Loc Week: Help a Loc’ed Sister Out!

Specifically my 9-year old sister Skya. Skya JUST hit her one year loc-i-versary (yayyyyyyy! wooo! get it Sky!!!) and she’s come a long long way since she first started her locs last November.



THEN (November 2010)


THEN (November 2010)



It’s really amazing how much her locs have grown in the past year!  She started them as braids, but they’ve really beefed up and…well…loc’ed and its absolutely gorgeous!!

Thing is, she’s kind of hit that in-between phase where her locs are too long to stay out of her face and too short to pull it back. Continue reading

Loc Week: Bangin’ Holiday Bun by Chescaleigh

We’ve got our second styling tutorial by blogger/vlogger Chescaleigh! (Wasn’t that Faux-Shave Tutorial THE JAM!?!?!? This time she’s bringing us a super cute and super fly updo look for the holidays! Enjoy!

With the holidays right around the corner it’s time to start thinking of fun styles to wear to your office and family holiday parties. This bun is fast, easy, works on a variety of hair lengths and can be dressed up or down with a hair accessory. Check out this step by step photo tutorial to learn how to create a bangin’ holiday bun!

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Loc Week: Zue’s Fuchsia Hues (and violet and blonde)

I met Zue a couple weeks ago while in Seattle for the EcoGlamour event and swooned over her fuchsia, purple, and blond locs cut into a striking style. The blogger in me immediately began snapping pics and asking questions and it turns out that Miss Zue is a stylist herself! I asked her to share with us some of her expertise in coloring and how she created this unique and distinctive style!


Cassidy: In a word, your locs are totally awesome. Love the colors. How did you decide on this color scheme?

Zue: Thanks! Well, this decision was based on fun. I was ready for something bold and bright to contrast against Seattle’s fall weather.

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Loc Week: Faux-Shaved Style Tutorial by ChescaLeigh

Allo NaturalSelection naturalistas! I’ve got an exciting week of posts ALL ABOUT LOCS coming up for ya! I always seek to include all members of the natural community on this blog, but since I don’t personally have locs, loose natural hair tends to get a bit more love on the site. But not this week! I’ve reached out to some amazing contributors to share with us some LocTalk! My hope is that we with the loose hair can learn a thing or two from our loc’ers as well as give loc’ers a chance to learn new things about their own hair (and have a platform to share their unique natural journeys)!

Kicking things off is NYC-based blogger and vlogger Miss Franchesca Ramsey aka Chescaleigh with the fantastic Youtube Channel Chescalocs. I’ve long been an admirer of her blog because of her gorgeous and innovative loc styles and eye for design so I asked her to put together a couple tutorials for us here! I too have been eyeing the partial shaves and I love that this style that recreates the drama of the look without the commitment of the shave! Enjoy!

Faux-Shaved Style Tutorial

Major hair confession: I’m secretly obsessed with the half shaved hair look, but I’m way too chicken to do it! The style got major attention when Cassie boldly debuted it in 2009, but after seeing it on Natural Hair guru Chime “Hair Crush” Edwards (http://www.youtube.com/user/HairCrush) I knew I had to find a way to replicate this style with my locs. Check out my step by step photo tutorial to learn how you can rock this look without taking out the clippers!



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