We Are Onyx: unboxing video + review

We Are Onyx is the latest and greatest beauty product subscription service to hit the scene!  If you’re like me, you might be thinking “Okkaaaaaaay, but there are SO many out there–what makes this one different?”

I’ll tell ya: your monthly boxes are catered just to YOU!

When you sign up for We Are Onyx you are asked to create a beauty profile based on your hair type, skin tone and other preferences.  You are then matched with beauty experts including Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood, Skincare Specialist Dr. Mina Singh, Make Up Artis Extraordinare Eric J. Allen, and other hosts (who you’ll get to know in a lovely intro video) who have specific knowledge on their beauty product needs and are able to recommend products to you!


For example if you’ve got 3-C curls and very dark skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation, you’ll see expert tips from Felicia to recommend styling tips, Teju to hear about her skin expertise and Monet to talk about her favorite curl products.

We Are Onyx arrives in a gorgeous and colorful box (I kind of want to save it and reuse it!) and filled with sample size goodies.  In mine I got a whole bunch of new stuff as well as one of my most favorite products ever:

  • Hairveda Sitrinilla Deep Conditioner
  • Hairveda Red Tea Daily Moisturizer
  • Herban Clay Facial Bar
  • Shea Radiance Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
  • Herban Shae All Over Moisturizer
  • Komaza Care Coconut Hair Pudding


The sample sizes are perfect to test out for a couple uses and I’m really excited to give these newbies a whirl!  We Are Onyx costs $20 a month and you will be able to pick your own 4 products based on your expert recs and then We Are Onyx will send you a surprise rec along with them!

Cool stuff!  Check ’em out!

Oh and also—check out my unboxing vid. You know I love opening up new prezzies! :)


TOMORROW: Brown Girl Bliss! Half Day Passes + Scalp Consultations


Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

I can’t believe Brown Girl Bliss is already here!  The event is tomorrow, Saturday, October 13th and goes from 11am-7pm.  Check out the full schedule here!

Due to popular demand we’ve decided to release a limited amount of half day passes.  These half day passes to your day of Brown Girl Bliss include all of our afternoon sessions from 3pm onward including

  • Felicia Leatherwood’s Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshop
  • Hipline Dance Studio’s Brown Girl Shimmy Pop
  • Brown Girl Couture: a fashion show by EVarize and Sway Boutique followed by “Fall Into Fall” a presentation by stylist Amber Aaron
  • Food + Wine with Stephen Satterfield of San Francisco’s NOPA
Half day ticket holders will also receive a goodie bag.  Half Day Passes are $25 in advance $30 at the door, so you might as well save your self a few bucks and buy your ticket now!
For those who have FULL DAY PASSES, you’ve still got a lot of awesome things coming your way including the chance to win one of three Lululemon outfits ($200) value and a one-on-one scalp+hair consultation with Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood!  If you’re still on the fence, we’re running a $10 off ticket sale between 9am – 12pm!  So your Full Day Ticket to Bliss will just be $40 if you buy between those times!
We’ve got an amazing line up of presenters!  A full lunch catered by Apothocurious!  And some truly, truly enviable giveaways including
  • Brownness Series T-Shirts
  • Lululemon outfits
  • Bodyshop Gift Baskets
  • CorePower Class Passes
  • Funky Buttons Earrings
  • A night out of beauty and pampering with Kiehl’s
  • Bare essentials make-upShea Moisture products
  • Pedicure kit
  • Rodan and fields gift basket
  • Juniper tree soaps
Awesome goodies right!??!?!??!?!?!
For those of you who have never done yoga or been in a dance class before—this is your chance to do it in one of the most comfortable and supportive environments, surrounded by a bunch of friendly faces and wonderful instructors!  Even if you don’t have a yoga mat, we’ll have some on sale for $15 at the venue so you don’t have to worry about that!
In addition to the yoga by BodaBodaYoga, I’m super hyped about all of the sessions! We’ve really got some great things coming up for you including:
  • A Fashion Show by EVarize and Sway Boutique followed by a styling presentation called “Fall Into Fall” with stylist Amber Aaron
  • Trends in Sexuality with Nenna Joiner of Feelmore510
  • Brown Girl Shimmy Pop with Hipline Dance Studio
  • A skincare demo by Rodan+Fields
  • Feed Your Soul with Diana Rodriguez
  • Food + Wine discussion with Stephen Satterfield
Brown Girl Bliss is geared towards just relaxing, learning, and blissing out and promised to be a truly special one-of-a-kind day.  I can’t wait to see you there!

