Meanwhile on My 7 Hairstyles in 2 Years!

I think I just got so jazzed about this feature that I forgot to post it here on NSB, which is too bad because it’s pretty cool!

Lemme tell you how it all came about.

As you know, I recently chopped my hair pretty darn short and the next day I woke up, looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. This lack of self-recognition, however, is a feeling I’ve gotten pretty used to, especially as I think back to my various styles I’ve had over the past few years…

The Asym…The Hatchback…The Damn Fade….

Wouldn’t it be cool, I thought, if I lined up all my different styles so I could see the evolution of my natural hair journey?

Well, that “wouldn’t it be cool” idea quickly became a “would ya look at that” gallery over on!

Here’s a few of the slides!

Pretty dramatically different styles in there, aren’t there?

Check out the full gallery here!

Of course…ohhhh, of course of course of course, I look at this gallery and look at my short cropped ‘do and can only think “what’s next!?”

I guess it makes sense: I haven’t kept the same style for longer than 4 months at this point, so why start now? I have absolutely been loving the short hair, but my one complaint is that it grows too fast!

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  1. wow I love your hair and what you are wearing in the 3rd pi- stunning (and your edgy cuts really suit you!)xxx

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