Win $40 to Urban Mosaics T-Shirt Shop!

I’m not a t-shirt person.  At all.  Items with logos and images and text must be incredibly awesome for me to even consider rocking them.

Imagine my delight when Urban Mosaics offered me up a couple of their shirts to try and I didn’t like them: I LOVED THEM!

First there was this number, which I selected because it’s a really distinctive design and very post-modern painterly-like.



See I liked it so much I made three of me!?  And yes, maybe there is just a LITTLE bit of resemblance in there.

My second Urban Mosaics Shirt I’ve been rocking non-stop as my go-to layer for being active outside.  (And you may have also seen it in my True&Co Video from last week!) Black.  Gold. NATURAL.


Both shirts are made from with a really nice organic cotton; you can really FEEL how high quality these shirts are!

So those are my two choices! But there are so many other cute options for you to choose from!  Like this one being rocked by Urban Mosaics Owner, Stacy Edey:




Or this beautifully drawn “Hairendipity” tee!




I’m giving a $40 Urban Mosaics Gift Certificate away to one lucky reader!  To win, visit the Urban Mosaics shop and let us know in the comments which design is your favorite!  Winner will be selected at random next Wednesday!


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  1. My favorite is the Natural High t-shirt.

  2. My favorite is the Natural Girls Do It Better Tee.

  3. I like “Natural Girls Do It Better”

  4. Not sure if I’m suppose to leave the comment here or on the site but my favorites are AFRO, Natural Girls Do It Better, 100% Natural Woman,Harendipity. I couldn’t choose just one I love them.

  5. I LOVE the Afro :insert the African continent: t-shirt!

  6. I like the Afro t-shirt.

  7. I like the black & gold NATURAL t-shirt!

  8. I absolutely looooove the Natural High Shirt. Me Want!!!:)

  9. natural girls do it better

  10. I like ““Hairendipity tee!”

  11. I like the silver foil natural shirt

  12. I liked a few, but if I have to pick one, I chose the Natural High tee.

  13. I am in love with the Spoken Word tee. It had me at “A”! It continued to draw me in. Educating and entertaining…well done!

  14. I might be alone….but I love the honey tee

  15. I love the Hairendipity shirt.

  16. Love the “Natural” shirt in pink. It looks so comfy with the long sleeves. It’ll get a lot of use “cuz’ its so cold in the D”. Thanks Cassidy!

  17. My fav. shirt is the 100% natural woman

  18. I tried getting to bra co.’s site, it says no link available, not even for quiz

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