Although Bali is popular as the Island of Gods, it is also an Island of Weddings. Thanks to its superb scenery and exceptionally magical ambience, many couples select the area as a convenient wedding destination. But before leaving for the ceremony, there some things to have in mind besides beauty and nature. Hiring a wedding planner to organize your visit and bouquet here is a win and means a bespoke tour.

But the market offers a plethora of companies that make the decision process overwhelming. So, to make the most out of your trip easily ensure you select an officially registered agency with a big office in the centre of Bali. Perhaps, the company should be local and a member of the Bali Wedding Association, the only legal wedding association in Bali, to provide you with the best price and quality ration. With western management, it means your bride team gets world-class services. Below is more than you can expect to find and enjoy during the ceremony with the help of The Seven Agency.

Selecting the Venue

One most critical decision regarding having a perfect Bali wedding come in picking the venue. Many often opt for convenient locations and settle to exchanging vows in private villas. Off course, there are other favourite settings offered in case all you need is privacy and space while also catering for the party within the same place or near fitting all the guests. If you opt to work with a big agency, you will get hotter turns of hand-selected options including hotels, resorts, dramatic cliffs, commercial chapels, sandy beaches, jungles, and hidden caves among others. Everything will look good and match the dream event you desired to have in your lifetime.

Wedding Photography

Though it is sometimes easy to disremember after watching the inspiring Pinterest boards. Weddings ceremonies are bureaucratic, and some amount of memories is required especially if you tie the knot in Bali. There are usually two options for planning for a wedding on the Island of Gods. You can bring your photographer or go for the opportunity that the holiday package agency offers. The latter choice means you do not worry about booking in advance or dealing with inexperienced locals here. Well, no one blames a couple who decides to work with someone you know, but as you do things may not turn out well.

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Photographers working with the agency have a better understanding of the best locations. Besides, they understand all the conditions applied at the sites. You will never get disappointed by finding out the place is not accessible due to other Balinese ceremonies. So, the provision reduces the temptation to bring someone along when you get world-class photographers hired by your agency.

Wedding Decorations

Another hard to judge service during the banquet planning is the flowers and decorations. All gets back to couples depending on the taste, favourite colours and preferred flowers. And working with an agency means you control the issues of having cost escalations. Besides, you will get the fresh, and locally available tropical flowers, including the coconut, leave arches, standing flowers on the aisle and even flower petal and some chairs for the family and all attendees.

The Seven Agency services comes beyond what the internet says. And the team will offer the best and meet your wishes of a perfect and memorable dream Bali wedding.