Paris Workshop Wrap Up + Gallery!

WOW! All I can say is WOW! The Paris Natural Hair Academy was absolutely an amazing event. Organized by Bellebene and AK-A Events, the Paris Natural Hair Academy hosted over 200 Parisian naturalistas for a sunny afternoon cruise along the Seine river in the middle of the city. While Felicia Leatherwood presented her Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshop and attendees, we floated past iconic landmarks such as Notre Dame et the Eiffel Tower while soaking up valuable haircare knowledge and sunshine.

I had the opportunity to chat with many of the attendees (and film videos with them en Francais!) to discuss the natural hair movement in Paris and their natural hair journeys. One of the first persons I ended up chatting with was a stylist named Marc Clement, whose salon I had come across back in 2005 and became the one salon in Paris that I trusted to do my relaxers. When he introduced himself, I knew who he was immediately and told him that the last time I had seen him, he had been relaxing my coils rather than celebrating them! To hear him acknowledge the natural hair movement and express his desire to learn more about the innovations in natural hair techniques and processes, truly validated a large part of my trip back to France and showed how truly far reaching and widespread the naturaldom has become.

There was also a special surprise appearance by French Actrees Aissa Maiga who gave an inspirational talk charmed the audience with her wit and powerful words about the natural hair movement in France.

It was such a phenomenal experience to connect with these Parisian naturals about their hair and the conversation flowed freely between English and French sprinkled with lots of smiles and laugher. I loved loved loved meeting all of the Parisian bloggers in attendance, je suis ravie qu’on pouvait se rencontrer! Il faut qu’on garde contacte, ok!?

Photo par Paris Natural Hair Academy! (Le tien est bien mieux que le mien :D)

Shout out to the sponsors for pulling off such a magical event:, AK-A Events, Shea Moisture, and Jane Carter.

I’ll be posting a lot of my videos on YouTube and on the blog in the coming days, but I wanted to get a gallery up so you can check out all of the snaps from our first day in Paris–couldn’t have gone better!

300 NorCal Naturalistas Come Out for Sunday’s TextureTalk Event!

Yesterday naturals from all over Northern California came out in full force for TextureTalk- an afternoon of natural hair education and celebration.  In partnership with natural hair care brand Beautiful Textures, co-host Karen Byrd of Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog and myself welcomed the huge crowd to the Omni Hotel in San Francisco.  The afternoon consisted of mixing and mingling while snacking on an array of fruits and veggies before being treated to a dynamic expert Q&A panel featuring Charlene Bastien, co-founder of Beautiful Textures, Felicia Leatherwood, Beautiful Textures Brand Ambassador and Product Expert, Karen Byrd and myself.  The highly informative panel discussion featured insight and wisdom on:

  • Corporate hairstyling
  • What to look for when purchasing products (and we all learned that Beautiful Textures products actually come with cocktailing instructions to make it fool proof!  Very cool!)
  • How to prevent fairy knots (smooth a moisturizer over two-strand twists before unraveling, sleep on a satin pillow case or bonnet, and TRIM!)
  • How to deal with changes in hair texture with age
  • Maintaining a healthy scalp

Charlene Bastien of Beautiful Textures, Felicia Leatherwood, Karen Byrd of Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog, and Myself on the Expert Panel

After the hour-long presentation and panel discussion, 20 attendees received a one-on-one scalp analysis with Felicia while others connected with fellow attendees and  shopped the offerings of our fabulous vendors:

  • Andy Drew who has a line of stunningly sculptural accessories made from unique materials
  • Fatemeh’s Jewelry and Accessories who has a wide variety of earrings and hair jewelry (I even rocked a pair myself!)
  • Natural Girls United, which is Karen’s super cool business that offers a line of custom natural hair dolls any girl (or adult!) would be proud to own!

I was thrilled with the turnout, which brought together so many people I hadn’t seen in a long time as well as new friends alike!  Everyone was looking super stylish and I was proud to see the NorCal naturalistas step out and represent with fierce natural flyness!

