Natural Hair Dolls for the Kiddos

Back home in Minnesota last week, I decided to check in with my sister Skya about the dolls with natural hair landscape. Awhile back, I wrote an Open Letter to American Girl about their complete lack of options for dolls with naturally curly or coily hair. Skya brought this to my attention because as a gal with locs she’s particularly bummed that there aren’t more dolls that look like her. Fast forward to now, and it look’s like she’s gotten a little bit closer!

In the video, Skya mentions that American girl now has a doll with hair more like mine so I decided to go take a peek and this is the one to which she was referring:

While I wouldn’t say it’s my texture, it certainly is a lot closer than two years ago when this was the curliest offering on their site:

Looks like they’re coming around slowly but surely. At this rate in 2014 we’ll be seeing some Lola-esque curls and locs yonder!!

A Rookie Mistake + A Fantabulous Family Weekend!

I arrived in Minnesota at midnight on Friday, well technically Saturday morning, and headed straight to my Grandparent’s house because the rest of the fam had already headed up north for the weekend’s graduation festivities.  I was beyond tired and couldn’t wait to crash.  Per my blog post about traveling with natural hair that had just posted earlier that day, I had deep conditioned and styled my hair with just enough time to make sure I didn’t get on the plane with a wet head.  I styled using my Hair Rules Curly Whip because it’s got such good hold that with proper nighttime care I can easily get good w’n’g coils for four to five days.

I rushed through my nighttime routine, eager as heck to go to sleep, grabbing my scrunchies and sleep cap to preserve my coilies overnight….BUT much to my disappointment/horror/shock I realized that I HAD LEFT MY SLEEP CAP IN SAN FRANCISCO and I was all sorts of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:

There are many hair issues that I can work around…but not having a sleepcap on a fresh set of coils is almost certain death for Lola.  It was too late to run to a beauty supply store and/or call my Nana to see if maybe just maybe she had one.  I did a quick search and was also unable to unearth any silk scarves or the like.  Something had to be done…I couldn’t just crash on my hair because we had to be up and out of the house by 7am in order to make it to the ceremony on time.  This was the biggest rookie mistake of all!

Somehow a little light popped on in my head and realized that even if there was no sleep cap, what I really needed was to sleep on satin.  I took a little spin through Nana’s closet and unearthed a long sateen shirt dress …the perfect impromptu satin pillow case!  Draping it over a pillow worked perfectly and I woke up to picture perfect coils!

The next day, I went to Walgreens first thing in the morning and bought a new satin sleep cap, this one is just going to permanently live in my travel bag so this sort of disaster never strikes again!

The rest of the weekend was an awesome adventure in family time with the convergence of about 20 members of my extended family in celebration of my cousin Eryn’s graduation.  I road tripped up to Duluth, a little town on the shore of Lake Superior, with my grandfather (a.k.a.  Buddy) where we met the rest of the fam.  This was the first graduation ceremony in the family since my own and we were all very much proud of her! Here’s a few pics from the weekend (roll over or click for captions!):


Mountains! Skating! Besties! OH MY! Snapshots from my Holiday Adventures

I realized last week that in the rush to the holidaze, that I didn’t clue y’all in that I’d be taking a few days off of the ol’ blog to recharge the ol’ batteries and enjoy my holidays. But you know I like to share my snaps and keep you updated on the adventures. My traditional holiday partner in crime Dani has flown out to spend a couple weeks in Cali as we round out the year and the holiday season. She’s made many a-cameo on the blog (and was my very first subscriber in fact!) and we’ve had a grand ol time cooking, baking, eating, skating, eating, sleeping, reading, eating, biking, nesting, and eating some more. I’m writing this from my friend Jeff’s cabin in Lake Tahoe, California– a ruggedly mountainous and stunningly beautiful retreat 4 hours outside of San Francisco. I’ve taken a bunch of pics of the holiday adventures so far and wanted to share with you! (Note: Since they’re seemingly random over the past week, I captioned all of them so you know what in the hee haw is going on)

We’re headed back to SF tomorrow and honestly haven’t the faintest idea about what we’re doing for the New Years. If you’re in the Bay and have any creative and fun ideas, please let me know. I hope you’ve had fantastic holidays, let me know how things are going in your neck of the woods!