Gel Nail Polish: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & The Horrific.

Right before heading to Europe at the end of March, I decided to get my first manicure using gel polish.  I had heard many a story about how delightfully long-lasting the polish was and since I was going to be traveling for about three weeks, it seemed like the perfect idea.  Since then, I’ve gained first hand (and ten fingers) worth of experience in the gel game.  Here’s my rundown:

THE GOOD: Zero chipping for days and days and days and days and days and days x 21

As soon, and I mean AS SOON, as your nails are done they are dry.  Totally, 100% and completely dry.  You can reach into your purse to pay and accidentally jam your index finger into your keys without flinching.  You can open boxes without smearing.  You can cook!  You can clean! AND THERE WILL BE NO CHIPPING!  It’s complete and utter liberation in the form of high-gloss, candy-colored digits.

A fresh gel mani

One week later: still no chipping!

Two weeks later: still no chipping!

Three weeks: aside from the growth from the cuticle there is not a dent, chip or flake in sight.  The manicure looks as fresh as the day it was done.

My three week old gel polish mani...other than the growth at the cuticle level--no chipping!

THE BAD: no #nailart

While we’ve seen an explosion of nail art, unfortunately you can’t achieve those awesome graphic designs with gel polish.  At least at my local nail shop they can’t make that happen.  I had dreams of a gunmetal gray with french black tips or eggplant with a reverse glitter ombre design dancing in my head, but I was brutally shut down by the manicurists.  Womp womp.  I ended up working around single-hued digits by adding an accent nail to each hand for some intrigue.

Tangerine polish with yellow accent nails

THE UGLY:  the removal

When it’s time for gel polish to come off, you have to get it removed professionally.  First the nails are soaked so that the polish lifts off.  Then the manicurist takes a tool to scrape the paint from your nails.  This process left a lot of unsightly divits and scraping on the surface of my nails.  After a couple days, my nails had for the most part returned to normal, but I still didn’t love all of the scraping and chiseling required to remove the polish. Oh, and you have to pay for the removal.  Which I’m fine with but it just means that from start to finish I ended up paying about $35 for the mani, which was a bit steep for my liking.

THE HORRIFIC: my nails are mangled.

This past weekend, I removed my second set of gel polish and was absolutely appalled to discover what I found beneath.  My nails, which are normally extremely strong and healthy,  were cracked and flaking.  My entire thumbnail is like a freaking Post-It pad with layers coming right off.  I’ve never seen anything  like it!  No one else should have to see anything like this—it’s extremely unsightly and I’m totally ashamed of what my nails look like.  I know that the damage will grow out (sheesh! sounds like we’re talking about relaxers over here!), but until then I have to figure out how to deal with this:

The current state of my nails.

Le sigh.

THE VERDICT: I’ll probably do it again.

Oh, I know.  Why in the world would I subject my poor nails to gel polish ever again?  The three weeks of chip-free glory are, well, glorious!  Not only was I not at all worried about my polish coming off, but I was constantly getting compliments on them.  I think the next time I do it, I will not keep the polish on for a long time and will wait  longer duration between gel polish manicures in an effort to mitigate any potential damage.  Until then, I’m going to stick with simple polishes and wait for my nails to grow back to health.  The upside: at least now I have an excuse to get into some serious nail art!

Using scotch tape to create geometric designs


Accent nails with regular polish

Reinforcement labels (yes, like those found in the office) to create polish stencils

Have you had gel polish manicures before?  What has your experience been? Share in the comments!


Back in San Francisco part 1: NARS dishes on make up trends + my gallery debut

Right before leaving for Minnesota I had a pretty full week of exciting happenings in the beauty, fashion, and art worlds I wanted to catch you up on. Here’s a run down:


I nabbed a seat at a Nordstrom NARS make up event featuring live demos of how NARS artistic directors set the trends at Fashion Week in February. It was awesome to see how many of the make up trends I’ve been seeing had originated on the NARS runways of Thakoon, Marc Jacobs, and Rodarte just a few months ago in NYC.

