5 Reasons Why Short Hair Kicks Major A**

It’s been two glorious  months since I went for my second big chop and I’m stil VERY VERY happy with the decision to clip my curls! I like it SO much in fact, I’ve even been back to the salon to have it cut even shorter!  Here’s why:



1. Short hair means short everything

When my curls were longer, my hair could take 30-40 minutes to wash, condition + style and upwards of eight hours to dry. Now? We’re talking under 5 minutes to wash, condition AND style followed by 2 hours until I’m fully dry. It really can’t be beat!

2. I can wear a helmet!

I went from something like this:
afro biker

Natural hair + a naturally big head = bike helmet woes.

When I had longer hair, my helmet would be more perched atop my head for show than securely protecting my brain. I searched for a larger helmet to no avail and even made phone calls to various helmet companies in search of one that would fit. “You mean you don’t have an XXXL??” Now with a Little Lola, my helmet slips on not a problem AND it doesn’t even really mess up my curls afterwards!

3. TWO WORDS: statement. jewelry.

Imma let this [sneak peek from Curls, Curves & Cocktails!!!] picture tell 1000 words for this one.


4. Products last longer

You’d think it would be obvious: that less hair means less product. However, the first time I washed my own hair after the cut I applied my normal amount of styler and ended up with about 15X the product I needed on my head. The tiny dollops product I need for my entire head of short natural hair mean that the all of my favorite hair goodies stick around for much longer! It’s definitely a money saver!

5. It’s fly. That’s all there is to it.

There was a time when I was worried about being less attractive and feminine with short hair, but I quickly got over it and fell in love with the new ‘do that doesn’t allow me to hide behind bangs, layers, curls and accessories. Cropped cuts are confident, chic, edgy and definitely not for the faint of heart. I love dressing mine up with bold make up and big earrings or keeping it detendu and au naturel with a simple sweep of blush. Either way, it’s the most effortlessly, easy style I’ve found to rock a polished look.


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  1. ITA! Short hair is so fly and you are working it well. Man you gon make me bc early!lol

  2. Eboni Kelly-Williams

    I love your short hair cut! I’m looking for other short curly styles to choose from. Any website suggestions?

  3. Yaaass!! That is one of the things I love about short hair—BIG EARRINGS!..lol

  4. Name Dorothy Hall

    I so agree with you trying to get a big head with big hair in a helmet! LOL!

  5. Short hair shows off your cheekbones, neckline and your beautiful face!

  6. Love the short do. True, no where to hide so naturally or brings out the best! Xoxox

  7. Your cute is cute. You are really making me want to do BC#2

  8. Your haircut is cute. You are really making me want to do a BC#2

  9. You look great with natural hair!

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