A Man. His Film. Our Hair. A Movement.

Four years ago Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’, exposed the realities of the global black hair industry and the dominance of weaves and relaxers. Sure we all had a giggle when Al Sharpton discussed his relaxer and were horrified when sodium chloride melted away an aluminum can. However, I always felt that the film lacked depth when it came to creating dialogue and understanding about how hair plays a role in shaping our identity. To put it simply, Chris Rock just didn’t go there .

Enter: Rhadamés Julián, a budding filmmaker from New York City on a quest to revolutionize how people of color create a sense of identity in a documentary called Follicle. Rhadamés will be traveling the world exploring the concepts of hair and imagery and seeking to define this natural hair movement. Rhadamés (that’s “ra-de-mis”, friends ;D) and I met back in July in NYC and were instantly connected by our shared intellectual passion and curiosity for talking about hair and identity.


I think many of us have been content to read the blogs, attend the shows, use the products and buy the shirts featuring witty sayings and cute afro designs, but there is a lack of collective understanding and exploration as to why this is happening now, why are so many people making this journey and what does it mean? Where Chris Rock didn’t go Rhadamés Julián will and he is hellbent on smashing through the barriers and creating a unified sense of identity.


For those of you who attended my Black Hair Throughout the Diaspora event in July where Rhadamés Julián was a featured panelist, you had the opportunity to experience a taste of the passion and zeal that is driving this film. For those of you who didn’t, well this kid will stop at nothing to get this film done and spread the message through the movement. But enough from me, let’s hear about it from him!

Follicle – Indiegogo from Rhadamés Julián on Vimeo.

What I think is really cool is that he’s making this film via grassroots support, free of any large movie production company controlling the funding and therefore the message.

Which means that none of this can happen without your support! All he is asking for is $1. And while it might sound like an insignificant amount, like it won’t make a difference, it will. Check out the link below and support Follicle!

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  1. One thing I dislike about current discussions about natural hair is that they are a bit too myopic and focus entirely on the 21st century. Things that became commonplace in the last 20 years are treated as if they are the attitudes that all black people throughout time have held.

    So I feel as if someone needs to really dissect hair trends throughout the decades as well as around the world b/c I feel as if a lot of Millenials ignore what happened in the past (and as a Gen Xers I can only speak to an indirect connection to the 70’s but clearly the pictures of black people from that time tell a story that is frequently overlooked, just as ONE example).

    Good Hair was facile and also gave the impression are a monolith when it comes to how they feel about their hair, how others view their hair, and why they make the choices thy make. I hope this filmmaker goes beyond not just borders but also gets perspectives from people who have lived a bit longer b/c the answers to the questions will vary a lot and give a better view into the origin of certain attitudes.

    I think you have to be careful when you speak to the “black” experience b/c too many non-black people wil take whatever you say as being true for everyons.

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