Nothing new on the Lola front either! The Damn Fade is still rockin and I’m still getting lots of compliments on the style. The fade is growing out more and more every day, which both concerns and excites me.

One of the things I’m doing right now is thinking about what types of content, posts, and features I want to focus on in the new year. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of, feel free to drop me a note (cassidy [at] naturalselectionblog [dot] com) or leave it in the comments.

I’ll be back to posting regularly next week, so until then CHEERIO, MIS NATURALISTAS!!

Loc Week: Help a Loc’ed Sister Out!

Specifically my 9-year old sister Skya. Skya JUST hit her one year loc-i-versary (yayyyyyyy! wooo! get it Sky!!!) and she’s come a long long way since she first started her locs last November.



THEN (November 2010)


THEN (November 2010)



It’s really amazing how much her locs have grown in the past year!  She started them as braids, but they’ve really beefed up and…well…loc’ed and its absolutely gorgeous!!

Thing is, she’s kind of hit that in-between phase where her locs are too long to stay out of her face and too short to pull it back. Continue reading

I cut hair way more often than I should…

…especially considering I’m not a professional stylist.  Most recently it was my friend and local entertainer Lloyd‘s blonde wig who is in a David Bowie cover band and wanted something more “edgy” and funkdafied for the stage.

Lloyd before the cut

Lloyd on stage with the groovy new do


I really try to avoid cutting non-wig hair because I don’t want to mess it up and wind up having a hateful friend with a hack-job, so I try to turn people down as much as possible.  But what was I supposed to do this time?!  She’s my Nana and she asked me to give her a cut!  “Come on, Cass…you can do it!”, she encouraged, “Come onnnn…it’s just a cut!  You see cuts all the time.”  Real talk, Nana, real talk. I took a look at Nana’s locs (which, in fact, were quite long) and remembered the time when she came to visit and got her self an awesome asymmetrical cut (see where I get it from?).

Nana with her asymmetrical cut in 2009


Nana's locs about a month ago

Well, I didn’t feel like shutting down my Nana nor did I want to deny her the awesome of asymmetrical so I did what any normal gal would do: got a chair and a scissors and sat her down in the middle of my bedroom floor!

Continue reading

Buh Bye Lola!

Don’t get so worried! It was just for the Halloween celebrations! I am absolutely not at all shy about how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Costumes and dressing up are 100% up my alley, so it’s fitting that I live in a place where the beat of the universe matches the soul of the city for this holiday. Read: ish gets weird around here!

Halloween usually lasts multiple days in San Francisco, so one must plan a costume for at least two days. This year I set my sights on two costumes in particular:

Yung Humma of Turquoise Jeep Records/Lemme Smang It fame


Icelandic superstar Bjork featuring her famous “Swan Dress”



Yeah, ok I know they’re almost complete opposites, but both of these costumes have one great feature in common: straight black hair. Continue reading

Allow Me to [Re]introduce Myself

My name is HOV!  H to the O-V!

Kidding, I’ve been in a very Jay-Z mood these days.  That’s what that title always has and always will remind me of. Black Album– #love.  AnyWHO moving on

So when I first started this blog, I was into the whole “anonymity on the internet” thang (per my Grandmother’s suggestion of how to avoid stalkers) so I did what any normal gal would do: create a fake name and blog under it!  I did a mediocre job of it because  I just blended my first and middle names together to create the name “Cassadie” which is basically the same as my given name, just three letters different.

But, that was two years ago.  Things have changed and the whole Cassadie thing has gotten a bit confusing, not just for me, but maybe for you too!  I get emails all the time apologizing for people misspelling my name.  Tickets have been purchased with an incorrect name on it.  My business cards say one thing, my blog says another.  And I find myself a little too frequently having to explaining the name change.

The reality is that over the 2 years of blogging, this whole “anonymity” thing has gone out the window.

You’ve met my family.  You’ve experienced me reuniting with my family.  You’ve traveled with me (lots of places!).  You’ve watched me do my hair before going to bed.  All of this stuff is pretty damn intimate so there’s really no point in not blogging as 100% me: Cassidy.

