Just Like EcoStyler Gel…but without that dang crunch. ( NEW EcoCustard Review)

Once upon a time there was a newbie natural named Cassidy who set out on a quest to find the perfect styler for her curls. Early on in her journey, she discovered EcoStyler, an inexpensive gel found at drugstores that could gave her bangin—and I mean BANGIN—curls.

However for all its greatness and glory in setting her curls, EcoStyler dried stiff. And we’re talking stiff to the point where she was super nervous that touching her curls might cause them to snap off like an icicle from a rooftop. Her cute curlies were as crunchy as the crumbs at the bottom of a bag of Doritos. Her hair was as cuddly as a cactus in a desert.


It was a tough decision, but she decided to give up EcoStyler and set out for greener pastures of gel cremes and creme stylers that gave her those pillow soft, smooth and defined curls.

Fast forward three years and Cassidy comes across a new product by EcoStyler…an EcoCUSTARD. Intrigued, she tried it out and behold! All of the hold! None of the crunch! For serious! And with that, Cassidy and her new EcoCustard lived happily ever after.

The End.


Ok, but FOR REALZ y’all—this stuff is great! I’ve been loving this product! It’s super easy to use: I just put it on right after rinsing out my conditioner, shake my head and go. With the gel I was always worried about which leave in I could use and how to seal it in without getting white flakies, but there is none of that with this one! I’ve always been a fan of a 3-in-1 product and this definitely falls into that category!

What I particularly love about this product is that naturalistas have been whipping up their own EcoStyler Custard for YEARS and the company listened and released their own. It always warms my heart when companies such as Ecoco pay attention to that which is UP!



Find your own EcoStyler Custard at your local BSS and enjoy the definition without all the CRUNCH!

But why buy when I love to SHARE? And by share I do mean GIVEAWAY!

Leave a note in the comment with your experience with gels and why you want to get your paws on my extra jar of EcoCustard Olive Oil!

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  1. I don’ t like the way gel makes my hair feel. It sometimes leaves it feeling dry. I would love to try their new product. I live in Germany and we have very few products fors naturals on the military base.

  2. Because I NEED this in my life! I’m a 4b/c wash and go girl and like you i’ve just have’nt been able to give up the ecostyler (the red jug,lol) because its the only thing that gives my coils something to talk about! But i could could do without the crunch at the end of the day any my poor husband (whose of the caucasion persuasion) who unforutnatley has given up on running his fingers through my hair does’nt even feel comfortable giving me a friendly pat! So if you’ve found something that can make my coils and my husband happy…share the love!
    And BTW, i live in eastern nc so new products are a bit slow to get out this way (more incentive?) Thanks girl and keep up the good work

  3. OMG! For real – no crunch?!!? Count me in. I like Joy have 4b/c hair and my curls need help finding each other. I need a product that encourages clumping but is moisturizing.

  4. I would LOVE LOVE to try the Ecocustard because my hair cannot deal with the gel and the dreaded crunch. I need defined curls in my life.

  5. Michaela Patton

    I’ve been Natural for 1 year now and I have yet to find a product that does what you say this one does and have I tried alot of them, like your experience with eco styler, I too used it and dont like the white flakes and crunch it leaves, so it would be nice to have a procduct that can give me the hold but not be stiff.

  6. I would love one! I like Eco Styler but like you said…a little too much for me…I need to add a host of other moisturizers to make my hair work. I’ve been making my own shea mix and using Kinky Curly Custard. Thanks for the info! Please send me one!

  7. I use Eco styling gel on my baby hairs, but every time I use it on my edges it leaves my hair super crunchy. And you can’t use it with certain moisturizers because it will flake. I’m happy that Eco Styler came out with this product

  8. Thanks for the reveiw, would love to try the custard. I know exactly what you mean about the crunch and white residue. My 4/b lowpo hair won’t have Ecotyler gel of any kind. Maybe the custard would be that nice surprise for my hair.

  9. Gel makes my 4abc hair hard! I need something that provides a nice hold but without the crunch.

  10. I think there’s a half full jar of EcoStyler Gel somewhere in my cabinet. But I hated the dryness and crunch it gave my hair. I’m looking forward to trying the EcoCustard.

  11. I’d really Like to try this product. I’ve been adopting the curly girl method for a year nowand the crunch does drive me crazy from eco styler gels. I usually use the pink one.

  12. I want to try this so bad! I am all about wash and gos and Eco styler gel is perfect for it!

  13. Plz plz plz pick me… But I mix my eco styler with castor oil. Moisture and styler.

  14. The last time I wore gel in my hair I ended up looking like the love child of Don King and Phil Spector! A brother at the gym caught himself in mid-GUFFAW upon gazing at my craziness and offered up giggly “hi”. I tried to convince myself that they didn’t understand the natural look. Sadly it was I who did not understand I should never have left the house looking like that. So, if you have any mercy, go-wan and slide that custard on this-a way….

