The United Arab Emirates or UAE is above the verge of developments and own many world records for the magnificent growth in the aspects of infrastructure and other tourist attractions. UAE is comprised of emirates such as Abu Dhabi (capital city), Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Qaywayn and Ras Al Khaymah. Out of all other emirates, Dubai is considered as a prominent commercial destination that constitutes different tourist attractions such as Grand Dubai Shopping Festival, Global Village, and amazing buildings and infrastructures such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, etc. Therefore, Dubai is one such emirate of UAE that is the centre of attraction for aspiring tourists. Dubai is one of the best destinations for travellers and would cater to them with lifetime memories. Now, Dubai has completely transformed its old phase of being called the barren land into a new modern phase of developments. But, its tradition and culture always lie in its beautiful barren land.

The trip to the Middle East will not get completed without exploring the Buried Village or Ghost Village in Al Madam, an inland town in UAE. The place is left abandoned for long years and that spreads a calm yet mysterious atmosphere. Buried Village was once inhabited by the people of the Al Kutbi tribe, and they were considered one of the three important tribal groups in Al Madam in the early 1980s. The village spreads a vibe of mysterious feelings and hence got the name ‘Ghost Village’. Even though the place is abandoned for decades, the reason behind this is not revealed or not yet proved. But even today, some of the local residents of the village believe that there exist some supernatural effect that leads to its abandonment. The mystery is still unfolded.

The village provides the best destination for thrill-seeking wanderlusts, who are inclined to explore a different destination that holds different norms or stories. The place consists of two rows of buildings with the same infrastructure and vehicles and mosques are half-buried with dunes. A sunrise safari in ghost village was initially a failure in the aspects of a tourist destination but its popularity is gradually increasing and right now it is on the phase of a trending tourist spot. In short, the buried village at Al madam is a thrilling destination for travellers who love to explore through some mysterious elements coupled with fascinating sunrise visuals and adventurous activities such as sandboarding and dune driving. Our newly proposed Sunrise Desert Safari in Ghost Village, Al Madam offers wonderful exposure to the mysterious barren land with super-exciting activities and visual treat.

Sunrise Desert Safari in Ghost Village with Desert Safari Tours

  • We provide pick-up and drop off facilities for our guests from their location. Professional drivers will be accompanying the guests. Pick up timing – 4 to 4.30 AM, Drop off timing – 9.30 AM.
  • After reaching the desired location at the early hours, you will witness the sun rising through the red desert landscape. The mesmerizing view of sunrise will be one of those unforgettable memories of life.
  • Soon after experiencing the enchanting sunrise, tourists will be served with delicious breakfast to make them active and enthusiastic to discover more in the buried land.

After having breakfast, various activities are arranged in the track for our aspiring and energetic tourists. Let’s have a look at each activity:

  • Visit Camel Farm You will get an opportunity to observe tamed animals in the desert –terrains. Camels are the most commonly seen creature in the desert region, and the visit to the camel farm will garner the best experience to watch them closely. Also, you will be able to visit other tamed creatures that are visible only in the desert regions.
  • Dune Bashing – The most thrilling and heart-throbbing adventure in the desert region is Dune Bashing. You will be taken to explore the region in a 4×4 wheeler, mainly SUV or Land Cruiser. Professional drivers take you up and down through the huge dunes, hitting your adrenaline.
  • Sand Boarding Alike Dune Bashing, sandboarding is also fun-thrilled yet adventurous activity. Here, a pair of sandboards are used where you place your feet in the footholds of the sandboard. After hearing the instructions of the guide, start your sport and enjoy it to its fullest.

Therefore, Desert Safari Dubai in the buried village will be a new exploration for tourists inclined with the sense of curiosity to discover the unknown realms of the village and to cherish the day through pulsating activities right from the charismatic sunrise.