The City of Da Lat is more than just a popular destination for nature lovers or tourists looking to escape the heat and pollution of modern cities. Beneath the relaxing vibe of this picturesque city high above the Vietnamese highlands, there’s a different and exciting side for you to enjoy once the sun sets. Indeed, the city’s many bars and clubs provide a wide variety of means for visitors to relax after a long day of sightseeing.

And even if most great hotel options like the Luxe Hotel come with their own bars and restaurants, nothing beats the authenticity of independent homegrown establishments. If you’re planning on visiting Da Lat and are looking up places for a nightcap, here are five great options that you can try out.

B21 Beer

Sometimes, the best place for some late-night drinking is the one that’s most comfortable and familiar. B21 Beer is just that kind of place, as it’s become a favorite for locals and tourists alike. This also makes it a great place to start if you’re not out to look for something fancy. The main way that B21 Beer appeals to everyone is by keeping its menu and shot list simple and affordable. Here, you’ll be getting your usual varieties of beer and cocktails—along with the right finger food to go with them. It also has a dance floor that can get pretty wild after around ten o’clock in the evening.

Le Cosy Bar

If you’re going for a quieter vibe, you can’t go wrong with the Le Cosy Bar, which is inside the Da Lat Palace Heritage Hotel. As the name implies, its overall design is heavily inspired by French colonial-period architecture. Indeed, the chandeliers, wooden paneling, leather upholsteries, and other elements provide a classy vibe that sets it apart. However, this also means that the menu can get quite pricier than with your other options. But the food you’ll be served, combined with the fancy atmosphere, more than makes up for it.


V’Club is a definite must-visit if you want some fun dancing to go with your alcohol. Indeed, this club has everything you need: popular dance beats blaring through the speakers, bright neon lights, and even a spinning disco ball. To keep the party going, their bar also serves an extensive selection of cocktails and beer that’s sure to have something for everyone. And if you’re neither a heavy drinker nor an avid dancer, you can also try out their menu which combines local staples and Western favorites in equal measure.

13 Café Bar

If you want something different but still cozy, then pay 13 Café Bar a visit. This place gives off a familiar yet funky vibe with some retro pieces of furniture and an eclectic collection of antique ornaments. And you can enjoy the hip atmosphere with an equally varied mix of alcoholic beverages and some hot chow to go with it. And if you’re still feeling a little hungry, the burgers here are said to be delicious.

Maze Bar

Sometimes, just having themed decorations or a unique menu isn’t enough. So if you’re looking for something that’s completely unique and different, the Maze Bar could be exactly where you need to be. Also known as the 100 Roots Café, this 5-story establishment is famous for its labyrinthine interior design. It was specifically designed to resemble a maze with winding passages and spiraling staircases, allowing for a uniquely fun time. In between moments of exploration through the Maze Bar, make sure to have a taste of their locally brewed beer to complete the experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for a quick bottle of beer or something more. Da Lat has a fun collection of bars and clubs for a fun night out. And in case none of the options on this list appeal to you, don’t worry. Try to do your own bit of exploration and you might just find the right place for you.