City Views

There are many high places from where you can view the entire city of Salzburg for free. For example, the Hohensalzburg Fortress is set on top of the Mönchsberg cliff, ad we can guarantee that the view is amazing. A little lower you can find the Winkler Terrace which can also offer you a marvelous view.

  1. The Old Town Buildings

For fans of architecture, the Old Town is full of buildings that you can gawk at for free. There’s a baroque fountain in the Residence square which can prove as a great photographic spot. You can also view other attractions such as the dome of the Salzburg Cathedral while you are at it, as well as go on a window shopping spree on all the interconnected streets.

  1. The Mirabell Gardens

If you are a hardcore Sounds of Music fan, you’ll definitely love the Mirabell Gardens. With the large water fountain as its main feature, these gardens are full of vibrant flowers, beautiful lawns, renaissance statues and an overall exquisitely decorated path. And the best thing about it – everyone can see it for free!

  1. Castle Grounds

If you only want to see the grandeur of things, there are several castles that you can visit and take pictures from outside. You don’t need to pay so that you can enjoy the view; you can just enjoy the baroque structure and imagine what life was in the 17th century. Our recommendation is Hellbrunn Castle. While admission to the interior is charged, it is still worth the visit!

You don’t have to pay fortunes to visit places. Just put your imagination at work and figure out how everything looks like as you look at the exterior. You can also look for the festivals, since most of them are also free!