Beating the Texas Heat with a “Deep Leave In”

Three days into my stint here in Austin, my hair was just failing. My coils were crunchy, my ends scraggly, and everything upstairs was just feeling as dry as the desert that is the state of Texas. I could tell that none of my conditioners were up to the task of giving my coils the moisture they needed in 95+ degree heat. So last Wednesday night, I set out on a mission to revive and moisturize my curls.

I first shampooed with Qhemet Biologics Wheatgrass Cleaning Tea. Then I did a thorough detangling with Qhement Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee first using my Ouidad Double Detanlger Comb followed by my Tangle Teezer. After rinsing the Ghee out of my hair, I applied Bee Mines Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner. Because I had just did a super detangling job, it was really easy to work the thick deep treatment into my hair. Within minutes all of the product had been absorbed in my hair and my curls were looking really good. I decided to go take a stroll in the hot, Texas night to go get an ice cold beverage from the corner store while I let the conditioner work its magic. I came home with partially dry, highly moisturized, and super defined curls. For the first time since my trip to Austin, my hair was looking good, damn good.

In fact, SO good that I just decided to leave the deep conditioner in and be on my merry way. Good thing because it gave my hair the quenching moisture that it had been craving! My hair ended up staying moisturized for not just one, not two, but THREE days without adding any additional moisture to the mix! I was (and still am) super thrilled to finally crack the code to handling my coils in high temperatures and dry heat!

2 days post styling with a Deep Leave In and still rocking shiny defined coils!

A quick peek at the Bee Mine product site reveals that their Deep Conditioner “also provides some protection from damaging UV-A and UV-B rays and helps to restore shine and moisture to stressed hair.” Sun screen! Another benefit to using this product in super, sunny climates, especially for me who spent 3 days outdoors at a music festival. I also loved that the butters in this particular DC allowed me to use it without a styler and/or a sealer. Just one thick and creamy jar of goodness!

While I do think that deep conditioners may be too heavy for cooler and less dry climates, this is totally my jam while I’m down here and I’m so jazzed to have discovered the beauty of a Deep Leave-In! Not to mention, I love this product line and I love discovering new way of using the things I already know and enjoy!

Bedtime + Morning Routine Video!

In my last post I made reference to my “Bedtime Scrunchies” and you asked what in the world I was talking about! Fair enough. Soooo I made a video to explain to you all what I’m talking about and how I use them to maintain my wash’n’go style overnight without all of the smushing and tangling that normally comes with the territory. Here ya go!

Well…at least my hair looks good.

It may be the height of summer, but I’ve been battling strep throat over here. Yikes. I know. And there’s not much to do except for become one with my Netflix On-Demand account. Finally in a fit of cabin-fever/needing to stir up my usual three movie rotation on Saturday night, I spritzed my hair with Bee Mine Daily Moisturizing Sprits, grabbed my jar of Bee Mine Be Hold Curly Butter, turned on Lost in America, and got to braiding.

Because time was on my side, I braided the sections a little smaller than normal, but I think my entire head only took me about an hour.

Then around 9:30pm (my bedtime these days…), I tied a silk scarf around my head and went to bed in the infirmary (aka my bedroom). One thing I like to do is to at least make myself look good even if I don’t feel great. It’s like this placebo effect that kind of works for me. Kind of.

I applied a bit of the The Damn Salons Butter Moisturizing Butter before unbraiding each section to reduce frizz. The results: fierce.

I love this look, and have now been reminded that I LOVE braid outs! I think I prefer the bigness, the volume, and the texture of this style to twist outs.

So while I may not be in tip top shape over here, hopefully soon my body and will catch up with my hair.

I also want to send a special shout to my roommate Dylan who has not only been right by my side during this whole sickness, but also- with his own swollen tonsils- quite possible the root cause of the issue in the first place. (Defffff not ruling that one out) There’s been a lot of ups and downs in this whole ride, and certainly a complete lack of internet in our rooms, but what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger and I think we’ve certainly achieved that with this one. Hopefully, this will never happen again.

SO FINE: We’ve got a winner! Three actually…

Last night I sat at the kitchen table to read through the, ahem, sixty-four pages of haikus that you all entered into this giveaway and quickly became overwhelmed by the awesome effort that you all put into your poetry.  How in the WORLD could I choose just one???  I read a few to my roommate Ben, hoping he might help me out, but when he said, in all seriousness, “I think you should eliminate anyone that used the word FINE” I knew I was on my own on this one.

