Last November during our winter vacations, we were stuck with our plans for touring new destinations but, wait! I checked down the list of places including my neighborhood, city and there was not even a single popular attraction we had not been to. Most noteworthy, we were totally fed up of visiting similar kind of places- monuments, bars, casinos, lakes, mountains and now all of us wanted a change. Suddenly my friend and colleague rang upon and after discussing my dilemma with him- he suggested me to tour haunted places for my vacations.

At first, it seemed a bit awkward and scary, but it definitely sounded different. We quickly browsed through the internet to finally land upon Super Paranormal and after wading through their recommended spooky destinations in my city, decided to tour down few of them. In this story, I am looking forward to share my experiences on why touring haunted places for vacations is a definitely a new trend-

It connects you to your past

I live in California, USA. Through these times, what I learnt was because of my classic textbooks; mugging facts for examinations and grades. Even though I explored few historical museums and other places, I was never inclined to gather knowledge about it. Who literally would?

Although when you are visiting a spooky attraction, the thrill component drags you to internet and gather information about the past history and spook component it offers. In that way, your brain accumulates a lot of new information without any extra efforts. Now you understand why you can remember a horror story longer than a historical incident?

This is the new adventure

What’s the craziest thing you have done lately? Mountain rafting, skiing, rope climbing, diving? Wait, forget adventurous sports. In the 2017 survey conducted on tourists behaviour and interests, it was found that- more than 76 percent of travellers are actually bored doing the aforementioned activities on repeat, ending up sleeping at home instead of touring new destinations.

Having said that, haunted places have emerged out to be a new adventurous industry, with more than thousand of travelling companies fixing tour plans to these places, proving out to be an unusual trendsetter.

Meeting an entirely new community

Even if you are an atheist, you can’t deny the scientific findings and proofs collected by a throng of horror buffs and paranormal investigators. During my visit to the haunted places in America, I met with new people who were in this field of twenty years. They showed me their EVP findings, pictures of few mysterious orbs and frequency alteration they had collected during their previous hunts. It was just so scintillating and fun exploring being there.

A lot inexpensive yet more engaging

If you take a look across the listed of haunted places in the world, you will find that most of spooky locations are dilapidated mansions, vacant houses or, public museums where you don’t have to pay a buck to visit. However, there are few private properties where trespassing is not allowed, but if you could convince the owner with a polite request, you’ll end up exploring that place without spending an extra buck.

On the contrary, when you go for an adventure park, or an event; it costs around 100-1000 USD, based on the type and popularity of it. Well, you can literally save that money for paying your next EMI, or buying your favorite accessory.

You may end up meeting a ghoul

Now this is funny, ain’t it? No, but seriously; you could be more like Stephen John, a person from Gloucestershire who, while visiting the haunted places in England, ended up encountering the spirit of a home owner. He, later described his experiences about how the ghoul of Mr. Brown, the haunted house owner ended up giving him a message to communicate it to his grandson.


Now when the world is ending up having limited number of places, only adding a new hobby can keep up fresh, updated and slog free. After having added a new interest in your book, you can explore a variety of places, learn tons of awesome new facts and explore new side of dark tales that you can not ever learn otherwise.

In case you are looking forward to taking a leap to premium hunts, ghost tour is something worth your bucks. However, we never took service of a ghost tour as they charge a good amount of money plus, you miss the original fun and natural adventure while visiting a spooky destination on your own.

A quick piece of advice from our side: Always have a small kit by your side which includes a paper, emergency light and batteries, water and a power bank to charge your phone. It’s better to be prepared than being trapped in a haunted house under unexpected circumstances. Also, read about those places and research them well before peeping in. Having said that, keep safe, keep travelling- Happy haunting.