As y’all know, I love getting dolled up for these events (dresses are my weakness).  TextureTalk was no different!  Here’s what I wore:

Dress my I'Me + nude heels! (remember those big fluffy pink earrings I've got?? Same designer! Love her stuff!)


Afro Pik earrings by Fatemeh's Jewelry and Accessories. I nabbed these right before the event doors opened! Sherbet Orange lipstick by DVA Cosmetics, a fun and colorful up and coming skincare line.


Belt buckle bangle by We Dream in Colour. I have a *thing* for belt buckle bracelets--they're just so awesome so when I saw this one We Dream in Colour hooked it up!

Everyone looked fabulous (can we talk about Felicia’s dope red earring!?!) and the event was absolutely wonderful!  It has been far far too long since I hosted a Bay Area meet up and I promise another one to come this summer!  Thanks to everyone for coming out—it was such a fun time! Huge thanks to my co-host Karen Byrd and our event partner Beautiful Textures for making such a wonderful event come to life!  For those of you who couldn’t make it, check out the full gallery to get in on the TextureTalk fun!


Please make sure to sign up for the Bay Area Naturals mailing list:

Save the Date: Bay Area Meet Up March 25th!

It’s been far far far too long since I’ve hosted a meet up on the West Coast and I’m thrilled to announce that in just three short weeks, we’ll be having some NorCal Naturalista fun hosted by myself and Karen of NaturallyBeautiful Hair Blog! The meet up is going down on Sunday March 25h from 2-6pm at The Omni Hotel in San Francisco (500 California Street).  Sponsored by Beautiful Textures, “Texture Talk” will feature:

  • Complimentary admission, healthy snack and goodie bags for all attendees
  • G-g-g-giveaways!
  • Q&A panel for you to answer any and all of your natural hair questions by we the hostesses and special guest, Beautiful Textures Brand Ambassador Felicia Leatherwood
  • Personal scalp health analyses by Felicia herself!  (spaces will be limited so stay tuned to learn how you can sign up for a slot!)
  • Cash bar if you feel so inclined!  (it’s always happy hour somewhere, right!?)

I’ve been at events all over the place these days and I’m really excited to bring it back home where it all got started!  Make sure to RSVP HERE to secure your space!  Yay!  See you all soon!!





Hi All!

Cass has been very very very busy these days and it’s all in the name of HAIR so don’t take my slowing of blog posts as a sign of me straying from the world of #naturalhair.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

I’ve actually been nose to the grindstone with the TextureMedia team in producing the biggest –and most badass– event the world of curl has ever seen!  It’s called ‘Texture on the Runway: a showcase of curls, kinks and waves‘ and it’s going down this Saturday February 11th in NYC.  It’s New York Fashion Week and rather than clothing and designers, we’re putting TEXTURED HAIR front and center on the catwalk.  We’ve got some of the best stylists in the industry putting their creative interpretations of texture.  We’ve been in the process of planning this event since this past September but things have really been climbing to a slow crescendo since the beginning of the year.  It’s actually been a dream of TextureMedia Prez Michelle Breyer for years and years and not only is it becoming a reality, but it’s becoming a reality in just SIX SHORT DAYS!!!


I just landed here in NYC this evening and I’m so excited to be here.  I think New Yorkers are especially excited for me to be here too because they are all screaming in the streets and cheering and honking their horns. I heard there’s also going to be a ticker tape parade for me, which is just so sweet and thoughtful!  I’m totes loving all this fanfare that’s come with my arrival!  

I’m probably not going to be doing a lot of writing while I’m here, but you never know—never say never–There’s always something exciting happening here.  But I am going to be doing a daily Production Log in which I’m going to doing a video about the exciting last days of production of the show— from the model casting, to meeting with the brands, to meeting with the volunteers and hanging with the TextureMedia staff and bloggers involved in the event.  I’ve already recorded a couple vids soooo….without further ado:



As I said, next up tomorrow are the final castings for all of the models. We’ve got 25 models total that will be hitting the catwalk and over the next few days they’re all going to be meeting their lead stylists–truly the first step of bringing this all to life!