NARS looks from the NYFW runways

A NARS model

While NARS superstar make up artists Janice Daoud and Hank Hoffman gushed over the bold lip and minimal eye, I had my own agenda to pursue: how to do the exact opposite with a bold eye and a nude lip. While I’m always rocking a bold lip in red, orange or burgundy or purple, I’ve never mastered the nude lip. A sheer, pale, demure lip with a dramatic bold eye has been high on my list of things to accomplish so I had the NARS artists walk me through the steps to get there. Here’s how we did it:

  • Start with a huge dramatic sweep of liquid black liner on the top lid, extending the line at a 45 degree angle from the outside corner far beyond the point where you think is ok.  Think: Amy Winehouse (RIP).
  • Using a deep black shadow, retrace the black liner, thickening and softening the hard line.
  • Once you have your desired fill, use remover and a q-tip to shape the cat eye and bring it closer to the corner.  Think: remove 50% of the the Amy Winehouse (RIP) swoop.
  • On the lip, use a pale gold gloss to knock out some of the natural lip color, creating a fresh palette.
  • On top, layer a sheer, nude gloss to finish the look!

I dug the final look.  “THIS is the way to do vintage…a little messy…you never want to be too literal,” explained the NARS mua.  I can’t wait to play with this one, using variations of color especially on the eyes, this summer!

My liner before roughing up with shadow


Posing with Qiana for my final look


The color chart for my final look...see the dramatic eye??

Here are also a few of the hottest trends and tips Janice and Hank shared with us during the event:

  • The hottest lip color right NOW NOW NOW is red orange.  I actually picked this up from NARS a couple months ago and have been LOVING it.  Check it:
  • Use a nude liner on your inner bottom lid to open and brighten a lined eye
  • The strong brow is here to stay!  You heard it here first!
  • Opt for tinted moisturizers over a full foundation.  “It’s like bare skin, but better!”  Layer a shimmer on top for a full illumination and glow!
  • “When in doubt, French it out!”  This was in reference to how to pronounce the product names in the NARS line, many of which are French.   I just thought that it was a good life motto and wanted to share!

Janice Daoud and Hank Hoffman of NARS


The Critical Mass photo show opening went down last Thursday and was welcomed by a huge crowd. My picture, taken by the one and only Miss Gab Herman, was hanging front and center in front of the entry way so there was no missing it! Even funnier was that people kept coming up to me and asking if I was the blogger in the picture….”sure am!!”.

A highlight from the evening was having the event photographer take a picture of the photographer gab taking a picture of me standing next to the picture she had taken of me. Mind blown? I know. #meta




Stay tuned for my second Back in San Francisco post where I talk about the beautiful intersection of trash and beauty as well as the latest fashion innovation that I’m concerned with be the end of me…………….

Always a bridesmaid…now what to do with Lola?!

Well it’s finally started to happen, my friends are starting to get betrothed. I always knew this day would come and this upcoming summer, not only do I have two weddings, but I’m [honored to be] IN both of them! Yay! Two of my best friends are getting married in Minneapolis, respectively in June and July. I’ve been in cahoots with both of them as all of the details have been arranged: from their dresses (amazing) to the venues (top notch) to the bridesmaids dresses (gorge), all of the planning has gone super smoothly.

That is, until the question of wedding hair came up. Suffice it to say that considering this blog and the job and past natural hair traumas and all that I’ve learned about natural hair care over the past couple years that I am tier one picky with my hair. Not just how it looks, but in terms of who is doing the styling. We all know how much I love my stylist Marie, but the feasibility of me swooping her to Minnesota for two weekends is pretty minimal. As a result, I’m left with two choices: do my own hair or let the stylists selected by the brides handle Lola. Sure I could do my own hair, but the first wedding is black tie only, and to match my  gown, I would honestly like to do something a bit fancier for the big day!

Me trying on gown #1. You can see the full thing in June. Obvi.

Lauren, bride numero uno, selected Thomas Charles Salon to handle all of the bridal party’s hair. (Sidenote, this is the same salon where I got my very first hair cut as an 8 year old because one of the stylists was my grandmother’s good friend. They don’t specialize in black hair, but at this point I was heavy into hot combing and/or Just For Me relaxers so it worked.)

