New aquarium owners have one big question to answer: are they going to use live rock in a fish tank or not? It can be hard to make a decision if you aren’t properly informed. Live rock may have many benefits, but it can also be problematic in certain aquariums. Here are the live rock benefits and live rock dangers to help you make your decision.

Live Rock Benefits

– Attractive

Many of us get a fish tank as decoration. If you really want to impress guests, live rock will come in handy. It’s attractive. It comes in a variety of different colors and styles. Plus, you can set it up in your tank in a number of different ways. You are sure to find a design that catches the eye.

– Home for marine life

Have you ever noticed that a lot of fish tend to stay inside of coral or other live marine material? Not only does it grow food for the fish, but it also acts as shelter. It can be protection from bigger fish or other predators. The rock will likely make your fish feel much more at home.

– Hitchhikers

Animals live in coral and organic marine material, like you would see if you were snorkeling in Maui. If you use live rock in a fish tank, you may have the privilege of some small critters with the rock. Some of the most common critters you might obtain include snails and algae.

hitchhiker on a squirellfish

– Neutralizes pH balance

Your water should be at a certain pH balance to keep the water an ideal environment for the fish and other critters inside. Since this natural marine material has calcium, it will put that into the water. In turn, the water will be more balanced, and your fish will be happier.

Live Rock Dangers

– Cost

Be ready for an investment if you want to use natural materials in your aquarium. Live rock can be quite expensive. Most people think the extra cost is worth it, though.

– A lot of work

Most things worth doing require a lot of work. This is not an exception. In order to avoid drastically increasing the amount of ammonia in your fish tank, you have to cure the rock before you put it in your aquarium. This takes time and work.

– High demand

high demand of live rock

Many people have been requesting the rock from the ocean for fish tanks. You probably think there’s an unlimited amount, but that’s not the case. In fact, scientists are noticing that the demand is causing a significant reduction in the amount of rock in the ocean. While it is not an endangered commodity yet, we might want to be sparing and choose where we get it from carefully.

A fish tank is a great way to decorate your house while simultaneously having a piece of nature to nurture and enjoy. You have to decide if you want marine rock in your fish tank or not. While there are both benefits and dangers, it’s generally considered worth the work.