The Cook Islands are a group of islands in the South Pacific known for their stunning visuals, great weather, and excellent holidays. It is a popular holiday destinations for many Australians and for good reason.

Cook Islands Rarotonga, is the most popular due to its high amount of excellent resorts, restaurants and things to do. Other islands are also excellent options and the accomodations here are often more secluded.

The Islands are well loved for their amazing water activities and safe conditions. There are so many reasons to love the Cook Islands, but these are just the top five.

Rarotonga Offers Everything You Want In a Holiday

The Island of Rarotonga is celebrated for its vibrancy, food, and amazing array of things to do.

Rarotonga is the largest island in the Cook Islands and the largest in Polynesia. The island covers almost one third of the total land area of the Cook Islands. It is the location of the Cook Islands’ largest airport and main city.

Many tourists visit Rarotonga because it is the most accessible of the islands. The main island is the most popular due to its high amount of excellent resorts, restaurants and things to do.

The Cook Islands Water Is Safe, Crystal Clear, and Full Of Marine Life

The Cook Islands has been described as a tropical paradise. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are safe for swimming. There are many places to snorkel in the waters. The water is full of marine life that is perfect for snorkeling. It is very common for visitors to see dolphins, sea turtles, sting rays and many other beautiful sea creatures in the waters.

There are a lot of amazing things to do here, such as diving, snorkeling, boating, parasailing, swimming, surfing, and fishing.

You Are Never Far From Nature on the Cook Islands

This place is filled with incredible nature. The waters are teeming with beautiful aquatic animals. It is a great place to explore the natural world. There are many ways to explore the land and water here.

The islands are surrounded not only by the stunning water of the South Pacific, but also by lush tropical rainforest. It is an excellent place to go on hikes and do activities in nature. There are a lot of amazing places to explore, including the beaches and the rainforests. Many visitors come to this tropical paradise because they love the natural beauty.

The Cook Islands Are Not Overdeveloped

Many people have enjoyed visiting this beautiful island because it is so remote and unspoiled. There is a rule on the island that no building can be taller than a palm tree, which reduces overdevelopment. This means that even though The Cook Islands are incredibly popular, they still have a relaxed and easy going feeling.

The Cook Islands Are Easy to Get To From Australia

The Cook Islands are very popular with Australians due to how accessible it is. The Cook Islands are located east of New Zealand. The nearest major cities are New Zealand, Auckland, and Sydney. This makes it really easy for people to get to because there are plenty of airlines that fly to the Cook Islands. There are plenty of travel agencies that sell cheap airline tickets.

You will also need to get a tourist visa to visit The Cook Islands. Getting one of these tourist visas isn’t that difficult because all you need is a passport and your visa application.

There Are So Many Reasons to Love the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are well loved for many reasons, the lsited ones above only being the beginning. Whether you love nature, water sports, relaxing, or good food, The Cook Islands has something for you. If you love to travel, you should plan your Cook Islands holidays and visit this island. This is because you will have lots of fun and also because you will love the beaches, the tropical environment, the great food, and the friendly people.