A DIY Divas Guide to Natural Beauty: fighting acne with Tea Tree Oil!

Over the next few weeks, I want you to extend a warm welcome to Sabrina, our guest blogger who will be presenting series on DIY Skincare Ideas!  I think some of the best products are often times the ones made from ingredients we’ve already got in our cupboards.  Read on, roll up your sleeves, and get ready for some hands on, au naturel goodness!

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Acne

As a beauty and skincare blogger, I read A LOT of articles and posts on anything and everything to do with skin, beauty and their related products. Even if you don’t read as much as me, you’d have to live under a rock to not hear about tea tree oil and it’s many benefits.

I have been using tea tree oils for years, but it seems like the general public is just getting the memo on how awesome it is. From curing ailments to preventing acne, this simple oil is handy to have hanging around. Before I get into the good stuff, let me tell you a little bit more about this wonder oil.

Let’s Talk Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of Australia’s tea trees. Most commonly applied topically, it is a potent antifungal that is often used to cure fungal infections of the nail, athlete’s foot, acne and lice. It is also a great natural antiseptic making it perfect for use on cuts, abrasions, burns, bug bites, mouth and nose infections and several other minor infections.

Rather than focus on all that this oil can do, I’m going to focus on one area of its expertise; fighting acne. Regardless of how mild or severe your acne may be, the next 3 treatments will be beneficial and effective.




A Simple Spot Treatment

If you’re rushed for time but need to deal with a simple pimple pop up, this spot treatment is perfect for you.

All you need is two easy to find ingredients; tea tree oil and aloe vera gel. Mix together 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil with 9 teaspoons of aloe vera gel in a small dish. I like to put my mixture in travel size containers for quick and easy future use.

Once both ingredients are blended together nicely, use a clean finger and apply a bit of your treatment to the affected area. Feel free to leave this overnight, or like I said make it a quick spot treatment and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. It is safe and gentle enough to repeat as needed until your blemishes begin to vanish.

Though you can use straight tea tree oil on your skin I do not recommend doing so for a prolonged period of time as it has been known to cause irritation.


Acne-Fighting Astringent

Similar to my spot treatment, but meant for an all-over cleanse, mix 1 part tea tree oil to 9 parts water. You can put it in a spray bottle or a squeeze bottle; it just depends on your method of use. I like to use a spray bottle and mist myself but you can also sweep it across your face with a cotton pad.

Your face will feel refreshed, clean and invigorated within seconds of using. Impurities will be removed, pores will be rid of bacteria and dirt and inflammation will be diminished. Regular use will not only banish your current blemishes, but will prevent future pimples from popping up!


The Perfect Pimple Preventing Face Mask


If you’re looking to really get rid of your acne then you definitely want to give this face mask a try.

To make this mask you will need 2 tablespoons of green clay powder, 3-4 drops of tea treeoil and enough water to make your clay a paste.

Stir all your ingredients together in a bowl until they are nice and smooth. Use your fingers to apply your mask but be sure to steer clear of your eyes. If you get some in your eyes immediately rinse them out with cool water.

Your mask needs about 20 minutes to absorb and during this time it will become dry. Just be patient! Once the 20 minutes has passed rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry.

photo (7)

You can use this for a spot treatment as well as an all-over face mask so feel free to double up the recipe and store in a cool, dry place for future use.

In as little as a week you should see amazing results and all because you added tea tree oil to your beauty regime. You’ll look great, feel great and smell great! Enjoy!


About Sabrina: Sabrina is a lover of spontaneous adventure, surfing the net and of course, all things skincare and beauty. To green her skincare routine she likes to come up with cheeky and cheap DIY’s like How to Tighten Pores Naturally

Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I use tea tree oil on my skin (it’s not 100%- it’s mixed with carrier oils and so I can use it directly from the bottle- straight on my skin)- I used to have REALLY spotty skin with lots of blackheads but ever since I Started using it my skin has cleared up by about 80-90%. My skin has never been so clear and I wish I had discovered using tea tree oil sooner. Now i use it every day is my ‘moisturiser’ for my face :)

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