People say that the world is overrun by concrete jungles and that real nature and animal lovers don’t have any good vacation spots anymore. This is simply untrue, though. You can still find numerous places around the world where nature is unspoilt and the animals free and wild. Instead of just looking those places up, you should also add them to your bucket list and visit them as soon as possible. After all, they’re basically paradise for any true nature and animal lover.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

As we all know, elephants are native to Thailand, but they have been mistreated for years. They were (and still are) forced to carry tourists on their backs and put up with extreme heat just for entertainment. Luckily, the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai is trying to change this. Here, you can interact with elephants in a calmer way, and even give them a bath.

As far as the nature is concerned, you’ll be greeted by scenery you only thought existed on TV and in postcards. With crystal waters, impossibly green mountains, and tropical plants, every nature lover will feel like they stepped into their dreams.

2 Nature animal

2. Komodo Island, Indonesia

If you’ve always fantasized about dragons, the Komodo island is your chance to come face to face with a real one. You can come face to face with a Komodo dragon, the largest specimen of monitor lizards in the world, and go home with an amazing story to tell. Sadly, this is now considered a vulnerable species, so if you plan on taking a trip to Indonesia, it should be sooner rather than later.

Another thing Indonesia is famous for is the tropical atmosphere and exotic nature. Even just a walk along the beach will prove to be an amazing experience you shouldn’t miss out on. After all, when is the next you’ll be able to tell your friends about the time you explored the Komodo Island on foot or bike and encountered one of the most famous lizard species on Earth?

3. Tasmania, Australia

Those looking for a real and unspoilt jungle should book their tickets to Tasmania right now. The Tasmanian National park offers innumerable opportunities to see animals in their natural habitat as well as to experience true nature up close. The Tasmanian devil is native to these parts as well, and you simply can’t miss the chance to meet it in real life.

Hiking lovers will be thrilled to know Tasmania is home to one of the most amazing hiking trails every hiker should walk. One such is the mesmerizing 3 Capes Walk Tour where you’re lead by an expert guide on a two-day hike to the most beautiful view you’ll ever see.

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4. Kenya, Africa

Everyone knows that the real action is in Africa. With unique natural habitats and unforgettable safaris, every nature and animal lover will get what they came for. If you want to go one step further, be sure to visit Ol Pejeta and Lewa Wildlife conservancies.

The animals here are well taken care of, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto the screen for the new live action Lion King. You’ll also get to interact with nature and animals more closely, as these places offer horseback outings to marvel at the animals of the savannah. While you’re in Africa, you may also want to stop by Sudan, as it is home to the last of the white rhinos on Earth.


As civilization progresses, it seems there will be less and fewer places like these which bring joy to our lives. Don’t be fooled by such a pessimistic attitude, as people will always find a way to preserve the most beautiful and sacred things that Mother Nature has to offer. It’s your job to honour those places by visiting them, but also by treating them with due respect.