A DIY Diva’s Guide to Beauty: recipes for beauty beverages

So much of our outside beauty relies on what we put inside it. When the work week is over and we’re jacked that the weekend’s come, we often forget to maintain our healthy lifestyle choices. Binging on cocktails and fried foods over the weekend can leave our skin looking lack-lustre and less than flawless.

To boost your outer beauty, I’ve designed a few tasty and effective beverages that will kick your skin back into shape.


There’s nothing better for your skin than giving yourself a little green cleanse. This blended recipe will give you nearly 50% of your daily Vitamin A and C intake, which will stimulate cellular turnover to give you brighter looking skin.

For this drink you will need the following items:

– 2 large apples
– 1 cup of kale
– 1 cup of spinach
– 2 stalks of celery
– 1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
– ¾ cup filtered water
– ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
– A blender

For best results, give your ingredients a thorough cleaning. You don’t want to be sucking back any dirt!

Core your apples and slice them up. Feel free to leave the skin on because it will be blended into your drink.

Cut up the rest of your ingredients into manageable pieces then add them and your apple to the blender. Blend on high for 3-5 minutes; it depends on how smooth or pulpy you like your drinks.

Pour in a glass and enjoy the high fiber benefits that will kickstart your metabolism and rejuvenate your skin.



Sometimes we need to give our body a little helping hand in absorbing nutrients. This next beverage will do just that.

Prepare the following items:

– 1 banana
– ¼ inch fresh ginger
– ½ cup mango
– ¼ cup freshly squeezed orange juice
– ¼ cup filtered water
– A blender

Peel your banana and ginger. Mince into small pieces before adding to the blender.

Cut up your mango and add it, along with the rest of your ingredients to the blender. Blend on high until it is nice and smooth.

The combination of ingredients in this smoothie are great for preventing future skin damage. On top of that, the high beta-carotene content gives your skin a natural, healthy glow.



Cut out you dehydrating cup of caffeine in the morning and replace it with this hydrating drink instead.

– 2 cups of hot water
– ½ teaspoon turmeric
– ½ teaspoon powdered ginger
– A pinch of cayenne pepper
– 5 drops of Stevia concentrate
– Half of a freshly squeezed lemon

Bring your water to a boil then add the remaining ingredients. If you don’t need the sweetness of Stevia just omit this from your recipe.

This warm beverage will not only stimulate your senses and wake you up, but will soothe skin inflammation. This is especially great for those suffering from acne because the ingredients listed help rid your body of acne-causing toxins.

Each of these beauty beverages is simple to make and relatively cheap. A much healthier alternative to sugar filled cocktails and hangovers; promise!

About Sabrina:Sabrina is a lover of spontaneous adventure, surfing the net and of course, all things skincare and beauty. To green her skincare routine she likes to come up with cheeky and cheap DIY’s like How to Tighten Pores Naturally

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Fly Natural: Traveling With Natural Hair!

This evening,  I’m hopping on a plane to head home to Minnesota for the weekend for my cousin’s graduation and so excited to spend time with the entire fam–the first time since MY graduation six years ago!  I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about FLYING with natural hair.  My hair is always always always as much of a consideration when prepping as packing for a trip.  I always like to deep condition before go and arrive with a fresh style, but not SO fresh that my hair is still wet on the plane. Truth is,  ya girl likes to get in the window seat and just passssss out.  And it’s a problem because you get on the plane looking all cute and then you land and your hair has this diagonal slope to it, which is especially embarrassing when you forget about it and strut off the jet way thinking you’re fly.  This is what happens in reality:



While I’ve got my own regimen and routine, I thought I’d pick the brain of a professional traveler who just happens to be a naturalista herself: Miss Evie Robinson of NomadnessTV.  Evie is great and is always bouncing around this great planet of ours and I deeply respect her dedication to seeing the world and connecting people from all different cultures.  She’s also got phenomenal hair, so I asked her to share with us her top five tips for traveling with natural hair.



1. Stock up. Bring as much of your products from home as possible, especially if you are traveling to a part of the world that you know it’s unavailable.

2. Make sure you have a daily moisturizer especially if in places with high heat indexes.

3. Look for local organic hair treatments. You never know what you may find abroad.

4. Understand that water in different countries varies, and may change the feel of your hair when washing and styling.

5. Keep it simple. The less you fuss with your hair, the better. Traveling is less about your hair and more about your experience there, so if it just means throwing your hair up in a ponytail, go for it and enjoy your time.

Well said, Miss Evie!  Well said!   I think point number 5 is especially key!  Your adventure is not the time to be dealing with figuring out how to do flat twists–gotta keep it simple!


As for me, I’m off to make my product picks and pack my bag for the weekend!  Stay tuned for a hello from the Midwest (I’m sure my sisters will want to say a quick hi)!

Be sure to check out NomadnessTV for a quick fix to satisfy your wanderlust.

Happy Friday, y’all!!



Loc Week: Bangin’ Holiday Bun by Chescaleigh

We’ve got our second styling tutorial by blogger/vlogger Chescaleigh! (Wasn’t that Faux-Shave Tutorial THE JAM!?!?!? This time she’s bringing us a super cute and super fly updo look for the holidays! Enjoy!

With the holidays right around the corner it’s time to start thinking of fun styles to wear to your office and family holiday parties. This bun is fast, easy, works on a variety of hair lengths and can be dressed up or down with a hair accessory. Check out this step by step photo tutorial to learn how to create a bangin’ holiday bun!

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Loc Week: Faux-Shaved Style Tutorial by ChescaLeigh

Allo NaturalSelection naturalistas! I’ve got an exciting week of posts ALL ABOUT LOCS coming up for ya! I always seek to include all members of the natural community on this blog, but since I don’t personally have locs, loose natural hair tends to get a bit more love on the site. But not this week! I’ve reached out to some amazing contributors to share with us some LocTalk! My hope is that we with the loose hair can learn a thing or two from our loc’ers as well as give loc’ers a chance to learn new things about their own hair (and have a platform to share their unique natural journeys)!

Kicking things off is NYC-based blogger and vlogger Miss Franchesca Ramsey aka Chescaleigh with the fantastic Youtube Channel Chescalocs. I’ve long been an admirer of her blog because of her gorgeous and innovative loc styles and eye for design so I asked her to put together a couple tutorials for us here! I too have been eyeing the partial shaves and I love that this style that recreates the drama of the look without the commitment of the shave! Enjoy!

Faux-Shaved Style Tutorial

Major hair confession: I’m secretly obsessed with the half shaved hair look, but I’m way too chicken to do it! The style got major attention when Cassie boldly debuted it in 2009, but after seeing it on Natural Hair guru Chime “Hair Crush” Edwards (http://www.youtube.com/user/HairCrush) I knew I had to find a way to replicate this style with my locs. Check out my step by step photo tutorial to learn how you can rock this look without taking out the clippers!



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