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  1. I found your site through Happy Girl Hair. I have 2 children both adopted from Ethiopia. My husband and I are not African…………… I have been on a steep learning curve about African hair – esp since we adopted.
    with Kaleb it has been easy because my husband cuts his hair and he looks super hansome with his hair short and likes it that way. He is turning 5 next month so as he gets older that might change …………maybe he will want a big fro!!

    our daughter – Berhanesh – is 3 1/2 yrs old and as her hair grows I am having more fun. she loves having longer curls but hates hates hates it when I detangle it.
    I have learned to do cornrows, yarn extensions, box braids etc…………….but I love her hair au natural.
    When I saw the pictures of your hair I thought that looks just like my daughter’s hair!!!

    So I am very interested to know how you detangle your hair and how often??
    What is the recipe for “Cherry Lola” treatment???

    What products do you use on your hair and when/how often??

    any help you can offer would be so appreciated.


    • Hi Coleene!

      Glad you stopped by! Would love to see pix of your little ones’ hair sometime…but in the meantime, the answers to your quesitons:

      1. Cherry Lola = 2 parts yogurt (plain, full fat), 1/2 part liquid amino acids (the brand I use is Braggs, which you can get at a natural foods store or online…), 1/2 part baking soda. Whip it all together so it gets light and fluffy. Leave it on for 10- 20 minutes beneath a shower cap and rinse out by pouring water from a container over the head, rather than using a shower head. I was truly impressed by the results!!!

      2. I ONLY finger detangle. I find that using a comb or a brush method ruins my curl pattern, which honestly isn’t prone to tangling. I do this in the shower when I co-wash once a week or every other week making sure that my hair is coated with a conditioner that gives good slip and try to get out any big snarls.

      3. Products: I wash once a week with a Poo Bar from Chagrin Valley (Coconut Milk) and co-wash about every other day with an all natural shampoo. (Right now I’m using Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle—cheap and good slip!) Then I apply a leave-in throughout my hair (Kinky Curly or Darcy Botanicals or just leave the conditioner in from my co-wash…). I usually just do a wash n go, so if I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll use some styling gel like Kinky Curly Curling Custard or Eco Styler, shake and go! To refresh the next day, I spritz with a mix of water, aloe gel, veggie glycerin, and a touch of oils…. let me know if you have any questions! feel free to email me @!


  2. Hi,

    I was looking on BGLH, and saw a link to your site, which I happen to love. I noticed that you mentioned the Bay Area, was going to have a Natural Hair Meet-up soon, like the one that occured in Chicago. Can you please, please, give me more information on this upcoming event. I would love to attend, to meet up with more of my natural sisters!

  3. Hi Cassadie! You responded to the question I had on We do have the same type hair and curls. Mine are a tad smaller though. How long have you been growing your hair?

    It is rare I see someone else with my texture and slinky curls. My fro is smaller in size. Now I have a visual picture of when my fro gets longer how it will look, yayyy you!

    What do you use? I have find herbal essence no frizzeness today conditioner is so excellent. I don’t use a lot of product because I don’t need it.

    What are your difficulties? Now as other naturals I think I have found someone to answer my questions because the similar hair! Can you tell I am excited lol! Please excuse it but when you can relate to someone else, any journey seems that more easily traveled!

    • Hi Dominique!

      I’m glad that my response on BGLH connected us! I was like— springy hair with shrinkage? That’s totally me! I started transitioning in November of 2008 and BC’ed in November 2009. So the hair on my head is about 18 months of growth. When I pull a curl from the back, it reaches to a little beneath my collar bone.

      I agree, I didn’t know this texture was a rarity, but I’m glad to have found another person with the same curl pattern too! :)

      I rock a full CG regimen and use mostly all-natural conditioners, leave-ins, and moisturizers (with the exception of my Suave Naturals Coconut Condish which I use for co-washes). I don’t spend a lot of time with products to get my curls defined, because that’s just kinda what they do. If I do use a styler for an absolutely NO frizz look, I prefer KCCC or Blended Cuties Down and Out Styles (which is a cream-based product and super moisturizing). Favorite brands are Qhemen, Karen’s Body Beautiful, and Aubrey Organics.