Hopping right on the wagon, I got right on the salon’s website and saw to my delight that they carry Deva products! Could it be that with my good fortune we HAPPENED to be going to a Deva salon!? Oh Glorious joyous joy what luck!! Just to confirm, I got on the phone and rang up the salon, explaining the situation. They connected me to the stylist handling the bridal party and I was disappointed to find out that despite carrying Deva products, they were not in fact a Deva certified salon…womp womp.


The stylist took a look at my blog, checked out Lola, and said “Look, Cass, I think you’ve got gorgeous hair and I really don’t want to fake it til I make it, so I don’t think I should do your hair. BUT I’ve done some research and I’ve found a Deva salon who I think you can connect with.”

Um, thank you! THANK YOU! How many heads of curls could be saved in the world if a stylist admitted to not knowing how to style it properly. Seriously, the honesty and the gesture couldn’t be more appreciated. I followed her referral and within a couple days, I found myself emailing with the manager of E42 Salon. E42 is a a Deva certified salon that LOVES curls and was SO excited about working with Lola for the wedding.  We’ve had some great email exchanges–they. get. curls.  Nothing makes me happier!

Even better, the stylists at Thomas Charles Salon agreed to have the E42 stylist style me there so that I wouldn’t miss out on the fun girly-getting-ready-time with the other nine (!!!!!) bridesmaids and the bride!

In the coming weeks, E42 is going to be sending over some style ideas and I will certainly be keeping you in the loop with what we’re thinking. I’m excited to see what they come up with, especially considering Lola’s asymmetrical cut is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Me and Lauren on her bachlorette adventure two weekends ago

Me and Katherine last winter

Looking forward to seeing what E42 comes up so we can start hashing things out for Katherine’s wedding in July!

Summer bridal season–here we come!

Beauty Goodies Galore!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! My April Birchbox arrived! It’s been six months and I am TOTALLY still digging my the awesome beauty delivery service! I turn into such a squeaky geek when the boxes arrive and rip open the packaging to dig into my beauty spoils. This time around, my Nana was in my presence when I opened the box and shared in on my utter delight…so I was inspired…to create a video showing ya the goods! Welp, I think you know where we’re going from here:

[Editor’s Note: After filming this video, I got an email from Birchbox (to all of their customers I assume) apologizing for the fact that I may have received samples that were beyond their expiration date. Specifically, the Be Fine SPF 15 moisturizer. I checked and sure enough I had received one of the faulty samples. I’m no longer using it and glad I only roasted in the sun for a day (although I’m peeved I did a LOT of roasting that one day), but this perhaps explains the weird consistency of the product I was talking about in the video. I will say that I do appreciate A. that Birchbox sent out the emails just a day after the products arrived and B. gave me an extra 100 points to my account for the flub. How’s that for customer servico!]

If you’re interested in signing up for Birchbox and getting down with the beauty get down, visit this link here!

Parisian Style Hunting with French Blogger Fatou

One of the best parts about the London and Paris events was that it allowed me to connect and make friends with the local naturalistas. The girls were all SUPER nice and a few of them even offered to take me around the city and show me some of their local favorite spots for shopping, hair, and beauty. Fatou of BlackBeautyBag.com offered up a day of vintage shopping and lunch to which is said an immediate OUI! MERCI!

I met her at the Etienne Marcel metro stop in the 1eme arrondissment – a very chic quartier right in the middle of Paris filled with cafes and boutiques. After greeting each other in the with the typical French two-cheek bisous, we wound our way through the streets, Fatou in her stilettos impressive not just for their height, but also because we were walking on century old cobblestones-a skill Parisian women have artfully mastered. We reached our destination, a fabulous store filled with funky chic vintage tops, skirts, dresses, and pants. I scoured the racks taking it all in, while Fatou lost herself in the skirt section pulling out some really awesome multi-colored print options for herself. We both ended up settling on a couple skirts, mine a pleated version reminiscent of the 1980’s track suits with gold chains all over them (can’t believe that print is coming back!)

Afterwards, we checked out another vintage store, this one a little pricier. I set out to find something in the sherbert orange hue that’s popping up all over the place this spring, which Pantone has labeled Tangerine Tango and also happens to be the color of the year. I’m all for it–looks great on chocolate skin!