With lots and lots and lots of Lola of course!

As I said, it’s not much of a difference between my nom de plume (Cassadie) or my real name (Cassidy).  But around here and on emails and such you’ll be seeing Cassidy from here on out.  Either way, what isn’t changing is the supercool meaning of BOTH names: curly-headed.  Shame I tried to escape what I was born into for so long….



A Grand Ol’ Time: Hiking and Hairstories in the Grand Canyon + Sedona

After the [amazing #naturalhair] madness of NYC and DC, I hopped on a plane to head to Arizona to meet my family for a girls’ weekend celebrating my Aunt Heather’s 40th Birthday.  I’m currently writing this post from the Grand Canyon where we arrived today.  It’s pretty much the complete opposite from the concrete jungles of last week’s East Coast trip, but  the “GC” as we’ve been calling it is absolutely breathtaking.  It’s like MTV TrueLife: “you think you know, but you have no idea.”  No seriously you don’t.  I didn’t until I got here and it doesn’t even seem real.  We keep joking that it just looks like a painted movie set because the scenery is almost *too* picturesque.


Cheesin at the GC with Heather

We drove to the Grand Canyon from Sedona – land of the Red Rocks – where we spent a couple days soaking in the sunshine and sprawling, mountain vistas, hiking, floating in pools and sipping on celebratory champagne.

On top of one of Sedona's legendary vortexes (L to R: Me, Mom, Heather, Nana)

Of course where there are four black women there are conversations about hair.   Continue reading

Skya’s Back to School Loc Update!

It’s been a wonderful week of sun and fun here in Minnesota with the family.  As I promised last week, I’ve got some updates for you on Skya’s loc progress.  When I first saw her, I was totally impressed by how they’re looking.  Her locs were started from braids last November and they’re finally turning a corner where youre seeing less braid and more solid loc.

View of Skya's locs from the back when they were first started as braids


Skya's locs now! See how the braid pattern is a lot less noticeable (if at all)?

After three months of swimming and sun you can also really see how light her hair gets at the tips.  Mine does the same, but not to such an extreme.

Sharing a summery sister smile


Yesterday was her first day of 3rd grade and her hair is looking great!

I want to let her tell you herself.  So without further ado, a little vlog from little Sky on her first day of school!



I’ve also got a little update about our sister Keagan who I wrote about a couple months ago in a piece on natural hair for kids with special needs. Keagan wore two-strand twists for the whole summer, but kicked off her sixth grade school year with a loose and free fro!


Keagan and Mommy!


It’s been a great trip home and the sisters’ locs’n’curls are doing great!  Here’s to the start of a great school year for both of them!!

Homeward Bound: Time to check in on my sisters’ locs!

This week I’m headed back to the midwest to my homestate of Minnesota to enjoy the last few days of pre-school, pre-winter fun in the sun with the family! I haven’t been back since this spring and it will be good to see the fam AND check in on my sisters’ Keagan and Skya’s loc progress.

with Mom and the sisters Skya and Keagan (May 2011)

8 year old Skya had her locs put in [on her own volition] back in November, so we’re just shy of her 1 year mark. While she’s experienced a lot of growth in the past year, rumor has it she’s also had a summer filled with pool time, sunshine, and summer camp, so probably not so much regular loc upkeep. I’ll get you all up to speed on this soon-to-be third grader’s growth progress and her back to school routine.

Skya Freshly loc'ed!

Then there is my sister Keagan whose story I shared with you all a few months ago regarding her developmental disabilities and how they tie into her hair choices. Keagan had locs for about 5 years, but back in May had them chopped off to start anew! This big step was a very exciting moment for Keagan as she loved her “small hair” and excitedly shared as much with her teachers and classmates. Keag’s about to start 6th grade next week so we’ll be checking in on what has worked for her and her 4 month old TWA.

Keagan's locs before her chop!

Keagan peers into the mirror after her big chop.

As for me, I’m about to head into a MONTH of being on the road and Minnesota is just the beginning. You’re about to hear of a lot of adventures on the road and we’ll see how Lola holds up as I take her on yet another adventure!

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