One thing most holidaymakers would like from their trips is an authentic experience. All too often a trip to a foreign land can leave us feeling as though we would have been better off staying at home. If you want a truly authentic holiday experience the next time around then you should consider the following reasons for going on a camping trip.

1. Meet Local Tourists

An interesting statistic about camping holidays in Europe tells us that around two thirds of people who go camping do so in their own country. Of course, you might choose to stay at home as well. However, if you decide to go to a foreign campsite you can expect to bump into at least a few tourists from that same country. This is a brilliant way to make new friends and to find out things about the place you are staying in. If you go with children then they can also enjoy meeting other kids of their own age from the country they are in.

2. Explore a Wider Area

Before we go on holiday each year most of us have a lot of good intentions about seeing the local sights, going to the parks and basically seeing as much of the place as we can. After all, it might be the only time in our life that we are there. However, on hotel breaks it can be tempting to waste a lot of time watching television or just sitting around. Matters get even worse if you are in an all inclusive hotel or resort and have to head back there at every meal time if you don’t want to end up paying out twice for each meal you eat. When you go camping you have everything in your favour in terms of exploring a wide area in a relaxed way so you should make the most of it and go out walking or cycling and discover what is around you.

3. Buy the Food Locally

The food is a hugely important factor in any family holiday. This is often one of the most memorable features of the trip, whether for the right reasons or the wrong ones. You certainly don’t want to be stuck in a hotel with poor quality food but isn’t it almost as bad if you eat the same sort of thing you do back home?

Many of the hotel buffets which are designed for their international guests are bland affairs or simply too boring because they lack local flavor. When you go camping you can choose to eat in restaurants and cafes but you could also choose to cook some meals. This means that you can add an extra element to the holiday by shopping for local produce and then cooking something traditional. You could make a head start by looking up some recipes from the area before you go and maybe even practicing one or two of them.

4. See Traditional Events

Another interesting thing you can do when you go on a trip to a campsite is see some of the local festivals and events. To do this right it makes sense to check out what is on in the area you plan to go to. Cheese fairs, strawberry festivals, garden festivals and art events are just some of the things which take place near Keycamp sites in France. You will find other fantastic, traditional events across the rest of the continent too.