      I guess my main difficulty is doing protective styles (twists and braids) A. because they take too long and B. because having a tight curl pattern like ours means that our hair is intrinsically more fragile, so I’m nervous about all the pulling and tugging. I also find that even if I DO manage a twist out or a braid out, my hair wants to slink right back up into its normal shape within a day, so there’s really no sense in spending so much time doing them.

      Lets keep in touch! Email me @

  4. Hi,

    I saw you are from the DMV. A group of ladies from CurlyNikki are getting together June 5 from 2 PM – 4 PM. We will meet at Sankofa Cafe (2714 Georgia Avenue, NW, WDC) where Chris-Tia Donaldson, author of Thank God I’m Natural, will discuss hair care and her book. After, we hope to go shopping for hair goods and eating.

  5. Hi! My name is Curtissa. I saw that you are a member of the Naturally Beautiful and decided to check out your blog. I was surprised to see that another group of naturals got together in April. Is that group still active? My friend and I would love find out more about it.


  6. Hey girl it’s me CaliChik from Naturally Curly. I just wanted to let you know your blog is fly as hell and I re-added you to my blogroll. I had a mishap where my page got hacked and I lost a lot of posts and links. But anyway you are back on my list and I’d love to be placed on yours!

  7. Cassadie, I am trying to go natural and having a difficult time. I wore a relaxer for 25 years and have been wearing braids for 18 months. I have shoulder length hear with relaxer only on the ends now. My hair does not grow out of my head curly at all so I have been wetting it and braiding it at night, using some of the products mentioned on your site. I feel completely defeated in less than a week’s time. When my hair is wet, it is just wet; meaning it does not curl up. It is just large, and wet. From reading the site, it does not appear as though other women are having to braid at night, but I cannot be certain. And I am not feeling good about all the hair products being so close to my face – I am prone to breakouts. So, is this just a matter of being patient, and training the hair? Or am I going about this all wrong with the braiding at night? Or is it that some of us can’t go natural?

    Worn out in SF

  8. When are you having another bay area meetup, if any? I would like to attend!

  9. You are a rock so luv meeting you in Fresno ..with all the gang.DONNNNNNNNT STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You are a rock so luv meeting you in Fresno ..with all the gang.

    DONNNNNNNNT STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I am new to the area and I specialize in Natural hair care, I would like to get some insight on where to go to pass out flyers and get my services noticed to build clientele. I will appreciate any tips you may have. Thanks!


  12. I just want to tell you that I am just new to blogs and certainly liked your page. Likely I’m going to bookmark your website . You amazingly have wonderful stories. Thanks a lot for revealing your website page.

  13. Hello Cassidy,

    Mahogany Roots is the next best thing in natural hair care. Go check out the site. There is a full line of hair, skin and body products; all made with the best stuff from earth.

    La Tronda, CEO/Alchemist

  14. Hello Cassidy,

    It is a pleasure to know that natural hair women have something going on in the Bay Area. I have been searching high and low and online for a natural hair group to belong to other than BGLH which is in Chicago, and I can not get there any time soon. I notice Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago and New York had Natural Hair Conventions, Expos, And Meetups but nothing in Northern California. So I thought to myself, Bay Area has many natural hair sistas here, where are our conventions, Expos , and meetups. So I decided to search youtube maybe someone will mention a meetup or sometihing for us ladies in Northern California. I saw a video by cjanaew and saw Natural Selection there, clicked on it and now here I am. I was so excited that there was an event in 2010, so I am now looking forward to the next event. It is a blessing to have found this blog site, representing us ladies in the Bay Area with natural hair.
    Yaaay for Natural Selection

    • Hi Tenaya!

      Glad you found the site and got word of the upcoming event! I’ve added you to the invite list! Hope to see you at the event!!

  15. Hello Cassadie,

    I am looking for A loc model to demonstrate a few loc styles on and the service will be completely free. Since your blog is targeting the Bay Area natural hair community I was hoping you could take a look at the info below and I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me get the word out, as this project is time sensitive, thanks!

