NEW Natural Hair + Skincare Shop: Strands & Company

In the natural hair world, we’re constantly being told about all sorts of products for almost ever different usage you could imagine.  The issue is that when it comes time to buy– where do you go?  And then there’s my main issue: where can a girl just get some good, all-natural LOTION and LIP BALM!?

Enter Strands & Company.  A new online store just for naturalists that offers a curated and refined selection of brands geared towards natural skin and hair care!  When I cruised the site for myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of new brands that I had never heard of alongside others who I know have great ingredients and value all-natural ingredients.  I’ve been in need of an all-natural (but highly cleansing and non-stripping) shampoo as well as (obviously) some new lotion and lip balm.  I decided on the following items:

Saint Francis Organics Peppermint and Vanilla Shampoo

Carefully formulated to naturally treat dermatological issues, this shampoo gave me everything I wanted and then some.  It cleanses without stripping.  It lathers without needing to use the whole bottle.  And it smells wonderful and fresh!  This was a totally new product line for me and I was excited to check it out!

The Soap Market Creamy Coconut Essential Body Lotion

And now I can OFFICIALLY walk around and feel like summer: without ash and smelling like I’m in the tropics!  The scent is heavenly and I love the pump dispenser.  The creme is thick, silky and doesn’t leave an oily residue.


Orange Thyme Blackberry Lip Tint

Why go plain lip balm when you can get a punch of color?  Well this was my thinking.  Moisture that lasts and just a hint of sheer red hue slicked over my lips.  Pucker up!!


Oh and one of the best parts!!??  All ingredients are listed on the site with links to an internal ingredient-wiki so you know what each thing listed does.  For example: did you know ginger is a skin conditioner?  I didn’t either!  The more you knowwwwww!

I caught up with Strands & Co Founder, Miss Cheryl Rose, to ask a little bit about what inspired her to set up shop (which officially opened less than a month ago! Woohoo!), who explained that the store was inspired by her own personal hair journey: “After years of dealing with my mixed-ethnicity, mixed-textured, constantly dry and splitting hair, I decided to make several changes to take better care of my hair. I stopped chemically-relaxing, I stopped flat ironing daily, and I started reading the ingredients in my hair products to strive for more nature/ less chemicals. After a few months of pampering (instead of abusing) my hair, I noticed that my hair was softer, more manageable, and most importantly – it was starting to grow back in the places where it had gotten thin!”


Next up for Strands & Co is The Co Bundle! . Cheryl explains:

These are products bundles that can be bought as a one-time box, or for a 3-month auto-delivery where a box will be sent once a month for 3 months. What is in The Co. Bundle each month is a surprise, and it will arrive with full-size product goodies from our shop. The Co. Bundle is offered at a discount price – get $20 worth of product for $15. That’s a 25% savings! One-time Bundles are $15, and a 3-month Bundle is $45. It is a great idea for people who want to try products from our shop but aren’t sure where to start, and a Bundle can also be a great gift idea!

Pretty cool indeed!

Through June 21st, NaturalSelectionBlog readers will receive a 10% discount from Strands & Co using the following discount code:


Be sure to check out the site, try some stuff out and let me know whatcha find!

Disclosure statement: this is a Strands & Co sponsored review. However, remember that I only publish reviews of things that I actually like!

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  1. I can’t find this site but when I did it said now its called Doesn’t have the same feel. Is it the same?

    • Hi Susette! Great question—yes, the site has undergone a re-brand and is now Foxy Mango :) Definitely still the same. Enjoy!! XOXO

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