My 4-Year Blogiversary: THE RETURN

Well hello there! As you may have noticed, I took a bit of a hiatus there from the blog front, and for those who are frequent readers, I apologize for the departure.

The truth is that I had become uninspired by the natural hair world. Sure, there was the constant release of new products and fun parties and mixers to attend, but after four years that whole scene had become stale, empty and in terms of seeking out compelling content, it lacked the true depth I had once found within it.

So I stopped writing.

However, Natural Selection has brought me immense joy and growth, so I knew that it would be back, but that I needed to take time to reflect on where it is I wanted to take this next part of my journey.


I woke up today and it dawned on me: I needed to take this blog back to it’s origins, to the ORIGINAL reasons I started writing in July of 2009. So I took a trip over to my ORIGINAL blog (there have been three over the years), to see if my very first blog post held any clues. Appropriately titled “New Beginnings: A [Moderately] Brief History of Why I’m Starting a Blog About My Hair“, this post holds it’s intrigue in the opening sentence and closing statement.

The opener:

“Since I can remember, my hair has been both my crowning glory and my greatest nemesis.”

A powerful statement, and one that rings true for many women of color, however after four years of being natural, I am proud to say that my hair is a nemesis no longer!

An excerpt from my closing paragraph:

“This blog is not going to just be about hairstyles and products. I’ve come to realize that the story of black hair is a story about cultural and personal identity, health and diet, schools and learning, world history and politics, art and expression, laughter and struggle, and family and friends.”

Four years later, I stand behind this statement still. The natural hair movement, with it’s parades of products and consumerism, has swallowed up the above the true story of black hair and I too have been swept up in it and have deviated from sharing and exploring it. However I truly believe that it’s important to keep these explorations at the forefront. It’s what positively unites us, rather than 3a/4c divides us.

I will admit that it’s funny that I spent so much time and effort worrying about where I should take the future of this blog, when all I had to do was return to the origin for the answer. A lesson for us all.

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  1. I get it. I too agree( only so many products and meetups before it gets a lil boring). Excited to see what the future holds! I still remember my first meetup ( with you in Oakland;)

  2. Thank you for this! I too have become bored with the natural hair world, what more is there to talk about! I look forward to what’s next!

  3. While I’m late to your blog (having stumbled onto it on facebook) and your journey; I still see the need for natural hair warriors who trumpet the need for more of us to embrace our God-given trresses. Admittedly, I have never had the love/hate relationship with my hair that a lot of sistahs have apparently had, but I understand why our natural hair is at once loathsome and awe-inspiring. I’ve committed my life (in my way, using the God-given talents bestowed on me) to hopefully help to eradicate the hate part of what is a life long battle for some of us.

  4. I’m so glad you wrote this. I’m sitting here with short hair after growing my hair for over a year: I got tired of hearing about and looking at blogs, videos and articles promoting the long hair natural. To each it’s own. But I found myself fascinated by folks willing to cut off those tresses and return to home: the twa. I know it’s not for everyone; but I feel I’ve made peace with my hair. I want time to pursue other pursuits while still looking attractive. And the TWA gives me that. I’ve revisited your blog so many times because your hair style became a back drop for all the things you’ve done: sports, events planning, interviews. I love seeing your hair; but life is what begins when the struggle with hair ends. Thank you for confirming what I’ve been feeling.

  5. It happens so often, getting caught up with the fanfare of consumerism when our true intention is to do what we love, and take care of our natural self! It’s great to find your “aha” moment! Happy blogoversary!

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