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The Gal Behind the Blog.


Her name is Cassidy Blackwell.  Cassidy was born in Minnesota, schooled in St. Louis and lives in San Francisco.  When she was a little girl, Cassidy (a.k.a Cass) fell in love with traveling and ever since the two of them have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship.  Together they have gone all over the world, learning French, Portuguese and Spanish, exploring cultures, making friends, and eating delicious food.  More recently, her hair has inspired many and adventure around the country, to the Caribbean and over to Europe in the name of natural hair.  Cassidy thought all of that was super awesome and plans on doing A LOT more of that in the near future, documenting her experience here on Natural Selection.


Photo by Gabriela Herman Photography

The Hair Behind the Blog

Cassidy’s hair is affectionately named Lola and it’s a pleasure to introduce you to her!  Lola hasn’t always been here.  She is the result of a 1 year transition from 15 years of relaxers.  The labor pains weren’t too much in bringing Lola to life, but that’s what happens when you accidentally get scissor happy and wind up with 2 inches of hair when you really meant to get a set of braids.  Lola is what is commonly referred to as  a “happy accident”.

Known for her teeny-weeny-perfectly-formed coils, Lola has a totally cute little giggle when you pull them.  Ok fine, so maybe that’s a lie, but they are certainly fun to pull– but only if you’re gentle!  While Lola’s got a ton of coils (a.k.a. “Lolitas”), the individual strands are very very fine and fragile.  Lola’s favorite outfit is a wash’n’go and if you want to know her favorite products, check out the My Regimen page!

Every so often Lola and Cassidy get adventurous.  Sometimes these adventures result in the shaving of half of Lola off into a quarter-inch fade other times by doing some investigative journalism that requires a 10″ chop of damaged hair.  But that’s what Cassidy and Lola do together: they live, they learn and most importantly they GROW.


Up close shot of Lola’s Lolitas

The Blog.


Natural Selection was born from Cassidy’s desire to document her natural hair journey.  At first she thought only she and maybe her mom (if she forced her) would read the thing and wrote exploratory posts as she ventured into the world of natural.  Somehow, people found the blog and liked what they were reading and kept on coming back for more.  The goal of Natural Selection is to share the journey of Cassidy and Lola as they evolve and experience life.

Cassidy was formerly the Global Editor of NaturallyCurly.com, which is really neat because it’s really on their CurlTalk forums that she really connected with natural community online there.  Make sure to check out the stories she’s written over yonder too!

Because natural hair is a lifestyle- not just a hair style – Natural Selection is infused with a variety of posts focusing on art, photography, writing, style, food and culture.


Cassidy hopes that you enjoy this blog and if you ever have any questions, comments, thoughts, concerns and/or presents to send her, she highly encourages you to drop her a note at cassidy [at] naturalselectionblog.com because she loves getting mail (and also presents).




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  1. Hello, I am new to the area. Trying to find out where to promote business to potential natural haired clients.

  2. Yay a Bay Area natural blogger! I am so mad I missed the meet up. :( I hope there will be more natural events soon.

  3. im not in the bay area but i am natural so..peace to all ;)

  4. I’m soo glad I finally found your Blog. I just relocated to the Bay Area and need some guidance on the natural hair care salons (hint hint*). I moved from Atlanta, where natural hair care is on every corner! My aunt kept telling me about your blog she reads it religiously. Thanks for your dedication to hair care

  5. Not in the Bay area but like to keep in touch with all Naturals.

  6. I am not in the bay area either but in Dallas/Fort Worth and I would love to get involved in a curly girl meet up!

  7. Hi! New subbie reppin’ upstate NY! ! I’ve been following your SO FINE series on CN. Peace and blessings!

  8. So fine to behold
    Kinky curls reach to the skies
    Drinking nature’s gold

  9. Will you look at me
    Hair So Fine, So Fine, So Fine
    Stevie can see ME!

  10. I’m so excited to find you. I am floored that I missed April’s event, and am booked for wedding for May’s event. I will keep a look out of for your events and looking forward to networking!

  11. I’m subscribed via my google reader (totally addicted to it), so I had to unsub via my e-mail bc I was getting too many messages. Love your blog though :)

  12. I live in the DFW area as well and hope to get involved in some natural hair meetups/events!

  13. Very cool blog that I found today via Curly Nikki. Will definitely keep checking you out! I’m a newly natural diva in Jersey! *Blessings!*

  14. I still new to the natural world and currently transitioning. Thank you for your website!

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  16. I love this blog! I’m a fan of Shea Moisture and I saw on Facebook you went to Paris. Then I wanted to check out your blog and I love what you are doing.

    I started growing my hair out in 2008 and I have the BEST hair stylist ever. I live in San Jose, but I make the trip to SF for my hair to be well taken care of.

    I used to go to an all black beauty salon, but they killed my curls. I’m half Black and half Mexican, so I have a CRAZY amount of hair. At those salons they just wanted to straighten, straighten, straighten. Now I love my big hair and it took me 30 years to get there.

    I will see you on March 25th at the Omni Hotel.


  17. Hello!

    My girlfriend introduced me to your blog! I just moved back home from graduate school and I would love to be connected to other naturals in the area. If you have any suggestions or events I would be happy to know about them. I just did my big chop a little of a month ago. Thank you and god bless.


  18. Aww so cool, you inspired me to name my curls….LOL! new subbie, I will definately be comming back!

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