It was extremely difficult to pick a winner.  So much so that I wrote all of our lovely sponsors back and asked if we could hook up 2nd and 3rd place prizes too.  They willingly obliged and so I was tasked with the duty of narrowing 240 haikus down to three (not just 1)  ::phew::

To judge these haikus, I first made sure that the participants followed the rule of using the words SO FINE (and lots and lots didn’t, okurrrr).  Then I read each and every haiku looking at its flow/style/ creativity/humor/structure/rhyme/lack-of-rhyme.  I will say that there was a group that wrote theirs as 7-5-7 haikus because of a mistake I made in the original post and so those were not discounted.  However poems that were 6-7-4  (or some other non-haiku variation) WERE disqualified.

Let’s start with the two silver medalists that I chose [in no particular order].


Today my hair wants freedom.
So, fine, an afro.
Let the March winds blow it out!


Hair so fine, so free
I am loving what I see
Africa in me

-By Poppy

Congrats ladies, you have each one sample size of each of the three featured products: Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream, Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia, and Bee Mine Deja’s hair milk!!  Yippie hooray!

And in first place…drumroll por favor…. we have Jihan!!  Congratulations, you’ve got  full bottles of three of my fa-vo-rite moisturizers from Qhemet Biologics, Karen’s Body Beautiful, and Bee Mine coming your way!    I thought your haiku was creative and well written in terms of structure.  I liked the flow, and how you referenced the delicate nature of fine hair.  Everyone, read this one outloud and you’ll see what I mean. Good work and you’ll have to let us know how you like the goodies!

Hair. finely spun. silk.
fragile. handle with care please.
so fine. love mine. Hair.


I would be remiss to wrap up this contest without giving a shout out to the honorable mentions of the contest.  I’m sorry, I don’t have goodies for all of you, but I do want to spotlight your awesome haiku skills!

First of all, let me say WOW to Gail, Lori, and iusedtolovehim.  These ladies entered about 12  haikus each and have proven themselves as true haiku masters.  In it for the art as much as the sport they are!

Selections from Gaill:

TWA saves ca$h
Don’t sleep on my power naps
So Fine, penny wise.

Your straight hair does this,
and My “SO FINE” Kinks do that –
while Dave Chapelle, drums.

My coils are SO FINE,
How fine are they, did you say?
Paid the judge and clerk.


Some selections from Lori:

Dusky silhouette
Jives so fine to the rhythm


Qhemet and Karen
Ya’ll so fine, puh-leeze Bee Mine!
Wicked grin…poo-YA


i like ‘em kinky
so fine n’ hung doooown to there!
my men? Nah. My Hair…

From iusedtolovehim

My locs were so fine
but I think i’ve changed my mind
afro here I come


So fine were my locs
cascading long down my back
eight year long journey

[Editors note: send us a before and after pic!!]


And now single haikus and other poetry that people shared in the comments worth honorable mentions:

Curly, frizzy, that’s my hair
Pretty bold take a pic
So fine, but fly, it’s G6




Just combed out all my locs,
Hair SO FINE, it rocks!
Loving the natural life

Ashall Smith



Sapphire Smile
Mystic Divine
My Hair, So Fine

Blue Lilly’s Rise
Peach Cobbler Drizzling
My Hair, So Fine

Golden Gate Bridge
Today, I LIVE
No Longer in Hair Bondage

-Casarae L. Gibson



Big Curly Afro
Shines knowing it is So Fine
Friends Now With The Rain




this hair is all mine
every curly loop and vine
so strong yet so fine




My hair is fine
Just like me
My hair is chunky
Just like me
My hair is soft
Just like me
My hair is kinky
Just like me
My hair is sassy
Just like me
My her is fabulous
Just like me
But, my hair doesn’t make me
I make me




like cotton in spring
Thick but still so fine, all mine
sublime and strong fro

Mrs. Sugarpuff



Dryness issues that won’t end?
Stop the madness now
Moisture is a curl’s best friend!

So fine to behold
Kinky curls reach to the skies
Drinking nature’s gold




Cottony tendrils
Dense as the Amazon lush
So fine, fragile muse




So Fine So Divine
My hair smiles and laughs out loud
Join me and be free




“Dear Diary”

Hurt myself today:
Whipped my hair…. crashed into lamp.
Neck SO FINE, it snapped.



College curls are broke
So fine but a little dry
No moisture just hope




who are you to touch my hair?
I’m not your Barbie!



Thanks to ALL of you so much for participating.  Be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of SO FINE coming out on Wednesday!  Happy weekend, y’all!

Update on the SO FINE Contest

Originally I had planned to announced the winner of the SO FINE haiku contest today BUT I can’t.  I just can’t.

