Wait, WHO launched a new natural hair product???!!!!!

During my day spent cruising the natural hair product aisle with, I had a grand ol’ time recommending a bunch of my favorite products to attendees. I was pretty impressed that of the 15 or so brands in the aisle, I had pretty much tried them all EXCEPT for one product, that I had never seen or heard of before.


At first I glazed over the product line, being like, okay so VIBE Magazine has a hair product line. Then it hit me: WAIT A SEC: VIBE MAGAZINE has a hair product line for naturals!

That’s like Vogue starting a line of haute couture gowns. Town & Country releasing a suite of adirondack chairs (or something equally home-y and preppy). Allure creating a line of lipsticks. Martha Stewart launching a line of home products…oh wait.

According to VibeVixen.com:

Our line doesn’t just have pretty packaging and a cute name, we really are different. All products contain coconut oil, argon oil, and olive oil and when combined, they create an amazing tri-complex blend of awesome-ness. “The oils are proportioned such that your hair receives the maximum benefit from each ingredient which offers a variety of benefits,” says VIBE Beauty Expert and VP & Global Creative Director Lindsay Ebbin.


I will admit that I’m totally intrigued, but also a little bit skeptical as it seems like yet another attempt trying to cash in on the natural hair movement, but I will not make any final judgements until I actually try the products themselves.

What do you think? Have you tried Vibe Natural Curl Therapy? Let us know!!

Meanwhile on Essence.com: My 7 Hairstyles in 2 Years!

I think I just got so jazzed about this feature that I forgot to post it here on NSB, which is too bad because it’s pretty cool!

Lemme tell you how it all came about.

As you know, I recently chopped my hair pretty darn short and the next day I woke up, looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. This lack of self-recognition, however, is a feeling I’ve gotten pretty used to, especially as I think back to my various styles I’ve had over the past few years…

The Asym…The Hatchback…The Damn Fade….

Wouldn’t it be cool, I thought, if I lined up all my different styles so I could see the evolution of my natural hair journey?

Well, that “wouldn’t it be cool” idea quickly became a “would ya look at that” gallery over on Essence.com!

Here’s a few of the slides!

Pretty dramatically different styles in there, aren’t there?

Check out the full gallery here!

Of course…ohhhh, of course of course of course, I look at this gallery and look at my short cropped ‘do and can only think “what’s next!?”

I guess it makes sense: I haven’t kept the same style for longer than 4 months at this point, so why start now? I have absolutely been loving the short hair, but my one complaint is that it grows too fast!

NATURAL NEWS: SheaMoisture Reveals At-Home Hair Color Line

Well this is just some of the coolest news I’ve heard from a product line in a while and if you read the title line, then you already know:

SheaMoisture just launched a line of HAIR COLOR

I’ve been a big fan of SheaMoisture for a long, long time. They’re easily accessible (Target, Walgreens), have a great price point (under $10) and have uncomplicated, wholly natural ingredients! Now the brand has released a new line called The Art of Color that boasts over 12 new hues ranging from Light Blonde to Dark Brown to Bright Auburn to Jet Black.


Like the hair care products, The Art of Color products were formulated without ammonia, a common, hair-damaging ingredient found in many at-home hair color kits, and are infused with natural ingredients such as Soy Protein, Organic Glycerin and Shea Butter! You can expect the permanent colors to provide complete grey coverage and lift 2 shades.

“We created the SheaMoisture Hair Color System in response to our customers asking for a healthier hair color option,” says SheaMoisture founder and CEO Richelieu Dennis. “We formulated our system to be ammonia-free, and added natural and certified organic ingredients to nourish the hair during the coloring process. We’ve also included three of our award-winning hair care products to ensure that your hair retains moisture and color stays true.”

Now my favorite part about these new products is the box artwork! Each box features an original watercolor painting by artist Michael Jamal, commissioned by SheaMoisture to depict each of the 12 new colors. SheaMoisture Creative Director Jewels Barron explains that for the brand “it was important to us to represent our community in a way that encompasses all of our individualism and beauty.” Barron adds, “I want women to see themselves in the hair color box art, not heavily Photoshopped and made-up models, who don’t speak to their uniqueness and personalities.”

I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a hair product before, but I want to make one into a poster for my home! Is that possible, SheaMoisture? Can you hook a girl up please? Kidding…wait, no I’m not at all. I want this as a poster.

Anywho, artwork aside–I’m really excited to see these on the shelves and scope all the beautiful, colorful results! The Art Of Color hair color system will be sold in 400 Targets around the country for $14.99.

TAKE ACTION: sign this petition against Afro discrimination!

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a good dose of unsavory marketing tactics used against black hair, but my friends it is BACK and with a vengeance!

Anya of IHeartMyHair sent me a link to a video from a hair show in Brazil in which a company, Cadiveu, selling Brazilian Keratin Treatments had attendees put on an Afro wig and hold a sign that says “Eu Preciso Cadiveu”.

Translation: “I need Cadiveu”  Translation: “I’ve got this big head of kinky hair on my head and I need me some Cadiveu to help make it glossy and beautiful!”