  15. I’ve been wanting to try this. I’m transitioning and when doing my braid/twistouts and braid/twist n curls, gel makes my hair so hard! I need something with a good amount of hold (and moisture), but without the crunchiness. Gel also tends to build up and get white and flaky…ugh hate that!

  16. Never tried EcoStyler gel before (even though everyone raves about it), because I always assumed a gel would leave my strands crunchy…this concept of a custard has me excited to try the brand.

  17. I would love to try this because it is HOT here in Atlanta already, and that means Wash and Go season! I have had sour results with the gel, and I love making the custard, but I would really love to try this! :)

  18. I have had a similar experience to you with EcoStyler and I have yet to find a product that gives me the 3-in-1 experience. Also, I recently used henna on my hair a month ago and it doesn’t seem as though she likes the effect. So now I’m looking for a product that can counteract the results of the henna rinse. This Ecocustard sho’ sounds like teh remedy! :-)

  19. The flakes. Oh, the flakes. I’ve learned to try new gels on the weekends because then I can wash them out if they start to flake. I love the hold and definition that I get from EcoStyler but I have to become a mini-chemist for it to turn out okay (trying it with this product or that one). Would love to know how their custard worked!!

  20. I have never been a big fan of gels for the same exact reason you stated Cassidy. I hate the crunchy feeling. I want to try this custard because I want something to do the work for me. I am tired of being a mixologist and kitchen chemist for my curls.

  21. I copied your asym cut when I first encountered your site, and that’s when I became a wash ‘n’ go gal. It’s been GREAT, but my trouble has been the right product to do it adequately and affordably. Your site also introduced me to Hair Rules–Curly Whip, which is my fav product for wash n go and it leaves my curls soft . However, it’s costly, especially since it’s best to use liberally. So, my back up product is KCCC because it’s less expensive and I don’t have to wait for my mail order delivery like I do with Hair Rules (Target). Yet, I go though it like water, and I’ve contemplated Ecostyler because I’ve heard it has the same results and it’s even cheaper than the Kinky Curly. Nevertheless, I never bought it because of the CRUNCH. This leads me to why I would like your sample.

  22. I didn’t know there was an actual product called “EcoCustard”. I actually mix my EcoStyler gel with Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and lil’ bit of oil and make it into a custard on my own. No crunch at all!

  23. Natural 3 years this May, second BC in December 2012 ( heat & color damage). Though initially heart breaking I learned to better embrace & care for my kinks & coils…but I have never mastered the art of gel application & I detest the crunch! My hair thrives more moisture, a cream based gel or such. At this moment my staple is Curl Junkiec leave-in & Curl Junkie In A Bottle. I would love for my coils to mirror that of Lola. :)

  24. I’m in a product try phase right now (rocking heat free hair) so I’d love to get my hands on this. Do you know what Bay Area beauty supply carries this?

  25. I recently big chopped on May 18, 2013, and while it’s still a huge adjustment; there are simply no regrets. Knowing what product and regimen to use on your unique hair type is half struggle and half adventure. The reason I’d like to receive this Eco Custard is because I am in the awkward adventure phase and feel this product would boost my confidence in rocking my natural hair; opening me up to more versatility and fun. My sis big-chopped last week, and we’re in this thing together; so I would love to share this product with her too. Peace :)

  26. I did my BC in August, 2012. I have been using Eco Styler gel ever since, however, always hated the crunch it gave my hair. Today, I was online researching how to make my own Eco Custard, when I came upon your website. I would love to receive a sample of Eco Custard to try on my natural curls.
    Thank you.

  27. I’m making the transition to au natural. Right now my hair is platted and i wear a wig and I’m just waiting until I get the courage to just do it. I’m so excited about this because, I’m also experiencing hot flashes and this is going to make that situation at least bearable. I would appreciate this product to be part of my regime. Thank you in advance.


  28. I just got it in my curlkit!! I was like “Ahhhhhhh” can’t wait to try this! I’ve been wearing protective styles such as braids and weaves. No more! I’m trying it this weekend. Can’t wait!! Thank you Ecc!

  29. Have been looking all over for this product from Southern NJ to Myrtle Beach, S.C. can’t find it anywhere. In the mean time I have been mixing EcoStyler Argan Oil Gel with QP Mango Defining Cream, so far it’s working but I would love to get my hands on the custard. Emailed the company and haven’t heard from them. Thanks for any info you can offer.

  30. Kerry B. Nichols

    I gave up gels because they never mix well with my leave in’s always had churchy feel or was ashy looking

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