Confession: I Haven’t Used Lotion in Months.

I’m serious! No lotion in months!!

Yea, I know what you’re thinking:

“DANG! That girl must be damn ashy!”

And in a way you’re kinda right….

Thing is, I’m not much of an oil or butters gal when it comes to Lola, so all of the sample oils and butter products I receive generally wind up in as a “lotion” in my house.

Jergens who?

The other day, as I was slathering on some of Ouidad’s Mongongo Hair Oil on my skin post shower (it has become QUITE the fave!), I thought about how just some good, ol’ regular body cream might be nice. Because, let’s be real— I walk around looking pretty shiny most of the time.

I came across this brand called S.O.A.P. (which stands for the Company’s 4 bodycare categories: Scented, Organic, Artisan and Pure) and their Scented Whipped Shea Butter. After my last triathlon track practice, I gleefully got out of the shower, excited to at last make my return to a body creme and let me tell you, it was in love as soon as I opened the jar.

I’ve got the Honeysuckle scent and it’s the perfect, light springtime scent. Very delicate and floral. The consistency is light, airy and goes on smooth. And for a girl who is used to rubbing pomades onto my knees and elboes, I was delighted to see that it absorbs rather quickly!


I’m a big fan and I look forward to trying some of the other products from S.O.A.P., which includes African Black Soap Facial Cleanser, which works as a body wash, facial cleanser and shampoo! As well as a whole host of skincare, lip scrubs, artisan soaps and even stuff for dudes! Cool!

To check out S.O.A.P. and to acquire some of your own heavenly body cream a.k.a. Honeysuckle Whipped Shea Body Butter, visit their website!

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