Whenever you think of Australia, the first thing you think about is Sydney. However, for those of you that do not like to follow trends and go to the more obvious tourist destinations in Australia, why not think about a visit to Perth?

One of the best ways to get around Perth in style is by hiring a stretched limo. For one, limos are extremely affordable, the limo will be able to fit the entire family in a spacious and comfortable vehicle, and the number one limo service in Perth offers tours to just about anywhere you want to go.

Situated on the west coast of Australia, Perth is a fantastic mix of nature and urban lifestyle. It is a place that will not be top-heavy with tourists which allows you to explore what it has on offer in a more subtle manner.

Check out four of the most awesome things that you can do on your visit to Perth while travelling in a luxury limousine.

Enjoy Some Swan Valley Wine Tours

Swan Valley is widely known to be Australia’s premium wine-producing region, so while in Perth, why not head out for some tours of the very best wineries it has to offer? You could either grab a rental car and put together your very own wine tours in Perth, take a coach tour or do it in luxury by hiring limo wine tours in Swan Valley.

Allure Limousines for example, offers up some fantastic half and full-day tours that will let you see and taste the fantastic wine that is made in the region. They do say you should not drink and drive, so eliminate that risk by having your very own driver and spacious luxury car.

Hit All The Beaches Perth Has To Offer By Travelling In Style

One of the standout features of Perth is the number and quality of the beaches on offer. Covered in pearly white sand and looking out over some of the clearest blue waters you will see, the beaches in Perth are amazing. The best part is that because Perth is an isolated city in comparison to the likes of Sydney, the beaches are not always packed with tourists.

We recommend Cottesloe Beach, Mullaloo Beach, Scarborough Beach and City Beach. Those four should definitely be at the top of your list as you travel around Perth.

Cruise on the Swan River

When the weather is nice and it usually is in Perth, you should also consider jumping on a cruise down the Swan River. You will be able to take in an alternate view of the beauty that this city has to offer. From this glorious river, you will be able to take in views of the Bell Tower, Kings Park and many other points of interest in the city.

You will also find that most cruises will supply you with a bunch of other activities to enjoy. As well as having lunch or something to eat, you may even get to enjoy a bit of wine tasting which is sure to enhance the day out.

Visit the Fremantle Markets

The Fremantle Market is widely accepted as the best market in the whole of Australia. As well as providing shoppers with the ability to purchase some of the fine local produce, tourists will also be able to get their hands on some fabulous souvenirs, clothes, and other fantastic offerings.

Grab yourself some wonderful food, peruse the many products on offer and just marvel in the fact that you are walking through a market with more than 100 years of history. It should be noted that the market is only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Take-Away

Perth is one of Australias most beautiful cities and while Sydney will probably always attract more tourists, that is another reason you should consider Perth instead. If you do decide to visit Perth, then make sure you check out Allue Limousines for tours around the city.

You can view the sights and attractions easier, do not have to worry about crowds of people, and will be able to see what the city has to offer in a more relaxed way.