UAE consists of seven emirates, each emirate has its special importance. Every emirate is full of beauty and uniqueness. You can say that the UAE is blessed to have all these emirates and the major tourist attractions within it. The country of UAE is all about famous places. It is very hard to find a place here in UAE which is not famous. The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi. If you are a traveler you must be aware of the fact that Abu Dhabi deserves to be the capital city of UAE. Abu Dhabi is popular for so many places. You will make the best decision if you choose Abu Dhabi City Tour for your vacations. Let me brief you about the Abu Dhabi city and the places one should visit in Abu Dhabi City Tour.

The beauty of Abu Dhabi:

Beautiful is a very small word for the beauty of Abu Dhabi and unique is a very small word for the uniqueness of Abu Dhabi. This city is very famous because of its beautiful beaches, tall buildings, huge shopping malls, parks and mosques with beautiful Islamic architecture. Wherever you go in Abu Dhabi every place comprises of the incredible amount of beauty. You can say that the letter B in Abu Dhabi and U in Abu Dhabi represents beauty and uniqueness respectively. You will fall in love with each and every place here in Abu Dhabi after coming to this place, but for that, you have to book your deal for Abu Dhabi City Tour with us. It will be the best experience of your life as you will get to explore the best city with the best tour operator.

Places within Abu Dhabi City Tour:

Every place here at Abu Dhabi is a major tourist attraction and is a must visit here. Like it is very difficult to decide which places to choose in Abu Dhabi City Tour to visit. But well we have chosen the places for you. Read the details below to know about these places.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque:

A mosque with an incredibly beautiful Islamic architecture. If you belong to any religion you will be entered to this mosque and can take some amazing pictures of the mosque. This mosque had a lot of capacity in it.

Heritage Village:

A place that showcases the old and cultural aspects of the city of Abu Dhabi. It is a must visit in Abu Dhabi City Tour for people who interested in knowing the history of Abu Dhabi.

Dates Market:

The famous and huge date market is found here in Abu Dhabi. You should definitely buy these palatable dates from this date market of Abu Dhabi.

Corniche Beach:

The most beautiful beach to exist in Abu Dhabi is the Corniche beach. A visit to this beach is compulsory if you want to get relaxed.

These were the main four places to visit in Abu Dhabi City Tour. Book your deal now at and explore the city of Abu Dhabi.