5 Months Transitioning Check In With Stephanie

It’s been awhile since we last heard from Stephanie (a Brooklyn-based high schooler who won a contest back in July), but never fear my dears her transition is going wonderfully! She writes:

Things have been going and growing well with my hair lol! School has been taking up a majority of my time so I haven’t been doing many styles. Just detangle and bunning. The winter breezes have been taking a not so pleasant toll on my hair. Today, I attempted to do kinky twists and it was a major FAIL. I wasn’t sure how big I should do the sections and when I attempted a “kinky twist it looked weird and more of a coil than a twist. So I’ve given up and will try again on wednesday. Once I get the kinky twists in, I’ll be leaving them in til New Years. I haven’t tried many new products and my lovely hair milk is running out :(. All in all my hair is moving a long. I really feel like I’m ready to big chop but I think I might wait a couple more months.

Any advice for her you might have on those Kinky Twists? I am Senorita Fail when it comes to that sort of thing, so hopefully one of you might be able to steer her in the right direction there.

My big take away is that she wrote that in a couple months, she might be ready for the big chop! Wellllll how convenient that I’ll be there in a couple months! No pressure Stephanie, but Cass and Lola are kind of excited to welcome you into naturaldom! Of course, if you are ready, we’ll be there with bells on (and a camera or two…)

Stephanie did a great job of capturing some shots of her transitioning texture and it’s always fascinating to see the difference in relaxed and natural hair. The curls are looking so plump and vibrant so it’s great to see those coming in strong!

Northern Aggression

Since taking my braids out many people have asked me what my hair looks like now. Well, my dear blog readers, there are only two words to describe it: CIVIL WAR!

Since November of 2008, the Northern forces of natural hair have been gathering strength and growing their troops en masse while the Southern forces of relaxed hair have been rallying for secession from the Great Union of My Head. However, the Yankees on the North side of the very very vividly drawn line of demarcation are quite cognizant of the fact that they are not quite long enough on their own to truly fill out a set of braids and thus would like to retain their chemically altered country persons to the South. Continue reading

She's Come Undone

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, even with a good set of cornrows. Here’s a little peek at what goes on behind the braids…..

Ps—if youre having trouble loading this video from the main page, hit the permalink (or copy and paste this url http://naturalhairselection.blogspot.com/2009/08/shes-come-undone.html)

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