Say whaaaaa?


Luckily, people weren’t willing to really stay quiet on the matter and started slamming the Cadiveu Facebook page regarding the issue.  Eventually the page was taken down, which is good.


Cadiveu has yet to issue a formal apology, so dearest Anya has set up a petition and is hoping to get 5000 signatures to help make our voices heard and get an apology.  Interested in helping out?  Of course you are.  Sign the petition here!

***NOTE! The page is in Portuguese, but don’t let that scare you away- we gotta help our sisters out around the world! Scroll down the petition for the english translation and where you can sign in using FB or Twitter. If you want to type in your name, etc. Here’s the translation for that (I’m only translating the “required” fields)”:

NOME- name
SOBRENOME – last name
EMAIL – email address
ESCOLHA UMA SENHA – pick a password

And check out the below video explaining the sitch.


What are your thoughts? Was Cadiveu in the wrong or just doing an engaging marketing tactic?

It’s Official: Karen’s Body Beautiful Hits Target Shelves

Last year, I was so sad to hear the news that Karen’s Body Beautiful was shutting the doors on their Fort Green, Brooklyn shop. But when I heard, why I got over it. Quickly. Why? Because they were going to be focusing their efforts on making a debut at TARGET. A couple of days ago the KBB team announced that it’s official. Yes, my darling naturalistas, as of February you’ll be able to get you KBB fix from your local Targets!

aboutNaturals everywhere should rejoice that this awesome natural hair care brand will be available in cities near them! In an interview with Karen Tappin, KBB founder last year, Karen revealed that none of the ingredient lists would be changing simply because of the mass distribution, meaning that the quality we’ve come to depend on will remain the same. **PHEW**

I know I’ll be super thankful that if I’m ever in a natural hair pinch on the road, I’ll be able to swing through Target and pick up a bottle of Sweet Ambrosia (one of my fave moisturizers!).

NaturalSelectionBlog sends a huge congrats to Karen and the KBB Team!

This Pissed Me Off. And They Made Me Really Happy.

Welp, just when we thought we were going to stop seeing black hair in the headlines, Hampton University MBA program has banned locs. Stating that the locs were a hindrance to securing a corporate job, Dean Sid Credle made a decision that the business school would no longer allow students with locs to enroll in their programs.

I’m a firm believer that in order to break down these stereotypes and preconceptions about what is acceptable and what isn’t, we must make our own definition of what is acceptable rather than letting us be told what is acceptable for our own hair. Just as flight attendants are no longer told what they should weight, corporations should no longer dictate that a person’s natural hair is not suitable for the workplace. In my eyes, kept hair is kept hair is kept hair–no matter what the texture.

It’s truly unfortunate that this is coming from a historically black university, an institution that should be on the front lines of promoting equality in the work place. Instead this rule clearly upholds and supports the concept that black men should be treated differently.

Le sigh. Two steps forward. One step back. Get it together Hampton.

Now onto happier things, DON’T STYLISH NATURAL KIDS JUST MAKE YA SMILE!!!????

I was sent a picture of this little chica from my special set of eyes and ears in New Orleans.

Once I saw her, I gasped because not only is she the cutest little thing, but I’m pretty sure I own that exact outfit. In fact, I just remembered this post, so I’m positive I do.

Then there’s this little dude who is Senor So Fly. I dig his style. Nuf said.

On that note, happy weekend, y’all!!!

Karen’s Body Beautiful: Oh No! Oh YAY! OH HEY A GIVEAWAY!

I was super sad to get wind of the news that Brooklyn natural hair destination, Karen’s Body Beautiful Shop and Spa would be closing it’s doors. KBB is one of my favorite brands (last reviewed by Curly Guy Avery) and I’ve had the chance to visit the space a couple times and watch how it has evolved into a well-designed and serene space for naturals to shop and get pampered.

But for those of us not located in NYC, we’ve had to rely on the KBB website to get our doses of Sweet Ambrosia and Hair Nectar. Turns out most of us are not located in NYC because according to Karen, 90% of the brand’s revenue comes from it’s online sales. “The store had become more of a showroom than and actual store. People would come in to smell and test the products then go home and order them from there,” explains Karen Tappin, the owner and creator of Karen’s Body Beautiful. Not to mention, the brand has grown SO much that they’ve outgrown the kitchen. So it was with a tinge of sadness that Karen’s Body Beautiful will be shutting it’s doors on the Brooklyn store front.

However, closing the store means that the KBB team can focus on new exciting endeavors, such as mass retail distribution! “We’ve got the opportunity to go into larger retail stores such as Target and Wal-Mart,” said Tappin in reference to what the next step was for the brand. KBB on the ground at a store near all of us non-New Yorkers!? #YESPLEASE! More importantly, the high quality contents of those sexy black bottles are not going to be changing once we start seeing them on the shelves. “We’re not interested in cutting the bottom line and using cheaper ingredients,” explains Tappin, “we’re just going to be making bigger batches with more hands so all the ingredients will stay the same.”

