W’n’G Styling Vid

For your visual learners, here’s a video of the process using DevaCurl Heaven in Hair:


  1. Where did you get the double detangler comb?

  2. Cassidy! Thanks for the video! I’m so happy to find a natural hair vlogger with the same texture and curl pattern as mine. I have a head full of supertiny, defined coils, but also it’s also super soft and manipulable. I love your hair cut! Did you get it cut at DevaCurl? I once had a similar cut from their salon in Soho. Totally miss it. I also bought a tub of Heaven in Hair. My stylist told me to only use a dime sized amount on my entire head, so I’ve never tried using more. Good to know it won’t look crazy if I do!

  3. Nice video. Thanks for sharing this post. :)

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