As I mentioned in the videos, Texture on the Runway also has an online component to the production. Visit to see a really cool Twitter feed that will be streaming live from the event. Make sure to follow those of the TextureSquad (and of course ME! @naturalsblog) to get in on all of the live action. You should also follow the sponsoring brands and ask them questions because they’ve also been putting a ton of work and creativity in to their runway productions. Alright, that’s it for now! Cheerio!

Two Events. Two Days. Two Islands. Too much fun!

It has been a wonderful whirlwind of NATURAL HAIR LOVE down here in the Virgin Islands this weekend!!! We kicked things off of Saturday night in St. Thomas with a workshop/expo at the Windward Passage Hotel. The house was packed to standing room only as new and old naturals alike crowded in to learn about natural hair and have their chance to purchase products that are more difficult to find here on the islands.

I started off with a welcome to the crowd, telling them a little bit about Natural Selection and my natural hair journey. Then I passed over the mic to Felicia Leatherwood who did one of her signature, information-filled, Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Workshops. The audience came ready for information and spent the next hour and a half asking questions about their unique natural hair concerns. I thought it was particularly interesting to see the workshop take on a Caribbean vibe from the opening when the first question asked was how to maximize your products and extend their longevity in an expensive island economy where everything has to be imported (something many of us with a Walgreens or Target down the street don’t really have to worry about. The response by the was was to be conscious of how you use them or ask a manufacturers to purchase their goods in larger sizes or in bulk).

Felicia explains curl type to a rapt audience

After the workshop, we welcomed Rochelle Graham-Campbell aka. BlackOnyx77 from YouTube aka the founder of the Alikay Natural product line. Rochelle shared her story and many great tips on creating a regimen and her signature technique for locking moisture into the hair.

BlackOnyx explains her regimen and words of natural wisdom

After my closing remarks attendees were unleashed onto the expo floor to purchase products from a well-curated collection of natural hair brands: Jane Carter, Komaza, Shea Moisture, Huetiful, Zuresh, Afroveda, Darcy’s Botanicals, Kinky-Curly as well as a host of accessory producers.

Attendees scoping out the SheaMoisture goods

After an intense and action packed 5 hours of the event, we called it a night early only because we all knew we had to get up early to fly over to St. Croix and do it all again the next day.

I was probably the person in the group the most excited about our travel plans to St. Croix, which consisted of hopping in a teeny-weeny six-person plane! We arrived on the air field and walked right up to the plane and I immediately started gushing to the captain about how I just signed up for flight lessons blah blah blah and THEN he rocked my freaking socks by letting me sit in the cockpit with him! Sure it was a 20 minute flight, but it was my first time being so close to the action and I LOVED IT!

Cheesin in while riding shotgun

Living my dream! And YES that is a TangleTeezer that I seem to be clutching onto for dear life.

We landed in St. Croix and were whisked away to the event organizer’s – Denise of – parents’ home for a delicious home cooked meal. We feasted on fresh fish, bread fruit, rice, green fig salad, passion fruit juice, and the most massive avocados I’ve ever seen. After stuffing ourselves to our hearts’ content, it was siesta time. But truth be told, I uploaded pictures to Facebook when I should have been sleeping. Oh well.

And yes, I got seconds. (ok so it was 6 hours later, but I wanted all of this AGAIN)

The island of St. Croix is also stunning. It is noticeably less touristy than St. Thomas and our “touring” of this island has consisted of long drives through winding, lush, green hills from the tops of which you can peek out and see the aquamarine ocean. The vibe seems to be different here and I find it to be a refreshing change of pace from the hustle and bustle of St. Thomas.

View from the balcony of where I'm staying. ::::swoon::::

The St. Croix event was very much similar to the St. Thomas event in terms of how it flowed. I think everyone was a lot more relaxed and comfortable in knowing what to expect having just done it the night before (ok, well I was!!). My most memorable portions of the event are always talking to the people about their hair journeys and their questions in regard to their hair. I still have yet to make it through a natural hair event without someone asking me if I’m wearing a wig, a fact that always tickles me.

