Have you ever thought about going on a cruise? If you are curious about what it could be like to cruise, especially around the beautiful Indonesian archipelago, then read on. Going on a cruise is the best thing you could ever do. There is so much fun to be had, world-class comfort, and every sunrise brings along a new place to see and explore.

Here are 7 reasons why you should take a cruise around Komodo Island- Asia’s best-kept secret:

There are several points you can explore while in Komodo. From the world-famous Komodo national park, you are free to venture overland and see the native villages and shrines across the island. A cruise gives you the convenience of paying for the entire Komodo tour with a one-off package.

You will also get to visit and enjoy other fun activities around the island like snorkeling, sunbathing and cultural tours. Komodo is home to one of the most bio-diverse marine sanctuaries in the world. There are beaches aplenty around the island to enjoy, including one of only two pink beaches in the world.

  • Cheaper Normal Vacation Itinerary

Many people prefer to go on a cruise because of the discounts available on cruise packages. Depending on the season or time you visit, a Komodo island cruise could cost about 60% less than what you could spend on your own itinerary.

  • Join Other People and Make New Friends

Cruises can be memorable because of the people you share the adventures with. A cruise brings together people from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations. You will have a lot of fun getting to explore exotic places with new people and hopefully create lifelong connections with them.

  • Skip the Hassle of Arranging Your Itinerary

The last thing you want on your vacation is to be stressed about the places to visit and other arrangements. Things that do not go as planned could also ruin your entire vacation. A cruise gives you the freedom to enjoy a pre-arranged itinerary and not have to worry about anything for the entire trip. What’s more, most cruise organizers really take their time to pick the right itinerary to attract customers so you won’t be missing anything.

  • Fun Both on And Off the Boat

Most cruises also come with a wide array of amenities for you to enjoy when on transit. From onboard swimming pools to water slides and bbq parties. Movie theatres to live performances dances to standup comedy. All these activities can be had right on the boat while you move from one spot to the next.

At the same time, the cruise itinerary also includes off- boat activities. You may be treated to adventurous tours by the onboard guides, overland travel, beach parties, and much more.

  • Cruises Are Great for Families

Moving around with a bunch of kids in a strange place can be stressful. You might end up needing a vacation from the vacation if things don’t go as planned. Cruises are the most kid-friendly vacation available. Most cruises have special itineraries for the young ones in addition to the endless onboard activities they can engage in leaving you to enjoy your vacation stress-free.

  • Plenty of Food to Eat

Cruise ships are famous for the amount of food available to eat for those on transit. You can stay on the ship for days on end and never have the same meal you had the day before. A Komodo island cruise will include plenty of local and exotic delicacies as you hop from island to island and see the wonders that Komodo offers those who visit every year.

Final Words

Everyone should go for a cruise at some point in their life. Don’t let any fears you might have about being out in the sea discourage you from going on a cruise. Take the challenge with Ayana, and you might have an experience that you will never forget.