Finally we found ourselves a tad hungry and settled on a cafe situated on an idyllic street filled with pedestrians and bikers and perched ourselves in a prime outdoor location for sunning and people watching. Over a lunch of pizza and rose wine, we chatted about life as a beauty blogger in Paris. Fatou’s blog, BlackBeautyBag, is one of the first French blogs dedicated to black beauty and has a ton of great content geared to fashion, make up, and of course hair. Her gorgeous thick fro is definitely noteworthy and she rocks it with such elegant grace in a wide variety of styles from twist outs to a blow-out fro-out.

After filling our bellies, we headed back towards the metro to a make up shop called Black Up that I had seen upon arriving. Black Up, is as you can probably guessed, make up geared towards black skin (get it!? get it?!). The chic and shiny interior is filled with brown skinned models (with a noticeable lack of natural hair) and a full range of products from foundations to lip glosses to parfum (which I LOVED). I was immediately whisked into the make up chair and received a full Black Up make over! I loved how they used a turquoise eye pencil to subtly match my I’Me earrings and while I walked out of there wearing more make up than I normally would, it looked effing HAUTE! The foundation was light and didn’t break me out, while the colors were bold enough to stand out on my skin. I’m a fan and hope to see more of this line in the states (but again, with more #naturalhair representation).



If you’re in Paris, stay tuned to Fatou’s blog for info on the event she’s having at Black Up this week.
All in all, a great day of beauty blogging with one of Paris’ best!

Guest Post: Skincare Essentials from an Expert

If you’re like me you’re aware that skincare is a crucial part of any beauty regimen, but you might be lost on the products and details. Today’s Guest Post comes from NYC-based naturalista and skincare specialist Lenore! Read on for her three-part skin care checklist!

When you are a make-up junkie like myself, you’ll pretty much try anything once. Sometimes you will shock yourself at how much you actually spend just to have that bright magenta lipstick, the best smudge proof eyeliner, or the newest sun kissed bronzer that will make you glow like Jennifer Lopez.

One of my fellow makeup junkies went to Sephora and her bill came to $104 for only 3 items; 2 of which were only lip glosses! For a moment, even I thought she was crazy. Did she get a year supply? I hope she got free gifts. “But they were YSL!” she exclaimed. Of course if we spend more money for luxury brands, we expect high quality products.

There’s much that goes into beauty these days. But how much are we actually spending to take care of our skin, which is the canvas we do our daily art work on? Caring for your skin is also a part of caring for your health. The skin is the largest organ of our body. It says a lot about our age. Just like a wardrobe, it can take 10 years off or put 10 years on top of your actual age.
No, I’m not talking about the $2 bar of soap or your little brother or sister’s clear pore cleanser that you’ll use right before your primer. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great drugstore products that work. However, investing in skin care is definitely a start to great and healthy skin.

1. Cleansing is the first step to start any regimen. Even if you aren’t a person who wears makeup, just going out into the polluted air on a day to day basis is enough reason to wash what comes in contact with your skin. Philosophy has a great cleanser called Purity ($20). It has toner built in so it is a one-step cleanser that is creamy, non-drying, with a dozen of essential oils such as lavender and sandalwood, to balance the natural oils of any skin type.

2. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Whatever skin type you have (Oily, Combination, Dry) moisturizing is so important especially before priming. Even with oily skin, you can find a moisturizer that is oil free but will still do the trick. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($24.50) is lightweight and refreshing. There’s also many creams designed for anti-aging depending on your needs. If you choose to go that route, it is best to find a moisturizer with a huge dose of vitamin c to lighten, tighten, and brighten.

3. Don’t neglect your eyes. Eye creams are essential to any regimen even if only for prevention. There are many eye creams that are designed to tackle different eye concerns from fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. Eye creams will probably last longer than anything because a pea size goes a long way. Complete Eye Renewal Balm from Algenist ($65), is designed with a special active ingredient called Alguronic Acid which helps the elasticity in the skin so the skin is tightened and supple. It is also great for dark circles.

Beauty in a Box: a round up of my Birchbox faves

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding subscription beauty services these days and I’m right in the mix of everything with two subscriptions of my own.  I want to kick things off today with Birchbox, which I joined back in October.  For $10/month I receive a box filled with a random assortment of beauty product samples ranging from face wash to eyeliner to moisturizers to soap to nail art to toothpaste to perfume.  I have been having a WHALE of a time getting all of these samples and have found some truly awesome products the various boxes.  Here’s a round up of some of my faves and how I’ve used them.