A Crucian audience member asks a whether or not she needs to retwist her hair every night (answer: NO)

Towards the end of the night, I noticed a woman with extremely long locs braiding another woman’s hair. I was once again, rocking my one-clip asymmetrical style and thought it might be cool to have the style a little bit longer so I asked her to put a few braids in as sort of a “natural” clip. I swore to myself I would never get cornrows again, but now I have seven of them hooking me up with a half-hawk sort of thing and I absolutely love it! They were done by a loctician/braider named Petra of Nat’ral Xpression. You will be hearing more about her on this blog so stay tuned because I saw some of her clients’ heads and I was thoroughly impressed with her skill and artistry.

Petra + Me. Cornrows weaseled their way back into my life and I don't hate it.

Overall, the feedback from the attendees of both events was 100% positive. This was the first time ever there had been any sort of gathering of the natural hair community in the Virgin Islands. The doubly sold-out events were yet again another testament to the strength and growth of the movement and to the fact that it’s happening all around the world.

I’ll be posting my full galleries of the events and trip + a video about the event in the next couple days or so, but I must retire now because we’re up early in the morning to fly back to St. Thomas (will I be in the cockpit again1!?!!??!?!?!?!?! zomg I can hardly wait!!!) and then, very very sadly, I fly back to Austin in the afternoon. I mean, I like Austin and all, but Austin ain’t surrounded by pristine beaches…ya know?

All in all: #USVI #naturalhair #ftw #gethere #illbeback

Internatural: Loving Your Hair in London

While I was in LA last weekend, a great natural hair event was taking place across the pond in the UK: Felicia Leatherwood’s Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Workshop!  Hundreds of ladies across the US have had the wonderful opportunity to take part in these inspirational and educational workshops, but this was the first time that Felicia had taken it overseas.  Miss Lukwesa of the UK curly site, Gidore, did a phenomenal post on the workshop and I asked if I could share it with you all.  And here you are, a check in with our British sisters!


Now you have to admit that the first thing you notice about a fellow curly is how good her locks look, followed by her curl type, then “Do I ask what she uses?” So that’s what was going down as we all gathered outside the Gem Bar in London waiting for the doors to open.

Inside, there were a number of booths showcasing brands such as Karen’s Body Beautiful, Shea Butter Cottage, AliKay Naturals and Adornement. The audience was warmed up with live music. Then came the highlight of the night.


Felicia welcomes the audience to the workshop


Felicia Leatherwood hit us with her indisputable knowledge and experience. The advice, product referrals, funny personal anecdotes and questions from the audience came thick and fast.

It’s all about a 6-step process: Shampoo, Condition, Deep Condition, Leave-In/Moisturise, Styling, Oil Scalp and finally Misting. Who would have thought that you start with applying shampoo directly to your scalp on dry hair, then add water, then work outwards along your hair shaft.


With every step came the products to use to achieve the best results for your hair. Jane Carter Solution, Curls, Komaza Care, Oyin Handmade… to name but a few.


Felicia picks the Viviscal winner


Invaluable insight from the best in the business! To round off this session, she hit us with a Test, well actually it was more of a game to check on our knowledge and what we’d learnt.


Finally, the chance to meet and chat with Felicia, as well as the rare opportunity to have your scalp scanned to check out your follicle state of health.

Scalp health


Scalp Zoomed in 1000X - Alopecia!


Angel Smith - Clean Bill of Health


Eavesdropping on some of the hair stories being told in the queue was fascinating as was listening-in as they sat in the hot seat under the scanner.


One-To-One Chat

“Cut out the fatty food”, “Don’t pull your hair so tight – You’re damaging your hairline”, “Too much grease on your scalp”, “Dry scalp”, “You’re dehydrated, drink more water”, “Too much build-up”, “Your scalp’s not getting enough oxygen” – There was nothing you could hide from The Lady!


