A trip to the north of the country can be a shared family experience or a trip for the better. Anyone can find what they want in the rich northern region in every good. So, if you are looking for hiking trails up north for the hot summer days or winter hiking up north with a glimpse of heritage, history, and culture then you have come to the right place.

In the following lines, you will find information on a variety of hiking routes in the north of the country, you can read and deepen the knowledge by clicking on the desired route. Moreover, you will find a tour guide in the north with rich knowledge, great experience and great love for this special area.

Family Trip to the North

A family trip to the north can be an unforgettable experience: Educational, challenging, historical and such that will leave you with a taste for more.

Many families want to hike the northern trails with the ability to discover flexibility, explore new places and allow all participants to enjoy the activity. A tour guide armed with great knowledge regarding the north of the country and allows families to build a trip according to their wishes. In addition, Absalom is one of the only tour guides in the country to tour areas that require security coordination on the northern border.

Family trips in the north can combine nature, landscapes, running water, streams, waterfalls, reserves, lakes, ponds, battle stories, cultures, communities, religions, geological phenomena and to sum up everything you can think of. The north of the country is full of hiking trails that are suitable for families and anyone looking to find the topics, views, and attractions that speak to them. We invite you to contact us and get more information about your trip to the north, not to forget and stay with you for many years.

Hiking Trails in the North

When we talk about hiking routes in the north of the country, we tend to separate the Galilee and the Golan region, both of which offer a variety of unique and quality routes to suit every type of trip.

There are a wide variety of hiking trails in the north that are divided into different genres:

If you are on a guided trip in the north following legacy stories, war and heroism then you can choose between guided tours following the Six-Day War, a tour following the Yom Kippur battles, tours with sightings on Syria and all that is happening there today and even a trip following the secret activity of spy Eli Cohen And even trips in the Golan.

If you are a fan of religions and cultures then you will find that the North is a full world and offers you: multicultural tour of the Galilee, a tour of the Tarshiha alleys, woolly and Kabbalah stories in Safed, a trip to Beit Jann to get to know the village and the Druze community, to get acquainted with the Circassians in Israel through a tour of the village. Rahaniya, human mosaic and cultural integration in the village of Peki’in and a variety of tours and tours that the page cannot contain.

Of course, nature lovers, views, streams, and breathtaking sights did not go bald in the north. Avshalom Shachar offers a trip to the landscapes of Nahal Ziv river, a tour of the Nodal reserve, a variety of fascinating routes in the Meron Mountains Reserve, a tour of the geological route of a cliff, a multi-sensory experience in the Hula reserve, a Yotvat and Tel Yodfat ridge reserve, followed by olive trees in the Galilee and the Golan. Fun and fascinating water.

If walking is not your favorite activity but you do not want to give up all the beauty the North has to offer then you can combine a jeep trip in the North accompanied by a guide, explanations, and observations.

Even those who want to tour during sunset will find very interesting and intriguing excursions, such as a sunset tour in Yehiam, lighthouse tours, and unique singing performances, and the hand is still tilted. Invite you for a guided tour of the north with Absalom Dawn that will make you indulge in the magic of the north and discover places, landscapes, cultures and gather a host of experiences that have been etched in you forever.