1. Anastasia Mascara

This was in my very first box and I’ve been loving it ever since!  It’s got both great plumping and defining skills without any sort of clumping.



2.  stila Smudgestick Waterproof Eyeliner

As an avid – almost daily – user of black liquid liner, I was a bit suspect when this coppery brown pencil showed up in my box.  But this stuff arrives for trying so I gave it a whirl and holy crap it was love at first look!  The creamy deep brown gives super depth and definition to the eye with a unique and rich softness.  Check out these before and after pictures with both this liner and the above mascara.

Naked Eye

Lashes and lined


3.  Jouer Tinted Moisturizer

You know, I’ve always meant to try out tinted moisturizer, but never got around to it.  I don’t like wearing foundation (don’t even own any), but like the dewy coverage that I’ve seen on the pages of the beauty bibles.  So when this little tube of love arrived, I was uber jazzed!  I wasn’t sure how the color would match considering all Birchbox had to go off of was a simple questionnaire about my skin tone.  But impressively the tone was spot on.

A dollop of the stuff before applying


Here you can see the difference between the bottom of my face where the moisturizer is blended in and my forehead with a streak of moisturizer before blending


I also really like that this has SPF so it covers AND protects at the same time.  I havent’t been wearing it everyday, but have been liking to use this for dressing up and polishing off my look.   Here’s a picture with all three products applied (topped off with a dusting of blush)!



Before on the left - After on the right


4.  Incoco Press On Polish

It took me a couple months to try this one, but kudos to Birchbox for putting it in the December box in time for New Year’s festivities.  But let me tell you, press on nails have come a LONG way since the days of those plastic-y stickers I used to rock back in ’92.  These are actual press on sheets of polish, mine were glitter.  They were kind of tricky to apply at first, but I quickly got the hang of it and a week later I’m still enjoying a blinging, silver mani with little to no chips.  I rarely get manicures because I almost always immediately chip the dang things one step out of the salon.



Some of my other, but less photogenic Birchbox favorites include:

  • WEI Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser: a floral-scented and invigorating face wash
  • Origins Checks and Balancing Frothy Face Wash: “frothy” doesn’t do this product justice.  It bubbles and lathers its way into a velvety and moisturizing lather
  • Blk Denim Perfume: Fresh and spicy. Works for day and night.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy Birchbox, but I certainly am finding a lot of good items to mix up my beauty routine.  If you’re interested, I hear that subscriptions just re-opened so you should sign on up over at birchbox.com.

Stay tuned for my review of my other subscription beauty service: curlBOX, which just arrived just last week!

Style Scoop: Naturals in the ‘Zines

The natural movement isn’t just something we’re seeing on the blogs or even in the streets and stores—it’s something that is catching on EVERYWHERE including the “Beauty Bibles” aka big-name, mainstream glossy magazines featuring the latest and greatest from the world of style and fashion.  I can remember a not too long ago time when I could pick up a glossy magazine and almost every single black woman would be sporting a perfectly coiffed weave, relaxer or a cropped’n’close natural fade.  Today, you can open up the same mags and find a bounty of natural curls, kinks, and coils.  Some are models while others are movers and shakers simply gracing the pages of the mags.  Either way, its a sight that is truly indicative that our movement of texture is not only growing, but THRIVING.  Here’s some snapshots (torn from recent issues of Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire) of natural textures in the magazines that caught my eye!


Lorna Simpson


A Brooklyn-based artist currently working on pieces featuring vintage haircare ads whose work deals with powerful themes of the African-American condition and representation in popular media.  Her work is currently on display at the Studio Museum in Harlem.


Yaya DaCosta

Photographed alongside the two designers of Suno, an Indian-inspired clothing line that draws from traditional Kenyan motifs and patters to create gorgeous multi-textured pieces–the perfect complement to gorgeous multi-textured hair.




Now really, how often do we see Jigga, one of the most well-dressed men in the biz without his signature close cut and shave??  I loved this snap because he dressed up his look for this black-tie affair with a longer-do that shows off his texture that is truly distinctive.  Maybe–just maybe– we’ll see a his’n’hers natural style from this iconic duo!
Continue reading

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