Now this was the most revealing and touching part of the day. What I heard and saw made me realise that Felicia doesn’t just do and talk hair, she is a counselling service as well. Clicking away with my camera, I felt as if I was intruding in some very personal moments.


Precious Moments with Felicia

In the space of 2 minutes self-esteem, self-doubt, confusion and many other issues all came bubbling out. A number of times I witnessed eyes glazing as tears threatened just below the surface… Camera down, much too personal to capture! It was like being taken into the care of your Mum or best friend who knew exactly just how much you were hurting. The relief and smiles as they left the seat for the next attendee was wonderful to see.

There was the much-anticipated goody-bag: Kinky-Curly, Jane Carter Solution, Shea Butter Cottage, AliKay Naturals. Although it was nice to have several sachets of Sof’n’Free Conditioning Treatments, upon checking out the ingredients list I was suprised to see Mineral Oil as the SECOND ingredient. Sadly, I won’t be using this particular product.

Give-Away time brought much excitement, shrieks, screams and laughter. Most coveted Prize of the night… two Huetiful Steamers – Envy was all around!



So to round-off, the best pieces of advice from the night were (and goodness, there were so many to choose from)…

1. It’s all about how you feel about yourself. Felicia gets a lot of compliments about her hair and she doesn’t have any!

2. Condition, condition, moisturise, moisturise.

3. Co-Washing isn’t good for everyone.

4. Leave-In Conditioners are your best friend.

5. Make sure you use PURE oils. Check the ingredients. Ask the manufacturer.

6. Use Listerine, yes you read right, Listerine, to get rid of the that mildew odour in locks and braids (wish I’d known that 15 years ago!)

7. Colour – Use a specially formulated colour shampoo & conditioner. They’re more conditioning as colour dries your hair. Very Important!

8. Cider vinegar is a good trick to use to get rid of build-up. But rinse it out. Eau de vinegre is not a good fragrance !

9. Start with your diet. Water, water, water.

10. Trimming your hair? Go easy on your crown, it grows slower.

11. Get your hands on some Castor Oil to help hair growth along and help those fragile edges.

12. Losing your edges/hairline starts as a baby. Parents, ease up pulling your kids hair into tight plaits or bantu knots.

13. Creams are better in the winter, gel-based products in the summer to define and hold.

14. Transitioning with a mix of natural and relaxed hair. Use Curly sets with Flexirods or Curlformers.

15. Protein Treatments are not for everyone. Best for damage control, chemical, relaxers, stressed hair, shedding, colour, or breakage in natural hair.

16. Sort out your stress levels. Get rid of the man and kids for the day.

17. High Blood pressure and particular medication can mess with your hair.

18. Heat protect (creams) before blow-drying. Blow-dry once every two weeks.

19. Get over wanting long hair. Not everyone will get it.

20. Menopause & Pregnancy hairloss? Use a topical treatment called Ovation Cell Therapy (in a 3-pack), pricey, but Felicia swears by it!

21. Weaves: You don’t know what issues are going on underneath. Don’t be too quick too judge!

21. And finally…universal consensus on the day…”Come On Shea Moisture, the UK is waiting”. Give Gidore a call!

So there you have it: a wonderful wrap-up of a wonderful workshop! Be sure to keep your eye on the Loving Your Hair Workshop website to make sure you catch it when it comes to your neck of the woods! I personally have yet to experience it, but i absolutely can’t wait! Have you attended one of the workshops? What was your experience?

Soooo SoCal: Pictures From My Trip to LA

Ok, so there’s this unspoken rivalry between NorCal and SoCal…what the hell am I talking about— it’s totally spoken about and everyone knows about it. San Francisco and LA are always in the midst of duking it out over the title of the best city in Cali. Being from San Francisco where I wear pashminas year round and ride my bike everywhere around the hilly city breathing in fresh air, it’s always hard to coax me out of my NorCal roost to go sit in the land of traffic and smog. But for a weekend of natural hair fun, I was totally game. I was toting my camera around with me all weekend and wanted to share with you some highlights from the trip which included meeting some really exciting names in natural hair, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones! Here you go!

