One Dress, Infinite Styles: what I wore to Curls, Curves & Cocktails

Dress shopping can be an incredibly daunting task. So, When I saw the Kaori Infinity Dress on the IGIGI websitenull, I knew it had to be mine. Thing is, I’ve got a thing for convertible dresses: why buy one dress when you can buy one that turns into 15?!

In person the dress was even better than I had anticipated! It’s made of an awesome slinky, jersey materials that creates a sexy and slimming silhouette. The dress actually has two arms, but when you tuck one of them inside, it creates a one-shoulder number with a nice side ruching detail. With all of the swimming I’ve been doing, I went for the one-arm look so I could show off my shoulder sculpting as much as I could ;) I also decided to belt mine to add more shape to the waist as well.

IMG_0526 copy

The website boasts that the dress can be worn in 11 different styles, but I actually know it’s a bit more than that….



I had the chance to sit on the panel next to Yuliya Raquel, the designer behind IGIGI and immediately began gushing about how much I loved the dress and how I couldn’t wait to work it into different styles. Right on the spot, she clued me into how I could wear it in almost every way imaginable, ranging from a halter dress to a maxi skirt. It really makes me think that sky’s the limit on this LBD!

With Yuliya Raquel of IGIGI

With Yuliya Raquel of IGIGI

Flattering, flirty, and fun—this dress is definitely a keeper and I can’t wait to have infinite fun in styling this dress!


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  2. Love that dress! You both were looking so awesome from the pictures I saw!

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