Bangalore is a place where you will literally be able to shop till you drop. This massive hub for tourists and travelers is known all over the world for the amazing culture and history that it has. Known to be the Silicon Valley of India, the state is known for the amazing amalgamation of modernity and the heritage as well. There are many different choices for the tourists and locals out there who want to enjoy the sightseeing adventures, museums, and places to eat and drink as well.

However, before you go ahead and empty the pockets right now, how about we tell you all about the markets that you can visit in Bangalore which would not only cater to the needs that you have but will also provide you with the necessities. So, on that note, here we are with the amazing shopping places in Bangalore. Choose your destination to shop right now.

  1. Brigade Road

The number of non-branded and branded stores in Brigade Road is certainly amazing for the shopping adventures that people have. There are so many amazing brands on the market such as Jack N Jones, Levis, Vero Moda, Baggit and so much more. Also, there are some other antique stores which you would want to go to in order to purchase the handcrafted and handmade products as well. Also, make sure that you pay a visit to the Tibetan Plaza and the Dubai Plaza for the gorgeous collection of jewelry and accessories. The market is filled with people and it remains open at days and nights as well. You might not have the shops open late in the evening but for those who want to have a night adventure, there are some amazing pubs that you would love.

  1. Commercial Street

Commercial Street is another one of the locations where you would want to empty your pockets in Bangalore. Known for the wide variety of accessories, jewelry, and clothing, Commercial street is the hub for the shoppers. The market is one of the best places for people who have a special place for the sports industry because there are some amazing shops for sports accessories at a very affordable rate. The best thing about the market here is that there is one lane where you will be able to find gorgeous designs of shoes and silver jewelry as well. You might have to bargain your way through the items because the prices there will blow your minds.

  1. Majestic Market

As you would get from the name of the market, this is a place where you will find the perfect blend of Indian and Chinese styled shops. From exported products or amazing accessories, there are so many products which are present in the market. Also, for the tech-savvy people, there are some digital accessories and gadgets that you will get at cheap prices. However, you do want to make sure that you check for all the defects which might be there on the gadgets. Brand authenticity is another thing that you might want to look into. Who would want to miss a visit to Burma Bazaar and the amazing Hong Kong market which is there in the Majestic Market? Experience the best of shopping adventure at the market.

  1. Dubai Plaza

Another one of the shopping complexes where you will be able to find the trendiest of the items is the Dubai Plaza. Known for the majestic structure and the amazing grandeur of the place, you will fall in love with the market at first glance. Look out for the designer shoes for men and women in the market. Also, there are fancy perfumes and gorgeous designer bags that you can find which move ahead with the trend. Apart from that, the branded cosmetics that you get there are also a great collection that you might want to look into. In the basement complex, you will find the great Tibetan Plaza which houses some of the best pieces of jewelry and clothes too.

  1. Malleswaram

For those shoppers who want to have an experience of the old-world charms, then Malleswaram is the place to go to. There are beautiful shops which sell the most gorgeous of the flowers for the people. The aroma of the place will mesmerize you to the extent that you will not be able to forget. Adding to the aroma are the amazing spices and herbs shops which would increase the fragrance that you get in the market. The market gets its name from the Kaadu Malleswara Temple which is present just a little away from the market. Also, the street foods that you get here are to die for.

Bangalore is the hub for shoppers and there is certainly no doubt that you will have a magical time here. Why not look for some amazing things to shop from the cheap shopping places in Bangalore?