I’m kinda obsessed with my new Afrobella MAC Lip Gloss “All Of My Purple Life”…broke it out on this trip! Might buy another tube!

Met Wendi from Mixed Chicks (and her delightful husband and adorable daughter)

Curls and a view: driving with Michelle on Mullholland Drive

A building by one of my favorite architects: Frank Gehry in Downtown Los Angeles snapped on an afternoon stroll in the sun

Enjoyed a delish lunch at Bottega Louie with Shelley of Kinky Curly and Michelle of Where we proceeded to eat for the next three days. I spent a lot of time getting to know the dessert menu including:

Peach Melba….

…a smorgasbord of macaroons! Earl Grey! Pistachio! Salted Caramel! Oh My!

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Naturals Night Out is BACK- Saturday May 21st in San Francisco


Boy am I excited!  This time, we’re headed across the bay to San Francisco where we’ll spend an evening reveling in natural joy at Madusalon, a salon known throughout California as one of the best salons for curl care.   Madusalon will not only provide us with a great venue for the event, but also some serious hair care knowledge during their styling demonstrations as their staff is as equally dedicated to providing quality hair care as they are to educating their clients about healthy hair, best practices, and styling tips.

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve  partnered with the one and only JESSICURL for the event!  I’m not sure if I’m a bigger fan of Jess or her all-natural, well-crafted products, but good thing I don’t have to choose because they’ll both be sharing the Naturals Night Out spotlight.  That’s right!  Jess herself will be at the event to mingle with attendees, share information about Jessicurl products and answer any of your haircare questions.  A lesser known fact about Jess is that she’s also a radio DJ that LOVES world/afrobeat/reggae music and more…so she’s also concocting a special Naturals Night Out playlist from her collection!


And what’s a night out without a little sparkle and flair?  Miss Savona – who some of you may remember as a model from the last event – will be launching her new jewelry line Stella & Dot.  Her pieces are truly gorgeous and I can’t wait to take something home with me!  As our featured vendor for the evening she’ll have her line on display and will be taking orders.

All attendees will receive Jesscurl samples to take home with them.  But some lucky ones might win one of the product giveaways OR some gear.

My tshirt.

I’m in love with this shirt…and perhaps we’ll soon be twins! Speaking of— we’ll also be joined by a special guest: Megan from!

There will be champange.  There will be snacks. There will be sparkles. There will be all sorts of natural cheer. You won’t want to miss this!


Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door (cash only).  To pay in advance send a Paypal payment to To rsvp please send an email to OR fill out the form here

Madusalon is conveniently located near several San Francisco public transportation lines (the 24, 6, 7, 71, 21, 5 all run with in just a few blocks of the salon) and just 5 minutes from the highway if you’ll be driving.  Bonus points if you arrive by bike!!
View Larger Map

Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop me an email at cassadie [at] naturalselectionblog [dot] com!


Fierce Natural Hair Styles for the Weekend!

In honor of Naturals Night Out coming up tomorrow (wooooooo!!!!!!!), I wanted to do a post dedicated to fun, funky, and fresh natural hair styles for weekend, events, or whenever you feel like putting some sprinkles in your plain yogurt of life. Some of these are pictures, which you can just use as style inspiration, others are Youtube vids that come with tutorials of their own, either way, hope you get some good ideas for taking your natural up a notch!

First up we have Miss Camille, a fellow Bay Area Natural who’s going to be making a cameo at Naturals Night Out tomorrow. I loved this style because its a great way to change of twists if you’re wearing those as a protective style.


Weekends are made for letting loose, so why not let your hair loose too! I’m a huge fan of BIG HAIR DON’T CARE and here’s a step by step of how to get your hair to block people out of pictures. The basic gist is to stretch your hair, and then use fingers, comb, and water to fluff it out and give it shape. Love it! I’ve achieved a similar lookwith a blow dryer (and a grip of heat protectant), but that caused its own issues.