In the best way possible I am very much overwhelmed by this contest.  Y’all have absolutely,  completely, 100% blown me away with all of your submissions.  Currently there are well over 200 submissions and more are coming each day.  I really appreciate the work and thought you have put into these little haikus!!!  They’re wonderful!  What I’m trying to get at is that I’m still reading the veritable novel that has been left in the comments .  I love it though.  I really  do.  You have all been so creative and funny with your haikus!!!  Laugh out loud silly some of you are!

So what does that mean for you?  I’m extending the contest to Friday.  And I will announce the results then.  You’ll be fine. SO Fine, in fact.  Just a couple more days.

But for now I leave you with some haiku writing of my own, inspired by my current state of being:

Daylight savings time

Bobby pins poke through my



ok, you’re right.  This is a lot of fun, one more:

First braid out in for

-ever slash a treat.  How will

My Lola turn out??


Sorry, I lied, one more:

Oatmeal, apricots

And hair moisturizer.  My

True breakfast of champs!*

And thats it from this corner.  See you friday with the results!  Besos!


*I eat the oatmeal/fruit.   The moisturizer is for my hair.  Just want to be clear before someone hurts their digestive system…

SO FINE: These are a few of my fa-vor-ite moisturizers (GIVEAWAY!)

One of the main challenges with finding the perfect moisturizer when you have fine hair is finding one that both gives you the moisture you need, but doesn’t weigh your hair down and make it product-y.  It can be tough to be So Fine in a world filled with so many buttery, creamy concoctions that are just too heavy for our delicate strands.  I have found that the key is to find products that both pack a lot of slam in the moisture department but are light enough to not leave your head feeling like Slimer did the Dougie on top of it.  (Yikes!)

I find that my preferred moisturizers that fall into this category have one thing in common: good ol’ H2O sits at top of their ingredient lists.  Another thing that they have in common is that you can physically SEE how lightweight they are.  For example, look at the shea butter on the left of this picture, and the two lightweight moisturizers on the right.

See how the shea butter is totally opaque and putty-like, while the two moisturizers are more translucent?  That’s what we’re aiming for here.

Now in no particular order, there are three of my fa-vor-rite conditioners for So Fine hair

1. Bee Mine’s Deja’s Hair Milk—  This is like the Swiss Army knife of my moisturizer arsenal: I can use it in so many ways! Sometimes I like to use it as a leave in on damp hair beneath a styler, other times I like to use it as a quick daily moisturizing fix on dry hair, and others I just put it in alone, shake my head, and walk out the door!  Simple, versatile, moisturizing.

2. Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream—  This is the creamiest of the bunch, but to this day I am still amazed at how lightweight it is!  From the second you touch this stuff, you can feel that its consistency is light, almost whipped, and airy.  It’s got a light, refreshing scent and has great slip.  Qhemet also has a little jar of joy for those who have more porous hair and who can handle a bit of a heavier product, called Amla and Olive Heavy Cream. A little goes a hecka long way.

3. Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia-— Nectar of the gods INDEED: the stuff inside this black bottle makes my hair feel like cashmere.  I love to use it as a leave in; it just glides onto my hair after towel drying and plays very nicely with a wide variety of stylers and styles.

Now lucky ducky for one lucky reader, I’ve got some fantastic news: YOU CAN WIN ALL THREE OF THESE AND TRY THEM ON YOUR SO FINE SELF!!  Here’s what you have to do to enter to win:

1. Make sure you’re a subscriber to Natural Selection.  (see that little box beneath the logo that says subscribe?  Use it!)


2. Write a HAIKU in the comments about your hair.  What exactly is a haiku?  Its a poem that’s easy (and fun) to write.  Three lines.  The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, the third line has 5 syllables. Bam.  The catch: your haiku must include the words “SO FINE”.

Here’s my example:

Guuuuuuuuurl, look at your hair:

You SO FINE and you know it!

Moisturize me well.

See!  Easy as that!  I cannot cannot cannot WAIT to see what y’all come up with!  Winner will be chosen a week from today, so stay tuned!

A New Kid on the Block…well, kind of….

This week the lovely ladies over at Black Girl with Long Hair launched a new addition to the BGLH Family: The BGLH Marketplace!  This online store will be featuring favorites and newcomers alike in the product, jewelery, and apparel scene.  Currently the BGLH Marketplace is carrying 4 brands: BeeMine, Karen’s Body Beautiful, Koils by Nature, and Bon Bon Vie (with Oyin Handmade and Peace Images Jewelry joining in just a couple short weeks).

