Curls, Curves & Cocktails: wrap up + full gallery

I’ve hosted a lot of events, attended a lot of events, but last weekend’s Curls, Curves & Cocktails, co-hosted by myself and Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista,  blew it outta the water! First, it was the concept: to bring together two thriving online communities – natural hair & plus size fashion- for a true celebration of what each of them represent and the fact that both have grown to have powerful voices within each of their industries.  After the event, Marie and I both marveled at the fact that we had equal representation of each of our blogs: curvy girls, curly girls and even more gals who were both!

IMG_0526 copy

The event started with a steady stream of dressed-to-the-nines attendees flowing through the doors. There were a lot of familiar faces, but it was great to meet new friends as well as we mixed and mingled to the soulful beats of DJ Freshstep! The event program started with a fashion presentation in which we broke down the looks of each of our six models and explained the trends and hairstyling techniques. Each of our models looked gorgeous, confident, and chic in their dresses by IGIGI, hair styled by Sacramento-based stylist Jessie Varner using MyDNA products and make up done by Kim Roxie of Lamik Beauty.

Following the fashion presentation, we led an insightful and inspiring panel discussion with our event sponsors and partners including

  • Yuliya Raquel – IGIGI Designer and Creative Visionary
  • Kim Roxie – Creative Director + Founder of Lamik Beauty
  • Jessie Varner – Natural Hair Stylist
  • Chenese Lewis – Actress and Plus Size Style Icon
  • as well the co-hostesses with the mostesses: Marie Denee and myself!

It was a truly powerful moment to have all of these industry mavens–spanning fashion, media, natural hair, and make up– each sharing their thoughts on trends, styling tips and personal inspiration.  I felt honored to be sitting alongside such a strong and intelligent group of women!

I want to send a MASSIVE thank you to those who made Curls, Curves & Cocktails possible:

  • To our sponsors MyDNA, IGIGI and Lamik Beauty for supporting the idea and bringing this event to life.
  • To Jessie Varner, our awesome hair stylist, for her awesome energy and creative styling talents!
  • To Chenese Lewis for making the trip to share her fabulosity with the event and be our emcee.
  • To Chuck and Ramone for lending a helping hand (literally!)
  • And finally…to my partner in Curly and Curvy crime, Miss Marie Denee!

And now, without further ado the official Curls, Curves and Cocktails Gallery!



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