Miss Tarin Boone of NaturallyMeMedia had one of the flyest natural hair styles I’ve seen for the runway show at Fro Fashion Week. A lot of volume, a lot of texture, a lot of shape. Tarin FTW!!!!

Getting styled by Top ATL stylist Key Martin (Photo from Curt Chauncey Photography)


The Final Do. (Photo Credit: Curt Chaucey Photography)


Is that a french twist I see? Sure is. (Photo: Curt Chauncey Photography)


Thanks to Chai of Back to Curly for passing along this Youtube Channel because this girl KNOWS her natural hair styling.  I heart Bantu Knots because they are so dang dramatic.  Although they are perhaps the worst things in the world to sleep on, they are so so so dope.  AND then if they’re done well you can get the super cute Bantu Knot Out for fluffy curls!


Any other cute styles or pics you want to share? Post em in the comments or drop me an email!
Hope you all have fabulous weekends and if you’re in the Bay Area, I best be seeing you tomorrow at Naturals Night Out!!

Fro Fashion Week Wrap Up (lots of pix and vids!)

My feet are aching, my eyes are drooping, and my curls are frizzing,  but I can say that without a doubt I LOVED FRO FASHION WEEK. Tarin Boone, organizer of the event, really outdid herself with this event. Fro Fashion Week created a community of participants as diverse as our curls who came from all over the country with the common goal of celebrating our natural hair in all of its forms.

It was a truly beautiful experience and I am going back to San Francisco with many fond memories and new friends (not to mention a lot of samples!!) from the weekend.  One of my favorite highlights was a session in which a conference attendee did her big chop on stage.  I mean getting your big chop is scary, but doing it in front of a room-full of people, how terrifying, right!?


At Fro Fashion Week it was like having hundreds of friends support you with every single snip of a strand, telling you how amazing you look and how you’re making an amazing decision.  It was a really powerful moment (and yes there were a few tears in the house) for us all to share as Michelle started a new, natural life.

The end result! Beautiful isn't it??!!

I was not only inspired by the strength of the community, but the passion and creativity of those within the our natural family.  From Tarin’s visionary dedication to creating this event to amazing styles that I saw created by stylists and non-professionals alike to the mixtresses blending herbs and oils to nourish our strands, this was a phenomenal platform for all to share their talents.

Oh and what about the FASHION you say?  The last event of the event was a run way show displaying hair and clothing designs by local salons and designers and we all got to see some really innovative things in the natural hair world!

The bottom line is that I am leaving to go back home confident that fro’s are not just in fashion, but a permanent lifestyle shift.

Special thanks again to Komaza Care for sponsoring this trip to Fro Fashion Week and for providing samples of their wonderful Coconut Curl and Shea Lotions for attendees!  If you haven’t tried their stuff yet, it comes highly recommended from this frequent user!  They keep my coilies moisturized, defined, and happy!

Without further ado: the pix:

Kenyada of All Tressed Up hooking up a new curlfriend with some comb coils in the Beauty Lounge
Felecia Leatherwood tries out a faux-puff on an attendee for the “Esperanza” look
One of my new friends, Adrienne of Me, My Hair, and the City. We are life twins. It is awesome.
Amazing fro hawk, right??
Ken, Amanda, Nellie, and Brian of Huetiful (the steamer everyone wants/needs to get their hands on) pose at the Mix and Mingle Party

How gorgeous are these locs???

Chilling with one of the reps from The Damn Salon after the runway show. Great style and great hair.
A shot of the different textures seen around the workshops. My favorite place to sit was in the back of the rooms so I could look at everyones hair!
Living No Lye and Natural Selection

Models from The Damn Salon

My favorite thing I’m bringing home: Zip It’s were given to all attendees by sponsor Woman Can Do Everything. What’s a Zip It? Gets hair out of the sink drain!!!! Life changing I’m sure.

The Paparazzi in the front row of the runway sho

Models take their final walk down the runway. I NEED NEED NEED one of those crochet dresses.

Tarin and I after the runway show. Love this woman not to mention her awesome style!!

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