I am thrilled that BGLH is offering this one-stop shop, if not a little scared for my own personal finances (confession: I am one of those weirdos who knows their credit card number by heart making every online shopping experience gut wrenchingly impulsive).  While I have yet to try Koils by Nature, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Karen’s Body Beautiful, Bee Mine, and Oyin Handmade so with this trifecta holding down the fort, there are probably going to be some awesome brands to come.

To celebrate the launch of BGLH Marketplace, all readers are get a 10% off coupon!  Just enter the code BGLH2010 at the checkout.  So get over there and check out the goods! Happy shopping!!!

The Wrath of Winter Approaches…

No one wants to hear it, but its true: the leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter and soon enough the heavy jackets, boots, and scarves will emerge from their closets of hibernation.  That’s right, winter is about to get all up in our faces AND hair.  I received a letter from Mamajestly out of concern for taking care of her recently natural daughter’s hair during the winter.  And not just any winter, MINNESOTAN WINTER: snow, ice, and -55F windchill.  And like all of us naturals, there must be tweaks made to our natural hair regimens during the winter.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Natch Sel Staff,

As you know, I have a 7 year old daughter that has recently transitioned to rocking her natural. As we prepare for the upcoming winter season I am wondering how our daily hair care and protection routine may need to shift. Specifically,
1. Is there another option to spraying her hair every morning?  When the temperature is -10 degrees below zero, I do not think that it would be wise (or healthy) for her to walk outside with wet hair that will freeze within seconds of hitting the frigid air.
2. What sort of winter hair covering would you recommend?  Short of rockin’ a babushka (do you like the reference to An American Tail?) it doesn’t appear that her regular knit winter hat is going to do the trick.  Plus, I don’t think a frozen helmet, hat-head is going to be the best way for a 2nd grader to start her day.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
With kind regards,
I am,
Sincerely yours,
[Mother of a] Frozen Natural To Be

Are 2-Strand Twists Worth It?

This is a question I often struggle with.


  • Once they’re in, you don’t have to mess with your hair for a few days (with the exception of some light moisturizing)


  • They take 1-3 hours of straight up twisting time to put in.  Ugh.

So is it worth the back-end manual effort for a couple of days of not doing your hair?  I’ve decided that the answer is YES.  Why?  Twist Outs!

Twist outs, if well done, can be really effing cute.  (And if poorly executed, well that’s a whole different post).  And not only are they cute, but they’re versatile!  Usually I leave my twists outs pretty chunky, as in I don’t separate them too much, but today, I really went for separating the little pieces and the result is a super textured style with a lot of movement and shine!

Read on for a step by step on how I got this look!

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CURLabration Recap + Pictures

Oh my my was it a good time!!!  Last Saturday July 31st about 40 naturals from all over Northern California came together in San Francisco at Morac Restaurant and Lounge for an afternoon of celebrating our natural curls, coils, locs and more!  Products were swapped, hors d’oeuvres were enjoyed, tips and techniques were discussed, and, most importantly smiles and laughter were shared!  Long story short, we did as we do best in the Bay Area: we had a hella good time!

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of you that came out and attended the event.  Just as with the brunch in April, I am so moved by the experience of bringing together the natural community together!  I also want to say a major thank you to our sponsors Bee Mine, Qhemet Biologics, Thank God I’m Natural, and for donating products, books, and information for attendees to take home with them.

A few highlights I want to share:

  • The little ones!  Two young ladies under the age of ten (Jalia and Zahara) and one tiny lady (Nicole) who was not even walking yet shared in the afternoon fun!  While Jalia helped me select the winners of the giveaways, Zahara won a jar of Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Buttercream!  Very exciting for the whole family [as her mom, Roneka, won a TGIN book].
  • From afro-puffs to TWA’s to sister locs to cinnabuns to cornrows to lacefront wigs to ceasars to straight weaves to transitioners there was a huge diversity of  styles present!  The flyer said to “ROCK YOUR NATURAL” and these attendees certainly did!
  • My own personal take aways: 1. a SUPER cute pair of oversized black crochet earrings by Miss Fatemeh who may be starting her own Etsy store. (Of course I’ll be posting that info here when it happens) 2. AN AFRO PUFF OF MY VERY OWN.  I’ve been pining away for one of these like Christmas morning, but always thought my hair was too short.  Well, after an encouraging talking to by a couple of attendees…guess who has an afro puff today!  This girl.

    My first afro puff. This is the start of a beautiful relationship.

All in all, it was an extremely fun afternoon and I couldn’t have asked for a better time with better company.

So you wanna see the pictures?  Of course you do.  Pix after the jump!

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