EVENT NEWS: “Curls, Curves and Cocktails” changed to “Sophisticated & Slim”

ANNOUNCING: Sophisticated & Slim!

When I first had the idea to do Curls, Curves and Cocktails I was also starting to train for my triathlon, which meant beginning to work out six days a week. I had no idea how quickly and drastically I would lose weight while in training, but my jeans are now hanging off my body and it looks like I’ve lost about 20-some pounds! Wow!

Unfortunately I’m no longer quite as “CURVY” and to celebrate, I’ve decided to change the name of “Curls, Curves and Cocktails” to “Sophisticated, Slim and Smoothies!”. Instead of featuring plus size fashions, I’ll be showcasing trends in sizes 2-4 and to keep things on a healthy track, I’ve also decided to serve fresh fruit smoothies and veggie snacks instead of alcohol! I think it will be a super fun event and hope to see all you skinny minnies there! Sound like a plan!? YAY!


just kidding!!!


aaahahahahahahahahahaahha! AAAAAAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJA

Gosh, I crack myself up sometimes!

Not only is Curls, Curves and Cocktails STILL very much happening THIS SATURDAY, but I’ve only gained weight in the triathlon process (which is a post for later and I can’t wait to talk about it!). I am still 100% curly and curvy over here and can’t wait to see you this weekend!

We’re actually hosting a MODEL CALL for those who want to be a part of our fashion presentation. We’re looking for ladies sizes 12-24+ with natural hair, so if you’re interested, please drop me a line with your measurements (height + size), head shot and full body photograph. Here are the details:


The panel discussion is shaping up quite delightfully and I’ll be introducing you to my co-host Miss Marie Denee of TheCurvyFashionista later this week so stay tuned for more Curls, Curves & Cocktails this week! Tickets are selling fast, so make sure to hop on em!

Brown Paper Tickets Ticket Widget Loading…Click Here to visit the Brown Paper Tickets event page.


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  1. At first I read the thread title and was like, “Wait, what?” Then I remembered what day it is *lol* Wish I could be there with you ladies – the event looks fantastic! Will be looking out for lots of pictures!!!

  2. Ok I was not fooled last year but this time I was. lol I was reading and Saying to myself “what?! that’s not fair to us curvy gals.” lol Good one.

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