The to-be-closed kitchen…

Karen’s Body Beautiful has also been host to several events, and local fans can still look forward to more where that came from as KBB still plans to host gatherings for its fans. Non-locals can also look forward to a Karen’s Body Beautiful World Tour, so stay tuned for details on when they’re coming to a city near you!

KBB isn’t planning on new releases, but that’s also because they just launched seven new products earlier this year. I haven’t had a chance to try them, but if they’re anything like the other awesomeness in the line, I’m sure they’re great. But here’s the question? Would YOU like to try them?? I bet you do! I’ve got a gift package of FIVE KBB GOODIES—some of them new and some of them OG’s— to give away from one lucky winner!  The Gift Pack  includes:

    • Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In Conditioner
    • Luscious Locks Hair Mask
    • Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment (pre-shampoo)
    • Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream
    • Hair Blossom Moisture Mist

If you’re interested in winning, make sure that you’re a fab of the Natural Selection Facebook Page and enter your details here:

Enter to Win!

* indicates required

Email Format

I’ll pick a winner next week!  Now while I’m on the subject of giveaways, I’m still taking entries for the lovely Ethiopian necklace giveaway!  So head over there to enter too!!

Dishing Natural Hair How To’s as a Nappturalite Guru

On Sunday I had the pleasure of joining the Nappturalite Radio Crew for a very fun “Ask the Nappturalite Gurus” radio segment.  Readers submitted their pressing questions through Facebook and Twitter and along with Adrienne Brown of Me, My Hair and The City we responded to listeners questions.

The main points we discussed where:

  • The how to’s of ACV rinsing and washing
  • How to pump up twists on fine, thin hair
  • Tips for dealing with an itchy scalp
  • Our favorite product brands

To check out the full radio show, visit the show page here.  Our Q&A segment is at 59:00.  The rest of the show as always is chock full of good info, especially with this week’s focus of on perfecting your blow out!  Such an important thing to learn how to properly do or else you risk damaging your natural hair beyond repair.


Three Natural Hair Mags To Watch

You’re a fan of reading blogs. I know this because you’re reading this one. Well, please allow me to share with you our online media cousins: web magazines! Here’s a round up of three that I’m digging right now.

Natural Hollywood Magazine

Published by stylist extraordinare Jennifer Lord, this magazine stands out for its stunning photography and editorial spreads. The hairstyles are unique and distinctive. Upon further examination, you’ll see that almost each and everyone of the styles were created by Jennifer herself! Awesome features to scope this issue are an interview with the Natural CEO, Miss Pam Jenkins of Koils By Nature and an eye candy-filled style spread featuring the Toronto Dancehall scene. To download your free copy visit www.naturalhollywood.com

Thirsty Roots Digital Magazine

Chances are if you attend an event in the south eastern part of the country, then Sharina and Calvin Hill of Thirsty Roots have been amongst the crowd snapping your picture and taking video. It’s no wonder then that this is digital mag is like natural hair people watching! I’ve always said that one of my favorite parts of going to hair events is seeing the creative styles that attendees rock. This magazine features some of the best of the best styles, the kind of stuff you wanted to get a good picture of, but either it was too dark or you were too shy to ask. Bonus: it’s chock full of haircare tips and styling techniques. Oh ok fine, and a picture of me too! Download your copy of this digital mag here: http://thirstyroots.com/ebook/

Natural Style Magazine

More community and lifestyle focused than the other two, Natural Style magazine features a variety articles on news, fashion, skincare, and events. Never fear though, it’s got the lots of natural hair styling tips and eye candy too! Ok ok ok, fine! I’m also in this one :) Check out the preview here.

S. African Woman Detained in Thailand for Smuggling Cocaine In Her Locs

A friend of mine just sent me a link to an article about a woman who was smuggling cocaine from South Africa to Thailand in her dreadlocks.  She used black yarn to conceal thin baggies and attached them to her head like they were locs.  She was stopped when authorities noticed suspicous powder on her head and when she was searched they found 1.5kg (!!!) of cocaine in her locs.   Here’s a video of her being detained and details on how she was hiding the substances in her hair.


Bags of cocaine concealed by wrapping black yarn around them


Cocaine in the white tubes on the table


People really do some crazy/novel/inventive things to smuggle drugs these days, like the guys who disguised cocaine as Manolo Blahniks (can you say literal shoe addiction?).  Unfortunately for us with thick hair that can conceal things (and you know you’ve lost a bobby pin or three in your hair too!), this is not good travel news and our hair is going to become subject to close scrutiny in security.

Just three days ago when flying back to Houston, I was stopped in security so that TSA could feel my hair and make sure I wasn’t hiding anything in Lola.  It was annoying and intrusive, but if you’ve been on an airplane in the past 10 years that’s just kind of how it is these days.  I’ve heard of it happening more and more as security measures become more strict.  But perhaps this is why…


What I find particularly vexing about this whole situation is that people are taking a part of our cultural identity and associating it with the drug trade and now many of us who have traveled down the road to natural are harmed by this.

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