    ATTENTION BAY AREA!!! I’m feeling very inspired and need a female with locs that are at least shoulder to mid back length. I want to add more photos of loc styles to my portfolio. This will be a completely free service, you just have to be okay with taking some photos and having them used on ads, my photo album etc.
    If interested please send a photo of your locs to I will need to see photos of your locs in order to be considered for this project, thanks!
    Please call Sumayyah at 510-969-9226. Looking forward to working with you :-)

  16. Hi Cassadie,

    I hope you are well. Are there natural stylists/salons in the Bay Area you’d recommend ? I’m looking for someone to help me for my wedding day this summer.

    Thank you for your time!

  17. Have you ever tried curlformers? I would like to set my hair and use these to define my curls(possibly). Before I make the financial investment of $60 to by the whole kit I would like to have some feedback. Any and all appreciated~

  18. Hi Cassadie,
    I love your blog, I have been silently lurking it for a year now, I have learn quite a bit from it these past months and I am very much inspired.
    I would love to meet you some day , I also live in northern california, in the valley. Anyway keep up with the good work.
    By the way not to sound like I was invading your privacy, that dress you wore at the bay area natural reunion last month(april), where did you get it from?I really really like it, so is your style in general.
    PS: the “o” in my email is the number zero

    • Thanks for your note! The dress is from a vintage fair in sf. The vendor is named Donnaland and has tons of good stuff!

      So glad you’ve been enjoying natural selection! Hope to see you at an upcoming event!!

  19. Hi Cassadie,

    I luv your blog! What an intimate way to let us into your personal journey, life, and fam! I wanted to know where I could purchase the lovely earring you wore to the Curly Nikki event? Thanks!


  20. Hi my name is Helen, I live in the UK, I was wondering if there a catologue for me to order your product.

    Kind regards


  21. Hi
    Your hair is gorgeous. I have been natural for almost a year but my hair is so much work (tightly coiled). I have gone back to wearing wigs because I can’t find a natural hair stylist in the SF Bay Area. Trying to be patient. Just wanted to say thanks for your blog.

    Peace and blessings


  22. Hi Cassidy

    It was a pleasure meeting you today at the Gidore Hair Event. I love your hair it’s really stylish. I enjoy viewing your blog and youtube videos it’s very informative and interesting. Have a good time in Paris. Hope we can keep in touch x

  23. Hi Cassidy,

    I enjoy your blog a lot and your experiences has encouraged me on my hair care journey. For that, I say thanks.

    I’m about to graduate from nursing school and my husband and I are planning to move to SF to accept a job offer yet we are stumped as to neighborhoods to choose. Could you please be of assistant?

    We would like somewhere with a lot of culture, diversity, not too expensive, young and just really friendly. Also, what would you say the average cost of a one bedroom apartment is?


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  25. First I would like to start off by saying Hello and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. It has been great for me on my natural journey. 3yrs. Ok so i was checking Lola’s many hair journeys and came across your half Eagle cut and fell in love with it. I Reallllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy want this cut but is afraid my curl pattern is not right to maintain a cut like this. What is your curl pattern? I’m a 4b 4c.

  26. Cassidy, I absolutely love the cut you are wearing when you went to Europe. I would love to see more pics of that cut and your regimen for maintenance. Can you guide me as to where I can get that info. Love your journey. Michele

  27. Cassidy,
    Your blog is AMAZING!!! Your site was recommended to me yesterday from a friend telling me about the Minnesota event that you are headlining next Thursday! I’m hoping to get a few of my curlfriends together to come and support you!


  28. Hay hay Hay There
    who did your hair at Madusalon, I need to schedule a appt soon? And do you know of any natural shows coming to the bay area soon? I would surely love to go?

  29. Hi Cassidy,

    Do you have any SF/Bay Area recommendations for hair braiding or twisting? I realize there’s Madusalon and Hair Play, but just want to check out all the options before I settle on a place or person. I’m definitely fine to go to someone that isn’t as well known or doesn’t have their own shop as long as they’re reliable and reasonably priced.


  30. Hi Cassidy! I’ve moved to the Bay Area and I’m interested in getting the Deva Cut. Is there a place and/or stylist you would recommend?

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